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Jenna Jameson Whips Out the Twins

4/15/2009 12:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A month after birthing twins, porn star Jenna Jameson took her premature sons home from the hospital.


This may be the first time the 35-year-old breastfeeds someone underage.


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i hate your guts    

The babies obviously just fell out when she got up for a drink of water...

1982 days ago


She is the poster child for mandatory sterilization. Talk about a piece of trash.

1982 days ago


um, you really think that all the ho's in porno's are of age?? DUH!

1982 days ago


Damn Jenna you got big as hell. Put down the kids and hit the gym, its your only hope because the only thing you do well is having sex on camera

1982 days ago


I feel very bad for all those people making negative comments about Jenna. I'm not saying this because I'm a fan of her porn, but rather because I understand what it means to be marginalized. Do you express such hate to your own children? If so, I'd say you're creating a much more toxic environment than Jenna's DVD's will for her kids. She had a job and made money. Her lifestyle is different from yours, so deal with it! You know who I feel truly bad for? The Duggar kids....that is hella messed up, to borrow a colloquial expression.

1982 days ago


Best wishes to the family. Be happy!

1981 days ago


Why so angry, people? Sexually repressed much?

1981 days ago


these comments are just plain mean...the people being jerks are the same people downloading the garbage...WHAT F^%$N' hypocrites!! It's okay to watch a barely 18 year old girl be treated like a #@*& but it all changes when she grows up, gets smart, makes her $$$ and gets out to start a new life... hell has no wrath if the woman stops...YOU GUYS ARE IGNORANT, SEXIST PIGS!!

1981 days ago


as a mother of two, the most disgusting thing in all of this is the comments and attitudes being children would be allowed to be friends with her kids, but not with yours...

you boys just sound pissed that your favourite star has turned a new leaf...

obviously you boys are not strangers to porn, so its okay to watch 18 year olds or girls 15 years your junior treated like garbage and its okay for you to go to a strip club and heckle women trying to get themselves through college or pay the bills...Just like a child, you boys like it when you get your own way, and feel good but when the rules of the game change or when the game stops, you can't handle it and resort to vulgar name KIDS should be on the recieving end of your hateful words

1981 days ago


You gotta feel bad for the kids. When the other kids at school say " Your mother's a whore " and you don't really have an answer because you know it's true.

1981 days ago

Rocco and David    

I'm just wondering when she'll sit down with them and watch her movies??

1981 days ago


wow..i think it is the best she has ever looked too...
finally the poor soul will most likely be happy..
good luck Jenna!

1981 days ago


Maybe her sons may forget what their mom looked like and jerk off to her in a few years since all porn whores look alike, Can't nobody telkl me that you've actually looked at theri faces so what's to say that they will recognize her.

1981 days ago


I feel sorry for her!! Someday her past will come back to haunt her. It's really sad the choices she has made in her life and the way she choose to make money, by selling her soul. Jenna you may think its all good bc you have lots of material things but what you don't have "lack" and can't buy is self-worth/dignity. I hope for your boys well being you are a hands on mom NO NANNIES and you don't turn out like Pamela Anderson or Shanna Moakler still trying to party it up, looking like a tired ass HO. Haven't you done enough everything??

1980 days ago

Bethany Sweet    

Ummm. Excuse me, but doing/having done porn does not make you a bad parent. Any of you do porn? Nope? Then what do you really know about us? Bite me.

1980 days ago
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