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Amy Wino's Skin Cracks Too

4/20/2009 2:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

British popwreck Amy Winehouse appears to be getting to the root of all her problems, by peeling back all the layers ... of leg skin.


The 25-year-old former singer dragged her golden brown rotting limb around the beach in St. Lucia this weekend.

Amy should use protection ... against herself.


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Damn..She actually went out in public looking like that? If she would wear some clothes that cover up that nasty body and those disgusting tattoos, she would at least look halfway presentable. Oh and she needs to do something about that hair because perms went out in the 80's.

2013 days ago


Oh My! That looks completely deadly. I sure hope that if she's too stoned to get proper medical attention that she has someone around her to seek some help for her. That look like some sort of odd insect bite that is making her leg rot. It seriously looks like she could lose that leg. I'd also like to say that some of the comments about her here are really seriously ill as well. People shouldn't make such remarks about wanting someone to die. That kind of thinking is as twisted as Amy's.

2013 days ago



2013 days ago


To bad with all that talent she has no brains. Someone needs to get that poor girl some help

2013 days ago

The Hulkster    

its a photoshop fake

2013 days ago


Geez people, relax. She's got issues - but she's still someone's daughter. How'd you feel if someone said they wish your daughter would just die already and stop sucking up oxygen. Give the girl a break since it's not you walking in her shoes.

2013 days ago

another over 40 mama    

Is this not the picture of a drug addict you see on the news? This is sad and what is even worse is the fact that she has so many people in her life who do nothing to help her. Can someone not just lock this girl up until she sees the light???????
I don't EVEN want to see people cry at her funeral, wondering where they went wrong. Look at the toothpick legs and arms. This poor girl needed help a LONG TIME AGO! (when she didn't want to go to rehab)

2013 days ago


Must say I've never liked her, she's been a mess for so long, but in the same breath I have to say the picture on the left of her FACE is the nicest one I've actually ever seen of her looking decent. As for that leg affliction that's just plain NASTY and one leg brown, one leg white, ha, what another joke to be made of her. As for you Dori D, what the hell is there to be jealous of her about? You need to come out of your induced dreamland Alice!

2013 days ago


Looking at the picture she looks alot better her face is fuller she deosnt look all skin and bones anymore. She obviously has something going on with her leg it looks darker but that could be camera angles because its sitting farther back in the picture. She obviously has a infection going on because u can see that big red sore spot and if u look further down her leg on the outer calf of the leg u can see peeling? or some scaling going on down there to. Im not a fan of her music but I hate seeing someone suffering pain wether self inflicted or otherwise.

2013 days ago


It looks like a healing up staph infection, i used to get them that bad. Since shes been so sick lately and before she was into drugs its not surprise to me, as these are both 2 ways to get a staph infection. I dont know why her skin is discolored, but the pink dot looks like it. Poor thing

2013 days ago


OMG!!! I thought she was getting better,......She had gained wieght for a little bit ..... So sad : (

2013 days ago

Sebastian Stoker    

Amy is one big mess. I fail to see any point in following her life. She produced some over-rated music, attracted followers more for being a tragic figure than a talent, and has now slid so far down she would need a boost just to get into the gutter. Enough already.

2013 days ago


her crack pipe must've blown up when she passed out ....

2013 days ago

Black Teef    

You can't polish a turd.

2013 days ago


BW I absolutely agree with you. She has a lot of nerve PURPOSELY grossing us out. Put some pants on, you loser!!!

2013 days ago
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