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How Much for That 'Slumdog' Kid in the Window?

4/19/2009 9:58 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Slumdog Millionaire - Rubina AliBeing part of an Oscar winning movie can up your asking price in Hollywood. Apparently it can also up your asking price should your father decide to try and sell you.

Rubina Ali
, the nine-year-old girl who was featured prominently in the Oscar winning "Slumdog Millionaire," was offered up for sale by her father to undercover reporters working for News of the World, the paper is reporting.

The young child star's asking price was roughly $295,000. According to the paper, the price started off much lower when he first began negotiating the deal. Maybe the father forgot to take DVD sales into account.

UPDATE -- Rubina's dad is flatly denying the whole thing, telling the BBC News it was just a "dirty" operation by News of the World.


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Shout it out King (#53) so tired of the posts and general population trying to blame every terrible thing that happens on Godlessness. More attrocities through out the history of man have been carried out in the name of one God or another than anything else. And to whoever mentioned how violent the Koran is.. ever read the bible? Religion is a weapon and an excuse to murder and control.

1911 days ago

Television Spy    

Wow many of the comments don't just border on racist, they cross the line into bigotry. Separate an isolated incident from racial generalizations.

1911 days ago


The only reason this is "NEWS" is because she was in a movie and the world somewat knows of her. This type of stuff happens everyday in 3rd world countries. In Fact it's just another day in India, good to know this is where all of our jobs are going (call centers, engineers, etc). Oh BTW in Saudi Arabia u can settle your debt by selling your 8 year old daughter into marriage of a 47 year old man.

1911 days ago


"62. Horrible horrible. Her father Nasim is a so called Christian. Oh well we all know Christianity is the root of all evil along with Judiasm and Islam.

Posted at 11:31PM on Apr 19th 2009 by Goodtobetheking"


Nice try, idiot. They're Muslims. Both the children who starred in this movie are Muslims. They come from Muslim families, and that's why there was a small riot in their home town because of the title of the movie which contained the word 'dogs': Muslims don't like dogs, they think they're unclean.

1911 days ago


Ignorance is the night of the mind, but a night without moon and star

1911 days ago


Mature men are allowed to marry prepubescent girls.

The Quran in Sura 65:1, 4 says:

65:1 O Prophet, when you [and the believers] divorce women, divorce them for their prescribed waiting—period and count the waiting—period accurately . . . 4 And if you are in doubt about those of your women who have despaired of menstruation, (you should know that) their waiting period is three months, and the same applies to those who have not menstruated as yet. As for pregnant women, their period ends when they have delivered their burden. (Maududi, vol. 5, pp. 599 and 617, emphasis added)

1911 days ago

Angela West    

Wow. I hope this guy is drawn and quartered but being India, he probably won't be. Can we just embargo them until they accept that this behaviour isn't normal? Please?

1911 days ago


seeing as Indians hold all the high positions in this ountry, doctors, lawyers, and yes judges..... do you really think we'd care what some redneck Americans have to say? Now please leave the gated communities, and go back to the trailer park.

1911 days ago


Unfortunately, this is how it is in their culture. Sad but true. They even make their children beg which I know this a true fact. I experienced it back in 1991 on a business trip over there. Children that are 3 years old are begging for money. They come up to you with these sad little eyes and being a parent, it broke my heart. They also disfigure their children as well as cripple them so they can become profressional beggars.

1911 days ago


Welcome to the third world & child slavery -
Maybe the 43 yr old Saudi man can dump his 8 yr old wife & marry Rubinia ali instead????

1911 days ago


That is seriously messed up. Selling your own child for this guy for real?


1911 days ago


77. Atleast he sold in the US we would just kill her by drowning or in a suitcase.
Posted at 10:59AM on Apr 20th 2009 by Smartguy

Dont forget... the popular thing now, for US Fathers is to, Shoot their kids.

1911 days ago


That's terrible. What's more terrible is the grammer in this story "try and sell?" So he tried AND sold her? It should read 'try to sell." Sorry to be the grammar police but if you're going to work as a professional writer shouldn't you know how to write?

1911 days ago


#7, using one guy to stereotype an entire country is what's "morally disgusting". There are sickos and crazy people everywhere; they're not representative of the entire country. How many wackos do we have here in America?

1911 days ago


Why does everyone think it's okay for a newspaper to approach a poor father with about selling their child? If you read other reports the paper approached the father with a price. The father doesn't speak english, he had a friend (who spoke a little english) translating. Did he even know what was going on? This is completely unethical/corrupt journalism.

1910 days ago
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