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'Dr. Phil' Couple Popped for Pill Robbery

4/21/2009 8:06 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A couple that appeared on a "Dr. Phil" episode for domestic abuse was just busted on suspicion of robbing an Ohio pharmacy of hundreds of painkillers.

Dr. Phil couple

Kurtis DeWitt
and his girlfriend, Megan Lillo -- who once told Dr. Phil that Kurtis beat, choked, slapped and hit her with a rock -- were arrested last week after Kurtis allegedly stormed into a Kaiser Wells Pharmacy wearing a mask and a hoodie and demanded large amounts of OxyContin. According to the Norwalk Reflector, the pharmacist forked over the pills and Kurtis allegedly hopped in a getaway car driven by Lillo.

But get this: Cops weren't able to catch DeWitt right away, but were able to place him at the Kaiser Wells Pharmacy by checking the logs on an ankle bracelet he was wearing for a previous crime spree ... in which Lillo had also been the getaway driver.

DeWitt was charged with aggravated robbery and Lillo with one count of conspiracy.


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jeez, is oxycontin all that great? No wonder they call it 'Hillbilly Heroin'

2011 days ago

Dave In Tulsa    

I'm resisting the urge for a body cavity search joke, so I'll just say people like this usually don't live long and will probably knock their branch of the family tree off before they hit 40. I saw a short segment of Dr. Phil when they were on, and I feel bad for her. He seems like a real hot shot that needs to get knocked down a couple of notches and he probably will in prison.

2010 days ago

Laughing all the way!    

All I can say is WOW! Well a bunch of us here in Nebraska know this fool! Unfortunately! He had himself a little adventure out this way he got a great job where we all work. One of the guys we work with was nice enough to take him in being he came from Ohio and the only family of his was his sister that lived in Kansas. Well he was fast to take advantage of this guy and use him as much as he could. He got him to help him get a cell phone, went to a rent to own place and got him to rent and Xbox and all stors of crap. Well eventually some thought he was ok and then took hom out with them one night and learned of his nasty drug habbits. Well the word got out at work and he was asked to take a drug screen test, he refused and walked out. Shame too its a really good paying job!! He of course did not go to look for a new job and just leached off of his room mate continually. He even tried to get some one to sell him a car that he of course had no money to pay for either! Eventually he was kicked out from his room mate when it got worse. He stole the Xbox and then broke into his home again and took his lap top computer then shortly after that disapeared only after 2 short stints of working at Burger king here where he was fired both times. Once over drugs and the second for missing money and he disapeard after that! Now the idiot resurfaced only because the victim that was nice enough to take him in and help him out seen him on here and recognized him. He printed it all out for us to see so he could show us stupid he really is! Like we did not know anyhow, but it is funny to see him get what he has coming to him! Too bad he had to take some one down with him again! Dont know the girl, but I am sure he has done her no good and it sounds like he used to beat the snot out of her! We just hope he never comes back here, cause he is not welcome here at all!

2010 days ago


Bwahahahahahahahahahhahaha Idiots!

2010 days ago

Big Chief    

Check this out: JUST IN - DeWitt hospitalized after hiding stolen pills in his body

2010 days ago

Home of the Norwalk Virus    

HAHAHAHA, Dewitt and Lillo, what a great couple, if ya only knew. Dewitts Momma is a drunk, and a sleeze, so no wonder he is in the mess he is. Ya do what ya learn. Dude just got 5 yrs for another crime he committed, now he has this robbery. Man maybe Momma should spend some time with him, his life has been one hell of a train wreck. Bet he gets another 15 slapped on top of this new prison time.!!!!

2009 days ago


I would just like to say that I happen to know this girl and it makes me sick to ready all the crude judgements that people are putting out there about her. Yes, she made a horrible mistake, but it seems pretty obvious to me that addiction is playing a huge part in this story. Megan was raised by a good family and I highly doubt that if she had not got involved with this manipulator that she would have done any of the things that she stands accused of. Megan is young and I don't know anyone that can say that they have never made mistakes in their lives, granted most are not at this magnitude. My heart breaks for her family that have to live with the ridicule that they are recieving due to her poor actions. Please take a moment to think "what if this was my sister/daughter" Please remember what goes on the internet is forever. How would you like your children to read about the mistakes that you have made years from now. I only hope that none of you ever do anything that causes your picture to end up on TMZ. Life is hard enough for this family right now without comments from the peanut gallary.

2009 days ago


What !!! to big ass holes

2009 days ago


Kurt!! why would you ruin your life for this.
and then bring megan down!
remember there are others that are effected...
megan you should of stayed w/ your word and left him and stayed w/ your mom.

kurt not only did you get in trouble so did your family in friends because you brought them into it w/ you.
that is the sadest part young as 15.
PATHETIC! then trying to blame stuff on him cuz he wont get as much that is just ignorant!!

2004 days ago

scott hall    

Ok, I happen to know this guy.. To be honest when he is clean he is a very good guy, there are two sides to every story and the media only tells us one. After spending some time with Kurt it didn't take long to see that he has remorse for his crime, I dont think he should have gotten 15 years for this crime, He did have a knife but never pulled it out of his pocket. The fact is.. Judge James Conway of the Huron county court of common Pleas sentanced a 19 year old kid to two years in prison for raping a ten year old boy... I dont know if this Judge likes boys or likes child molesters, with kurt getting 15 years for stealing some drugs and this other guy getting 2 years for messing with kids, I cant help but think that the judge might like boys.

1356 days ago
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