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Police Report

Casts Doubt On Madonna's Story

4/20/2009 6:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

More proof Madonna may be engaging in a pap smear -- we got our hands on the police report detailing the horse-fall this weekend, and it says nothing about paparazzi causing the Madonna mishap.

Madonna's Story

As we reported earlier, Southampton Village P.D. responded when Madonna took her nasty spill this weekend in the Hamptons, but no one told them anything about a photographer startling her horse -- the tale Madonna's camp was telling people Saturday night.


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The poor horse didn't want the stinkin' crotch of an old WWWWHHHHOOOOOOOORRRRRRRRRRREEEE on top of him! I sure hope the horse has recovered.

2011 days ago

J D    

Maybe the old hole is brushing up on her lieing skills so when she goes back to the other Country to try to get that Black kid she will be a better lier? Don't you think?

2011 days ago


I wonder if Madonna ever sits down & reads any of the comments on these sites. Because 95% of them are really negative. That being the case, I have to wonder who all went to her concert, because that broad made literally millions of dollars on her Sticky & Sweet tour.

2011 days ago

Fan Since 2007!!!    

OctoMom's making chunks of change for making a spectacle of herself too, Jolanda. What are you trying to say?

2011 days ago


LOL it's one bunch of idiots who travel from town to town buying tickets to the same madonna show. they empty out their bank accounts camp following the hag and then two years later they do it all over again. if it wasn't for these buffoons madonna would be doing tv commercials.

all the other horses in the stable are high-hoofing the horse that threw madonna.

2011 days ago

:what ev errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr    

Most likely she had to make up this story about the Paps causing her fall because of insurance reasons. She did say that the insurance company was on her ass about riding. Too risky. Can't blame the insurance company. I ride all the time, and riding horses is one of the most dangerous sports on the planet.

She needed to cover her ass.........................IMO.

2011 days ago


Madonna is a crazy woman and have such a strange behavior! She doesn't need to be here, She should live in Africa.

2011 days ago


madonna doesnt need to lie.everybody can fall from a horse and when madonna fell in the first time she said was her fault.she never blame the paps.but her friends that were close to them saw what happen,the paps were always there,they never left the place,cause are pictures of madonna on the groung and theres no ambulence behind.the paps are lying.not madonna.stop blame her for everything.she is not over.last years she did the best tour ever.she breaks new recordes everytime she does something.people are being mean.stop that.she deserves respect.and stop making her look like a fool cause she isnt.she is very smart.,she is not dumb like britney.wait till her new tour.

2011 days ago


madonna never said nothing to authorities,she was taking to the hospital when her friends were talking to the police.madonna never accused the paps.never.she is amazing.madonna never press charge agaisnt the paps.tahts why in the relatory the cops never said nothing about the paps.maybe they never know that they were there.
madonna is not crazy and she never was like brit

2011 days ago


Act your age Madonna. Face it, you are too dang old to be romping around on a horse like you were your daughter's age. And while mentioning your daughter, you should stop raiding her closet everytime you go out in public. Sure, Madonna is in good shape for someone in her 50's, but seriously, act your age.

2011 days ago


So hag Madge falls off a horse and the POLICE are called? Why not an ambulance? This reaks of another desperate publicity stunt. Will someone PLEASE make hag Madge go away. I'm sick of looking at her Norma Desmond face and sick of hearing about her.

2011 days ago


pap guys are so funny!!!!

2011 days ago


Will the real horses ass please stand up. She is FUGLY.

2011 days ago


This is her 2nd or 3rd Horse Fall... she cant ride Horses and she aint a jackie kennedy on a Horse...she keeps trying to be something she will never be, A Classy Lady..she stinks..Keep your hands off the orphans medona..THEY dont want you in THEIR Country taking Their Children..BACK OFF Stink woman

2011 days ago


Is she still around?

2011 days ago
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