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Liam Neeson -- Family on the Rebound

4/16/2009 12:09 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Joined by his two sons and fellow actor Aidan Quinn, Liam Neeson cracked a huge smile in some awesome courtside seats at the Knicks game in NYC on Wednesday.

Liam Neeson

This story even has a happy ending -- the Knicks won the game!


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I am happy for any slice of normalcy members of this family are able to carve out for themselves, and don't begrudge them one second of it. I, too, noticed the boys' smiles at the funeral, but that may have been pure nerves: can you imagine having photographers present at such an intimate moment of your life, ready to beam pictures to anywhere in the world? And I appreciated Liam Neeson's gesture of giving the press their posed moment. Among other things, it drew a line in the sand: "this is for you; what happens inside that chapel is for us."

It may be a function of what Natasha encouraged them all to be that they are able to find the strength to keep going out in the world, putting one foot in front of the other, without her.

Finally, for all those willing to pass judgment on their grief: unless you've walked a mile in their shoes, don't dare to judge.

Blessings to Liam, Micheal, and Daniel.

1998 days ago

Michael Madsen    


2019 days ago


How wonderful for him and his family. What a tragedy they have had to endure and it good to see that they are all on the mend. I am so devasted for them anyways but great to see them out and about.

2019 days ago


I am glad to see them out and about. It is hard to lose a love one, but she would have wanted them to go out and continue to enjoy their life.

2019 days ago


ski accident.........hummm

2019 days ago


He looks extremely happy I'm pretty sure she would of taken his death way more serious, what a jerk.

2019 days ago


Oh yes he looks beyond thrilled Pat....god you people are such morons!!!!! Seriously you think his wife would have taken it more seriously...why did you know her??? do you know how she would react??? Get a life you d-bag....he has kids he needs to carry on for....walk a day in his shoes and see what that is like...then you can comment on what a jerk he is.

2019 days ago


Get real people! What is he supposed to do...stay home and mourn forever in the shadows of her memories througout the house?? He has two young sons to worry about. They need to get out. You can't stay will go nuts! I am sure when he goes to bed at night alone in his bed, he misses her. :(

2019 days ago


Everytime i see this family they are laughing and smiling..even through the funeral..
It hasn't even been a month since she died..good grief!

2019 days ago


I have been to many funerals for family, young and old. We laughed and smiled. It is about remembering someone. Yes, you are mourning, but you also have to remember the good and funny times. You people act like he and his children do not give a crap. What do you expect...them to wear black for a year, never smile again and stay locked up in their home? ummmm....ok.

2019 days ago

Joseph Jehoich    

What a sad, sad story.

Joseph Jehoich

2019 days ago


Everyone handles grief differently. Who knows what he does when he is alone, but it's good that he is able to go on living life and find simple pleasures where he can. Having lost a loved one myself recently, what choice does the surviving spouse have? You can either curl up in a ball and be angry or accept what has happened and get on with the rest of your life. Either way it doesn't change a thing. Dead is dead.

2019 days ago

Michael Madsen    

When the love of your life dies one of the best ways to move on is going to a Knicks game... after watching the KNicks everything else seems... well... pretty damn good.

2019 days ago


Unfortunately in our American culture, there is this "need" to get on with things when one suffers a loss. I completely disagree with that. It's true that everyone grieves differently but I just think it's odd to be laughing at a basketball game right after your wife tragically dies. It's not like she had a lingering illness and everyone knew what was coming. This was a devastating loss. I think I'm more upset than they are.

2019 days ago


let them be happy,

2019 days ago
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