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Maid to Candy Spelling: Gimme a Break

4/16/2009 8:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

You know the recession is hitting everyone when gazillionaire Candy Spelling is being accused of trying to screw her housekeeper out of a few bucks a day.

Candy Spelling

Candy's ex maid has filed a lawsuit against Tori's mom, accusing her of tightwad employment practices at her Beverly Hills mansion -- specifically making her clock out for ten minute breaks twice a day and not paying her for the downtime.

The lawsuit, filed today in L.A. County Superior Court, says Candy's people insisted they were required by law to give the maid relief -- but apparently the maid thinks relief without money is no relief at all.

Oh yeah -- the maid got fired. She's asking for unspecified damages.


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Destiny #46, you are so right. Why can't she see that??????

1986 days ago


This old c*nt is newsworthy because????

1986 days ago

um, no thanks    

Two paid 10 minute breaks and a paid 30 minute break per day? With out clocking in and out! Have you lost your mind?
Over a three year period that could buy a doll or a Botox session doing three to four areas depending on who you use.
Little people take, take, take try working for a living. It should be an honor to clean that house.
Would you rather clean a mansion or work in upper middle class cookie cutter home for peddlers?

1985 days ago


What kind of mother would stoop so low and say her daughter "lied" about her when Tori was on "The View?" She made that statement on "Larry King" a few days ago. She made unkind statements about her own daughter! What kind of reconciliation would that encourage? None! It has been reported that Mrs. Spelling's lover was living in the Spelling mansion during Mr. Spelling's illness and eventual death. If so many nasty reports against her mother are true, then Tori has good reason to keep her children away from their grandmother. What about the meager inheritance Tori's father left her? Doesn't make sense.

1984 days ago


Ugh HonestT, I am also honest to a T as in my name Terri. However, as you ask, have you lost your mind? She ought to be honored cleaning that mansion? Perhaps she should be greatful for a job, BUT, no one should stay working for someone breaking the law as was the case with Candy Spelling -- PERIOD. While working for the Federal gov't, I was well past my 20th year of service, and low and behold I had to turn in a supervisor (not my immediate boss, my immediate boss with the Director) and his secretary for time card abuse and fraud. I had to file an IG (Inspector General) complaint on them because at the time my Director didn't take any action. Well, screw that, I knew it was happening and had watched it go on long enough. Did I want to file that IG complaint, no I did not. They are to be done in "secret" but an investigation ensues, people are questioned, and eventually it is all figured out who blew the whistle. And it's not a short process, the investigation, the questioning, the watching (of the people), and the backchecking of timecards, took more than 6 months. End result, the supervisor was suspended 2 weeks without pay, his secretary was suspended 1 week without pay (because she was a new hire) and my Director ended up with all kinds of egg on his face for not believing me. Every Director I had after him walked the line with me and enforced the code of conduct when it came to rules of timecards etc. I did not enjoy being put into the position I was put into, it was not easy for me, but when it was all over, I was damn proud of myself (as was every Director that came after the non-believing Director which made me very happy), damn proud to have taken that stand and did what was right! The maid is not taking anything that wasn't rightfully owed to her in the first place!!!

1984 days ago


Yes, Tori told several lies on TV recently, among them that she's not anorexic, and laughably, thinks "issues" with her kids and her mother should be more "private." This from a woman who pimps out her kids every time a camera is around, for her own career. What kind of "family values" does SHE have? Well, when her father was sick, she was too busy dating a married man to visit him. Before that, she blew a million dollars of her parents money on a wedding that lasted about a year. Then when her father died, her main concern was about HER MONEY. Tori's no better than her mother.

1984 days ago


I hope the maid writes a tell all book about candy & that whacked out family - that will make up for the $$ candy won't pay her for her 10 minute breaks - suggested book name ROTTEN CANDY

1982 days ago


I hope the maid wins big time.!!

1981 days ago


I live near Seattle and I was listening to talk radio a few hours ago and Candy Spelling was on, droning on and on about how, gee whiz, she's done just about all she can to reach out to her daughter and build a relationship. Yadda, yadda, yadda, you can tell that this wicked woman has no depth, no soul, no compassion. The talk show hosts made me sick, kissing her butt and telling her how horrible her daughter is. She comes across as this poor poor misunderstood woman and she's the exact opposite. It's all about the money. She's a pig with makeup and I can't stand her. What a wacko

1967 days ago
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