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Claudia Jordan to Miss Cali:

Work That Gay Room

4/20/2009 7:13 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Miss USA judge Claudia Jordan tells us Miss California Carrie Prejean didn't play to her audience when she said "Marriage should only be between a man and a woman."

Claudia says, "She should have known her audience better. There's only like five straight guys in the audience at the pageant." You gotta love Claudia!

Launch photosThe former Briefcase #1 model on "Deal or No Deal" says, "I don't agree with what she said, but I don't think she's evil."

And we saved the best for last: "I've been in pageants, and I've been on TMZ, so I know what it's like when you screw up what you meant to say." First of all, love the honesty, Claudia. Second of all, exactly what part did Carrie misspeak?


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It isn't progressive mothers who pimp their kids out in these things, starting at an early age. It's ambitious right wing wives, and bible thumping former pageant winners like Patsy Ramsey, who dress their kids up as hookers at an early age, who want their girls in these to marry a rich man, and live in a Republican suburb, with no gays, blacks, jews, etc. And they breed their kids to be the same way.

2009 days ago


Perez Hilton is a moron and fits the Dumb Bitch name perfectly, so, if the name fits! Gay marriage will be on the ballot here in Maine soon. I was going to vote for it. But now, thanks to Ms. Perez, I will vote against it.

2009 days ago


whatatata is an even bigger moron than perez hilton

2009 days ago


Good for her!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2009 days ago


oh look.........the Bible supports her: 1Timothy 1:10

2009 days ago


You guys act as if he was the only judge scoring the pagent. I bet he wasn't the only judge who thought that her answer was incoherent and lack thought. He is just coming forward and stating why she lost and it was not because of her beliefs but because she answered the question badly. If people were able to choose who they could marry then the question would have been irrevelant. The fact that she said everyone can choose opposites included and turn around and said but I disagree with gay marriage is what cost her the crown. Everyone can't choose and the question was do you think the states should follow through with gay marriage like Iowa and Vermont? The question was not how do you feel about gay marriage?

2009 days ago

What was she suppose to say, she SPOKE the truth and she was HONEST! What was she suppose to say the "the gays wants world peace" give me a break ! GOOD FOR CALI. We did vote YES on 8 right!l

2009 days ago


it was a controversial question given by a gay man.

what were those people thinking?

I commend her for her honesty and guess what, people, ever heard of freedom of speech??


2009 days ago


Perez- How dare you attack her. If she said the answer "you wanted to hear" this story wouldn't be on the front page of your website, would it? YES on 8. Marraige between a Man and Woman-- I've got no problem with civil unions .

2009 days ago


What is so wrong with her stating her opinion when asked a question. As I recall he asked her the question, she didn't just state what she believes in. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion whether or not the person asking the question likes the answer given to what they asked.

2009 days ago

Brian Peppers    

Perez Hilton, you suck! Quit interergating everyone about gays! I"m sick of you're ugly slack jawed donkey face!

2009 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

She gave her honest opinion. We do have Freedom of Speech - remember? I'm sick of perverts trying to push their agenda on everyone else. You don't see straight people talking about their sexual preferences all the time. Gays have become militant - shut up already. I do feel sorry for gays, though. It must be an awful to be gay and have most people hating you.

2009 days ago

um, no thanks    

Around 50 percent of Americans oppose same sex marriage
Around 40 percent support same sex marriage
Around 10 percent don’t really care one way or the other.

Putting her in a no win situation is going to back fire. It is going to turn off some of the people that were supportive of same sex marriage, turn off a lot of the people that did not feel strongly either way, and make the people who oppose same sex marriage more united.

If he wanted attention, he got it.
If he wanted to get people focused on same sex marriage, he got it
If he wanted hits on his web site, he got it
If he wanted to make progress for support of same sex marriage, it was a colossal failure.

When you abuse someone who has worked very hard by putting them in a no win situation and attack them for their beliefs you attack everyone who believes in the basic fundamental right to have personal opinions and personal beliefs.
To Perez Hilton there was a right or a wrong answer but to that young lady who worked very hard to earn her way there who did everything she could to prepare,, there was only a wrong answer. He took her opportunity from her so some people will want to take an opportunity from him, and they will do so by voting against his cause.

2009 days ago


Why is Perez Hilton making an ass of himself!? As if people can't have their own opinions in a democatic society...lmao you dumb ass:)

2009 days ago

David R. Usher    

The feminist gender spin by the judge and TMZ is sickening. If you watched the video, you will note that the audience cheered Miss California so loudly you couldn't even hear one boo. America knows that same-sex marriage is all about radical feminists siezing chattel control of marriage and family -- and they aren't about to turn the institution of marriage over to the lesbians running the National Organization for Women. The Miss USA pageant is now officially dead. Folks aren't going to watch a bunch of PC lesbians (or wannabees) masquerading as women of stature and wisdom.

2009 days ago
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