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Liam Neeson -- Family on the Rebound

4/16/2009 12:09 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Joined by his two sons and fellow actor Aidan Quinn, Liam Neeson cracked a huge smile in some awesome courtside seats at the Knicks game in NYC on Wednesday.

Liam Neeson

This story even has a happy ending -- the Knicks won the game!


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oh its so typicall in hollywood, Tragedy gives you instant acess to court seats. Uau!

2023 days ago


It makes me SO HAPPY to see them enjoying things!! That's what Natasha WANTS -- She does NOT WANT to see them crying and moping when there is nothing she can do to help. That is very troubling to the soul that has crossed over to see grieving. They don't want that. She wants to see them laughing and smiling -- because then she is happy, too!!! She is fine and well, and she can feel peace if she sees them enjoying life.

2023 days ago


He is such an amazing dad and person. That is why people have so much respect for him he is a normal person even though he is in the :"business" he does not expect anything from anyone for him and his children. That is great!!

2023 days ago

[][] ScOut W. [][]    

Glad to see the family is moving on, its always hard, He must put on a game face for the boys. Good job!

2023 days ago


I'm glad to see them out. They eventually need to resume normal lives, this is a good start. It probably got their minds off of their grieving a little bit.

I hope those of you who are criticizing them pay careful attention to your own actions when you lose a spouse. You'll discover just what jerks you are.

2023 days ago


I thought for a second the one on the pink shir was Clay Aiken.

2023 days ago


There is nothing wrong with trying to distract yourself and your children from the heaviness in your heart. Even if its just for a few hours a day. Give the man some peace and stop judging.

2023 days ago


He's probably happy now he doenst have to share half when he decided to divorce her. I agree with number 5 what the hell lauging and smiling and she's not even cold yet. I bet those kids are ungrateful bratz to boot they are probably glad she's not around to boss them around.

2023 days ago


#'s 5 - 7 - 23 - I aagree with you all. I'm very uncomfortable about the need for them to all be seen at such public events during the supposed 'grieving period' He has always been a womaniser, it makes me cringe a bit to think that he is more relieved than broken hearted. Not a nice thing to say but his actions seem to speak louder than words. As for the boys, the nannies are all still there, again, not nice but that's their world. A strange one!

2023 days ago


Awesome, maybe next he'll sell all her stuff at an auction... and use the proceeds to buy himself a new car. What an a$$hole. His wife just friggin died and he's going about his life like nothing happened. If it were me I'd still be at home, crying into my dead spouses pillow.

2023 days ago

Rescue benefactor    

I had a friend once say you can never maintain anger, and I believe that is true. I believe it is the same with grief. I am sure there are awful moments, but one cannot walk around all day every day with tragedy written on their faces. Life does not stop and every day should be enjoyed. Finally, after reading about Natasha's life, I think she would be happy to see them smiling.

2023 days ago


What Is a, " Grieving Period " ?

2023 days ago


I just find it strange that it's not been a month since her death and he is out and about going to parties (saw pictures of him at a party in London) and laughing at various sports events. If they were so in love, he could be getting on with life but PARTIES? SOCIAL EVENTS? I don't think so! I find that odd and not right.

2023 days ago


I lost my husband and son in a car accident. I still had two boys and life goes on. If I stopped and grieved and fell apart, my other boys would not have been able to feel safe to deal with their own loss. People thought we were crazy for going to Disneyland but the boys were able to laugh, loosen up and have a little fun. I miss my husband and son like crazy but you have to move on with life. The boys are now in the twenties and thank me for helping them through the worst days of their lives. Obviously Liam is doing the same.

2023 days ago


Post # 27 - jacy

You are a very wise individual.

2023 days ago
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