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Tyler Perry Presents

... An Alleged Stalker

4/18/2009 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0417_tyler_ex_04-1A woman says she's a big Tyler Perry fan -- Perry begs to differ, calling her a dangerous stalker, and apparently the cops agree, cause she's been busted.

We've learned Dawne Wilson was arrested Wednesday outside Perry's production studios in Atlanta ... a place where she's been an unwelcome visitor many times before.

By showing up, Wilson violated a restraining order Perry had obtained. Our sources say Wilson has a "long history" of allegedly stalking Perry and he considers her "very dangerous."

Wilson was arrested for aggravated stalking, a felony.

She's currently in custody.


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fans of President Obama    

Tyler Perry's not gay... his boyfriend said so.

1995 days ago

Zippy T. Pinhead    

Just wanted to be first to post a comment

2016 days ago


I'm just stunned that a woman stalked him. She's not his type is she?.

2016 days ago


Wow! 3rd? And I bet she's stalking him for the money. It cannot be his looks and definitely not for his love of WOMEN!

2016 days ago

Lauren, ATL    

Yea, believe it or not, it was my boyfriend that arrested her.. Too bad he wasn't available at the precinct to talk to TMZ reporters. Talk about 15 Minutes

2016 days ago

Linda Mott    

What is going on in this world? Do people know reality from fantasy? It seems like there are more stalkers than ever. I love Tyler Perry. He has done so much to help humanity. I will put him up at the top of my prayer list.

2016 days ago

d town    

tyler is a wussbag

2016 days ago


Guess now its the Black thing to be stalked...thanks Jamie for starting a trend, that in your case was simply a Craigslist hookup gone bad---you thought you was getting a man dressed and looking like a woman, instead you get that guy looking like he look showing up at your hotel room...then you tell the press you thought it was Beyonces Manager-----you be a liar.

You on the Down low with men dressed like women...keep your trap shut about minor girls too Foxx. You looking like a hypocrite when you be telling us all along you were going to hurt Michael Richards.....he stays at Larry Davids, not far from you stay. So get busy hurting him Jamie.

Probably be best you lay low...that new movie of yours is going to bomb because of your actions, not your acting.

Call this one-------------Done, and Exposed. Double standard in this Country when it comes to Race and Foxx just proved it...I never seen Jay Leno be so forgiving with a Star in my life then with Jamie the other night...N (person) didnt even get the apology ouch his mouth and Leno be saying "you forgiven my man, you the best, yeah you is"...

Double Standard and the Lenos of the world are bowing to it....

2016 days ago


Cant wait to see the Hannah Montana Movie make Foxx's Soloist Movie look like a cartoon....

Imus got fired, Foxx gets forgiven. Boycott his movie...NO Soloist.

2016 days ago

poor tyler!

2016 days ago



2016 days ago

gag me    

He is awesome and sexy as all hell. I'd totally do things to Tyler Perry.

2016 days ago

Gwendolyn Skinner    

tyler perry is not gay. just because he plays a part dressed like a woman ( very hilarious) dosent mean hes gay. im getting so tired of men being so insecure that they have to start rumors about good people that they feel threatened about. its rediculous. and about jamie foxx, why would you even say somthing like that ? shes just a kid, what do you expect her arguments and complaints to be about? how would you appreciate somebody saying something like that about your underage daughter? you were being immature to even say something like that.

2016 days ago

Gwendolyn Skinner    

hes not gay. stop acting like a kid and calling everyone gay just because he did something you dont have enough guts to do(like act) and jamie foxx was so very immature to say something like that about a kid. how would he like it if some grown man said that about his UNDERAGE daughter? i dont think he would like it at all. what do you expect from a kid, she shouldnt have adult problems. rediculous

2016 days ago


Her stalking Tyler Perry is like me stalking Clay Aiken. What's the point?

2016 days ago
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