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Pam Anderson Sells Out for Strip Steak

4/17/2009 2:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Pamela Anderson is turning a blind eye to her hardcore vegetarian, anti-meat beliefs -- and it's all for her deep appreciation of strip clubs.

Pamels Anderson
Anderson, who's been an obnoxiously loud animal activist and PETA spokesperson, is on board to help celebrate the upcoming opening of a strip club -- which happens to be part of a New York steakhouse.

FYI -- steak comes from slaughtered cows.

But the craziest part of the whole thing -- neither Pam nor PETA refuse to acknowledge the moral dilemma. Here's PETA's statement: "Pam is not a host but may be attending as an invited guest, and since steakhouses nowadays have some of the best salad bars and veggie options around, we're sure she'll find plenty to eat should she attend."

So what happens if KFC -- with whom Pam waged war against -- opens a strip club and "invites" Pam as a guest? Would she go if they too had a nice salad bar? We're guessing if the price is right...

Calls to Pam's management have not been returned.


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So, is pam anderson going to a strip club steak house or not? it's not clear on the news.

1963 days ago


Okay, I was biting my tongue, but I really have to say something. First of all, being a vegetarian doesn't mean avoiding any place with meat. My older sister and I both are vegetarians for multiple reasons, and we still go to places that serve meat since our friends and family eat it. Obviously Pam Anderson isn't trying to promote the steakhouse itself, so I think everyone is overreacting there. (I don't agree with strip clubs either, but obviously she does and that's her deal.)

Second of all, why do meat-eaters hate so much on vegetarians? I spent most of my 23 years on this earth eating meat and NOT ONCE did I put people down for being a vegetarian. There are different reasons people choose to be one. For example, my reasons (besides the cruelty that is NOT requried for any type of animal and wasn't the purpose of any of them, in reality) is that I feel SO much better physically when I'm no longer eating it. There were a couple of other times I stopped eating meat, but would go right back to it and I realized how great and full of energy I felt once I stopped eating it. It's really not fair to give people flack for their own personal choice. I do agree that some vegetarians go a bit far by shoving it down meat-eaters' throats, but not all of us are like that so deal with it. I'm not a 'douchebag' just because of something I chose to do for MY personal well-being. (I'm sure I'd feel even better if I stopped eating/drinking dairy products, because those aren't necessary either. I took a Health, Wellness, and Nutrition class not too long ago as well as other research, so don't try to argue with me about that either.)

Seriously, people, grow up and mind your own business. Don't put every single vegetarian in one group because of how a few of them behave. There are actually benefits to it that some of us just choose to take advantage of and we mind our own business about it.

1963 days ago

Just Noticing    

I'm a vegan and I would never endorse anything connected to a steak house. They could have the best salad bar in the world.

1963 days ago


PETA members or spoke people do not have to be veg*n. you can be a member and still eat meat. Yes being veg*n does more than people how arent but you can do other things beside refusing to eat them.

1963 days ago


I wonder what Pam and all of the other hollywood celebrities think of the news that P.E.T.A. slaughtered almost 20,000 pets since 1998. It was said that the pets were killed before even leaving the homes of the people giving their pets to PETA thinking they would go to a good home.

1963 days ago

tippy katz    

"with whom Pam waged war against"?????
I think you mean "with to whom against which Pam waged war towards at"

1963 days ago


TMZ is grasping at straws for a little trouble. Her issue with KFC wasn't the eating of the chicken's but their treatment before death.

1963 days ago


Ewwwwwwwwwww. Want some COOTIES with that steak?

1961 days ago


Poor Pam! Heard she is 'broke' and she is living in trasher trailer park in Malibu.

1955 days ago

SoCal Razzles    

Hmmmm....strippers + plates of food = Bad idea. I wonder how many little body crumbs they find on the plates...

1949 days ago
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