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James Caan Gives As Good As He Gets

4/18/2009 2:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Our photog came up with several creative ways to call James Caan old last night outside of Madeo -- but there was no comeback for Jimmy's response: "You'd look funny sittin' on your ass, wouldn't ya?"

James Caan -- play video
Advantage: Caan.


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Mary (sooo afraid of flying!) in Hunt. Bch    

Wow! It's fun to be FIRST!
Go Dodgers! (4-3 over Rockies)

1983 days ago

The Gooze    

As would be said to any child, "Aren't they cute at this age?"

1983 days ago


I love gas station hotdogs

1983 days ago


$100,000 to the first person who can kill a TMZ photographer.... no questions asked....

1983 days ago

Michael Madsen    

What can I say... if Caan interests you... you are either on life support or you sniff petrol.

1983 days ago

fans of President Obama    

Good for him. James Caan is proof you can't mess with folks from Fresno.

1983 days ago

Linda Mott    

He is always fun! All the celebs should interact like he does.

1983 days ago


#6 Go Blow Yourself! I am a movie buff and James Caan has more talent in his little finger than, well, with your comment, shall I say in your little head. Oh, that's right, you like movies , um, like anything that opened yesterday! Commercialized crappola. You probably thought Paris Hilton's last movie was spectacular. Yes, I am defending James Caan. Not that he needs it. Old does not mean stupid, talentless, etc. Oh, and Caan is very interesting. What a movie history he has under this belt. Yes, #6, he is a movie star. Please, see some of Caan's movies and then, when you've done your research, comment all you want.

Now, to TMZ - your photographers and reports have no etiquette and are extremely lame. Why can you not get someone over 10 years old to do your work for you? TMZ's reporters do not know how to research and they are consistently making errors. I read TMZ for the comedic value! Harvey you're a shameless hoot! I give you kudos for making money on "lame." People like #6 actually think you are legit. Don't people know TMZ mocks your intelligence? I know a lot of your readers "get it," but it is commenters like #6 who make me worry about our future. All I say to him or her is "Dah!"

We should all respect the "older actors" as they make today's actors look like commercialized candy! They only wish they could mirror themselves to Caan's talent. I do not see one "star" on the horizon that will be out there as long as Caan has. Here today, gone tomorrow.

1983 days ago


Mr. Caan asks a great question: "Why can't you play nice?" I'm not saying that celebrities should put the smackdown on TMZ personnel, but I do encourage the fans surrounding the celebs to ensure that these situations stay appropriate.

1983 days ago


Number four

1983 days ago


Hahaha I didn't watch the video but I hope that is what he said, typical Caan comment and I love it! Dan -- you suck and need to be knocked on your ass!

1983 days ago


that's why I love me some Santino Corleone... this guy is hella funny! Now can we see a photo of the TMZ little man he keeps referring to?


1983 days ago


Wow. How did it feel to get bitch slapped by a guy twice your age?

1983 days ago


Is it possible to hire reporters that can ask a interesting question, or two, to the people they follow around? I think the celebs and us the viewers would probally respond better if the interviewer could muster up a question of a wee bit of value that would be answered in a dignified way,without threats of punching ,or name calling by celebs to the TMZ staff. The questioning is usally that of a 4th grader,not even as smart as a 5th grader! Is TMZ not as smart as a 5th grader?

1983 days ago


Haha....I don't care how old he is, he could probably still beat you down....

1983 days ago
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