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Anderson Cooper:

Man on the Street

4/19/2009 3:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Looking as handsome as ever, CNN anchor Anderson Cooper kept it casual while walking around NYC yesterday.


The 41-year-old silver fox should take his suit off more often.


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Hey dumbasses on my end I was #50 NOT #53. Bravo #109! Newsflash (and let your idiotic insults roll) ~ I've been a registered Republican since the age of 18. I've posted that statement on several different sites on TMZ, especially the Obama sites. However, I do not remain true to my party, why should I when there are much better candidates I believe can do a much better job for me and America. I did vote for W his first round, I sure as hell did not vote for him the 2nd time, I voted for Gore and was pissed off when Bush won thanks to the damn electorate votes. And there was no way in hell I would have given my vote to McCain and Palin. I voted for Obama as a Senator in IL and when I moved back to OH and he decided to run for President, I listened to what everyone had to offer, but in the end, I knew he'd get my vote. It IS the Republicans that have gotten us in the god awful mess that we are in today (yes I'm sure both parties are at fault, but I tend to believe the majority of it is the Republicans fault). Just to touch on 1 small issue (just one). The Iraq war. Did I support it. Damn right I did. Initially. I worked for the Federal gov't for 26 years remember? I was married to a Navy man. I'm a damn proud American. I have many friends that have served in that war, as well as Afghanistan. I'm glad we caught Hussein. However, what in the hell are we still there all these years later? Let their country survive or go under on their own, we've been their long enough! Get the hell out and bring our troops home!!! We have wasted millions and millions of dollars and lives over there!!!!

1979 days ago

Mar Mar    

Which look is that: "Blue Steel" or "Magnum"?

1979 days ago


TMZ removed my post again..why the censorship? what a joke...

you guys suck!

Terri I owned must work for them

1979 days ago


Terri you are an idiot...#112

What proof do you have that Republicans are the primary reason we are in this mess? Are you like the rest of the democrats and liberals and saying so makes it so? Watch this and you might learn something

Don't get me wrong I am not trying to defend the republicans but don't act like they are "more to blame"

Your buddy BHO isn’t pulling the troops as quick as he said he would so there must be more to it than you think. If the bias media and the democrats had not thrown this country and the troops under the bus years ago we might have been out of Iraq a long time ago.
Instead we saw nothing but the bad and not a damn thing about the good.

I am glad you worked for the goverment for 26 years..did you get to retire with 80 or 90% of you pay at age 40 or 50? Something us in the private sector that paid for your damn job do not get to do. how about a f-in thank you...

Wake up America...

1979 days ago


he is totally hot, but he is not so hot that he can't go anywhere
if i was a new anchor I would not want to be that hot

1975 days ago
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