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Maid to Candy Spelling: Gimme a Break

4/16/2009 8:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

You know the recession is hitting everyone when gazillionaire Candy Spelling is being accused of trying to screw her housekeeper out of a few bucks a day.

Candy Spelling

Candy's ex maid has filed a lawsuit against Tori's mom, accusing her of tightwad employment practices at her Beverly Hills mansion -- specifically making her clock out for ten minute breaks twice a day and not paying her for the downtime.

The lawsuit, filed today in L.A. County Superior Court, says Candy's people insisted they were required by law to give the maid relief -- but apparently the maid thinks relief without money is no relief at all.

Oh yeah -- the maid got fired. She's asking for unspecified damages.


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1953 days ago

Woody McBreairty    

This does not surprise me. I feel this is the most selfish, greedy and self-serving person ever. I know from personal experience that she is condescending and rude. When I ushered for the Amereican Ballet Theatre, she attended a benefit with a friend. They paraded around the lobby to be seen and when Candy wanted information she would say to her friend "Ask him how much longer before the show is over.", "Ask him when they are going to open the reception room", etc. As I responded, she looked directly at her friend and never once looked at or acknowleged me. When I worked for an interior design showroom, she came in with her designer. Her behavior was the same. "Ask him if it's in stock", "Ask him if we can have it picked up today", and as I answered she looked directly into her decorator's eyes and never once looked at me or said thank you. To her, it was as if I was a non-person. I think she is a rude obnoxious bitch and furthermore, I think she is ugly inside as well as out. Proof postive that alot of money and plastic surgery does ot a beauty make.

1953 days ago


I think the whole family is crazy. She seems like a witch with a stick up her butt. Tori is just a horrible person who stole another woman's husband and her husband is a clown that left his wife and newly adopted daughter to go to greener (Money) pastures. Can't stand any of them. I will laugh when Tori is dumped just like his ex was. Not quality people. Rarely wealthy people are. Not all but most!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Usually they are very selfish and self centered.

Hope the maid cleans up!!!!!!!!!!!!

1953 days ago

Maggie Mae    

The maid is better off without that Candy Spelling. She will get hers soon. What goes around comes around. Some people with a lot of money think they can just treat anyone any way they want to, but not so. Everyone should be treated like a human being. The maid id better off without her. I hope she get another job with people treating her with respect.

1953 days ago


In California, workers are entitled to two 10-minute breaks and they are paid. Isn't there one real journalist amongst the TMZ staff that knows anything about anything?

1953 days ago


It sound like this whole family (Candy, Tori, Dean) all must be nut. Tori look awful thin and sick. She doesn't look healthy. Tori need to learn how to grow up. Don't know about her mom. She got a beautiful mansion. I am sure it is going to be hard to sell in the housing market.

1953 days ago


She was just on Larry King Show and I suspected she is cheap. Her daughter does not speak to her, nor has she seen her grandchildren. Guess money is more important than friends and family.

1953 days ago


Good for Candy making sure her employee clocks out to take a break. I know of a lot of jobs that don't give you breaks period. She is a savvy business woman because she is following the law and saving some buck$

1953 days ago


Awwwwwww crap it's all to sell her STUPID book...and come on her daughter Tori is in on the whole thing...LMAO

1953 days ago


Woody, Politically correct term is the designer, not decorator! Get with the program, IDs don't want to be called decorators nowadays!

1953 days ago


What a hag. How much money does this woman want to be buried with one day anyway? She truly can't take it with her. Why not be nice to people who don't have what she has and learn the meaning of generosity?

I hope that lady cleans up, too. It couldn't have been a lot of fun to put up with that personality AND have to clean up her dirt. It's not like that house is little, either.

1953 days ago


It's NOTHING to do with the recession and has EVERYTHING to do with the fact that Candy is just a stingy BITCH. She's a bitch as a mother and a bitch as an employer. I wish she WOULD go broke. All my sympathy to Tori. Her crappy mother is not unconditionally loving. Because she's a BITCH. God, that woman bothers is short and she just can't get enough of being such a twisted,cold bitch.

1953 days ago


in California you do not clock out for the 10 min Brasks She should get her money

1953 days ago


Yeah really, too bad HER money wasn't invested with MADOFF!!!! That would have served her right!!! Can you imagine if she had gotten THAT phone call.....rrriiiinnnngggg...."Candy, YOU ARE BROKE!!!" I bet her plastic face would have cracked into a million pieces!!

1953 days ago


Candy- Spread it around, hon. People will like you and your life will be more pleasant. Give it a try.

1953 days ago
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