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Lisa Rinna's Body -- The G-Rated Edition

4/20/2009 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Just in case you missed her nude Playboy pictorial, 45-year-old Lisa Rinna broke out a tiny tiny red bikini and flexed her ridiculous physique in front of the kiddies...

LIsa Rinna
The kids couldn't look less interested -- but the guy in the background, he's impressed.

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No Avatar


Is it a man?? Look at it's package bulge. I guess it still has at least one more "snip snip" date with it's Doctor (he does the best he can, having never seen a human before)

1951 days ago

DJ L'Monte    

That look like Common in the background with Rihanna !!

1951 days ago


Ladies, we should support each other, you all sound like jealous children. Which I am sure anyone who thinks that you can't wear a bikini over 35 is, I don't care about the plastic surgery, whatever makes you happy, but those abs you can't buy. Been to the beach lately? There are hundreds of young girls out there she puts to shame!

1951 days ago

Tom Cole    

This Lisa is a phony. ...plastic surgery. No real or natural beauty. There are to many females out there who deserve the spotlight who have natural physical beauty.

1951 days ago

Doug nAustin Texas    

Lisa Rhinna................. EEEEEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW what an ugly,classless,whitetrash woman. She makes you wanna chew off are after waking up in am after drunken sex ! Thats coyote ugly !!

1951 days ago

Charles B    

Hey, How come all the negative. I think Rinna Looks great. Im a 61 yr old man and would give anything to have a 45 yr old women that looked like that in her Bikini. Go Rinna. CB

1951 days ago


Yuk. The abs are not attractive.

1951 days ago


its like Madonna posing nude, yuck. Just because you have muscles and not much body fat, does it mean we want to see you naked!!!! You are old, face it~~No one younger than you thinks you look hot. I am older than this woman and totally grossed out.

1951 days ago


far be it for me to look at her red bottoms,, but what's that in her pants ??? Looks like.... no it can't be.....

1951 days ago


Lisa Rinna will do ANYTHING for attention. 'Look at me, look at me, like me, like me." He lips are simply disgustngly fake and make her look like an empty headed blow up doll. Her liposuctioned body, fashion and personality make her look even more desperate and stupid. And finally, that ANNOYING fake personality. Yuck!

1951 days ago


I think she looks great! All those who say that you have to stop wearing certain clothes, hair, etc., when you reach a certain age are just unsure of themselves! I would love to look like that, muscle and all! You go girl!

1951 days ago


That moron needs to stop making TV appearances - no one wants to hear or look at her and she needs to get involved with a good charity.

1951 days ago


To the poster who said that women over 35 should not wear a bikini, think again. Look how good she looks in hers and mind you I am 50 and I am a Florida girl. I still look hot in my bikini or I wouldn't wear it. Should I also give up the g-string underwear and start wearing granny panties??? I think NOT. You must be in your twenties to have said that. Young and dumb. lol

1951 days ago


After the world witnessed an "older," not so attractive, British woman singing better than 90% of the "professional" singers in this severely tainted "pop culture," who are we...or who is ANYONE to make such harsh judgements... about..anyone? Including a wealthy, 45-yearold actress, who, obviously takes EXCELLENT care of herself...and, yet, people sitting in front of a computer...who, I'm betting, do not look ANYTHING near what Lisa looks like, still have the gall to.....put her ..."LIPS" down, when thay can find NO other physical flaws!!?? She has money. She takes care her body, OBVIOUSLY...and, whether she's 45, 25, 75, etc., No one has the right to define a certain...age, as to when a woman should not where a..bikini!! I wonder what THAT person looks street clothes, let alone swimwear! Ler her be...Let everyone be!!! Looks do NOT contribute to....what a MIND contributes.... EVERYONE...get over this pop culture .....obsession! I'm only on this a break from some serious healthcare research...and was simply....curious to see how beautiful a body this woman has maintained. After reading the ..."comments" posted, I just felt it was time to address the absurdness of how judgemental people can be...taking time to criticize...lips??? Read some international newspapers... and "judge" people who kill others for no reason....or, maybe they kill cause they don't like someone's....LIPS!?

1951 days ago


I'm 42 and look better than most 25 year olds. Why do women have to be so catty? Lisa looks great!!

1951 days ago
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