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'Housewife' to Website -- Urine Trouble Now!

4/19/2009 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's safe to say Gretchen Rossi is not's #1 fan.

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"Real Housewives of Orange County" star Gretchen Rossi is pissed off about a photo that was posted online of her on the toilet. Her lawyers fired off a cease and desist letter to the, demanding the pic's removal.

In the letter, Rossi claims the pics were stolen from her and posted without her authorization. The photo is still up on the site.

Here's what we're wondering ... who takes a picture of themselves on the toilet? Just askin' ...


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2011 days ago


She is a dirty whore, lol, in more ways than one.
Anyone that really believes that she is not a gold digger is a flaming idiot.

2011 days ago

Amy Grindhouse    

Haha, I just had to go and check out those pics. She looks so wasted!

2011 days ago


Gretchen used Jeff it's as simple and as easy as that. She still wears his ring, so I guess she isn't looking for her next love or wait victim. Gretchen I have an idea next time you want to us the loo or have your hair pulled take all the cameras away or lock the door. My God show yourself some respect girl before a man figures he can pick you up for the price of a house and car, oh wait, you already were bought!

2011 days ago

um, no thanks    

I saw the show where they said her older sick boyfriend recently passed away and some on again off again boyfriend was stalking her.
Whoever took the pictures of her using the bathroom must have done so for a reason. The fact someone would do that shows they may have had an agenda. Why go there, why take pictures like that unless you wanted to use them to humiliate or harm someone.

I don't know anything about the woman but I assumed she is a gold digger. I seriously doubt she would have been the old guys girlfriend if he man had he been broke. That makes her no different than around 80 percent of the women in LA or 90% of the women of the housewives shows.
Imagine that, a gold digger living in LA, oh the shock. The way most women introduce themselves there is by asking what do you do for a living so as not to waste time or their breath.

That man had been married a few times and most older rich men who date much younger beautiful women are not stupid.
They understand the deal. They know the women are not with them for their looks, the sex, the personality. Do you feel as sorry for the rich guys ex wives who got dumped for a younger women?
No, because they probably married them for the money as well and it cost the man a fortune to move on and that's where most cougars come from.

It's a shallow cycle and everyone knows it.

2011 days ago


I have no idea who she is or why she's famous. But alot of my friends take pics of themselves on tha toilet, lol.

2011 days ago


She has no shame. Her boyfriend is dying in the hospital and she is off filming a reality show.
Just think how LONELY Jeff's last weeks must have been because she was always gone. She wouldn't allow his ex wives to visit him in the hospital, she made him choose between them or her. I'm sick of low class leaches getting ahead in this world.

2011 days ago


To #14...hi Tamara...still obcessed with the fact you're a wacko and everyone wants to party with Gretchen?

These pics arent that big a deal and kinda cute really. Maybe her agent wants better control of her image since she is HUGE with the fans of the show.

2011 days ago

i never cared for her shes fake and i cant stand her she deserves it

2011 days ago


Jay is such a creepy stalker. Really, he keeps leaking pictures, one every couple weeks or so. How much longer Jay? Everyone already knows you're a big crybaby, and this is how you handle your sh*t.

2011 days ago

um, no thanks    

She's a gold digger? Ya think? Look at every woman on the real housewives and tell me how many are not. My guess is not too many.
What is the purpose of the show? What sales the show is watching spoiled women throw money around and try to out do one another and cat fight. Women and men enjoy cat fights and it sells.

In a lot of cases, older men want younger attractive women and younger attractive women want money, security, power and the ability to do what they please.
Often a major driving force and motivation for some people to obtain a lot of money or power is so they can select a mate/s they otherwise would not be able to choose.
The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence and these patterns usually repeat until the relationships fall apart which they easily do because they were not built on a strong foundation to begin with.

Why resent her? They both knew what they were doing. Do you really think she took advantage of a very successful man that had been married numerous times?
Those relationships often lack honesty, loyalty, are hollow, sad and depressing like the Eagles song Lying Eyes but that does not mean people don't get hurt or have feelings for one another.

2011 days ago

ya right    

i don't care for her and i don't think the pictures are that big of a deal, but i was amazed of the kind of things written on that site. people send in pictures of ex's or one-night stands, state their name (sometimes last name too) and write a bunch of mean things about them. some of that stuff is down right cruel!!! the guy running it (who gives the final say at the end of each pic) sounds like the ULTIMATE douchebag. i got to side with Team Gretchen on this one because i think the whole website is disgusting and is in poor taste .

2011 days ago


Housewives from NYC are the only legitimate contenders. The Orange County rejects have been thrown to the curb along with the losers from Atlanta. "Skinny Girl" Margaritas rule. New Jersey has a long road to "HO" and doesn't look so far like it will "hit it". All the college girls on the East Coast can't wait for next season of NYC Housewives. They are real. The California bitches are a comedy. More drink recipes from Bethanny. Hoo hoo!!!!!

2010 days ago



2010 days ago


I agree with #25, thedirty is really a sleazy site where cowardly people can talk trash while they hide. Jay keeps sending his pics's been months now, and that site just keeps posting them. And who does have the final say there, seems cruel to me as well.

2010 days ago
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