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Kim K. Washes Up on Shore

4/21/2009 2:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

In case of emergency, Kim Kardashian's booty can be used as a flotation device.


The 28-year-old brought up the rear as she attempted to surf in Mexico this weekend.

Badonkadonk is thicker than water.Launch Photos


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You gotta be kidding me...    

69. i will have to agree with Paris on this one. Kim's ass looks like an overfilled sack of cottage cheese.

Posted at 11:16AM on Apr 21st 2009 by beaker creature
Don't ever admit you're agreeing with paris hilton; your IQ will drop 20 points immediately. Her IQ is supposedly 97 (a couple of points above a higher functioning moron); you don't want to go there...

1980 days ago


Yikes...I'd hit the gym honey and do some squats, not proportioned at all...nasty.

1980 days ago

You gotta be kidding me...    

70. God gave Kim K all the great assets she's got. Why the hell should she reduce her buttocks to please a few idiots. The days of stick figures are over (unless you're gay). She's beautiful, sexy, famous, rich and her man is hot. Why should she care what jealous haters think. People with flat, ugly, pancake asses shouldn't throw stones. Buttock implants is the leading enhancement today. I'll bet the majority of you need it too.

Posted at 11:31AM on Apr 21st 2009 by nopancakebutts
You don't have much of a brain, do you? First you say that her "assets" (which makes me laugh) are natural, yet you talk about butt implants. Coincidence? I think not. Next, you say she's beautiful; ain't too many people that think this disgusting media whoring "piss in my face, baby" mud skank is beautiful. Famous? For what; getting pissed on in a porno film? Rich? She got most of her money from her daddy, who helped that mass murdered OJ get off; it was about as reprehensible an act as is possible.

Like most brainless celebutart suckups, your arguement is lacking in any thought put into it. Try using your brain next time, before you post; it'll be less embarrassing for you later on...

1980 days ago

You gotta be kidding me...    

Why do people hate certain "celebrities" like her? Simple - it's because their "celebrity" is not warranted. Take kim kardassian. The only reason she's "famous" is because she was a friend of the original media whore, paris hilton, who taught her how to be famous for doing nothing. This woman contributes NOTHING to the world; she's a taker, not a giver. While normal people are working hard & struggling, this woman was raised in the lap of luxury; she never lacked for anything. AND, she demands that people pay attention to her at all times. She's arrogant, entitled, self centered, uneducated. lies constantly and has disgusting personal habits. She's not a nice person at all, yet demands that people look at her.

Whenever you demand attention like she does, you better be something they want to see or there's going to be a backlash. Because she's such a reprehensible person, there's a HUGE backlash; just like there's a HUGE backlash against that other idiot, paris hilton. That's the downside of demanding attention, and comes with the gig. She better get used to it, especially given how people with functioning neurons are offended by her stupidity & repelled by her disgusting presence...

1980 days ago

rob white    

That butt almost makes me wish i was straight. DAMN GURL GOT THAT BOOTY!

1980 days ago

CB Supprter    

Looks like a big ass whale just swam up on shore!! lol

1980 days ago

Sue Wong    

TO#75. That's your f---ing opinion weirdo. Go look for another flat ass "gay" like yourself. You spandex loving turd. Kim's the bomb. She doesn't have to live up to the white man's perception of beauty. Fake blond hair, fake breasts or no breast and no ass. She's a natural beauty. Do you see her looking for a white man anyway? They're into weird stuff half the time and get impotent early. Let them have that walking disease stick figure Paris Hilton. This woman's more beautiful than half the people on this site. Only about 25% of the world's population's really attractive and that drops to around 5% over age 40. I don't care what this woman does in her personal life. It's her f---ing business so go suck an egg or something. Flat ass mother f---ing hyprocrite.

1980 days ago


You White people on this site kill me with your love for women with no asses!

Kim is fine! She knows it and you know it! Take yourself to Starbucks and find a flat-ass vegan to please the rest of you! Lord knows somebody needs to like flat-ass women! The other 90% of straight men love big butts!


1980 days ago


I didn't know whales came that close to shore.

1980 days ago


44. KloeK yea ok and you're a size 1 huh? We have our opinions if you don't like it then don't log on to the internet and go hide under a rock....

1980 days ago


Oh people stop it already! The girl is famous for 3 reasons only: Her daddy defended a double murderer (OJ), she was one of the first women to get butt implants, and she let Brandy's little brother RayJ piss in her face during a porn video (which she leaked to the press). This is why she is famous! There is no way in hell she is a size 2, the surfboard cannot hold her fat ass, look at the picture!! She only dates black men because her veejayjay is too stretched out....hotdog in a hallway!!! I don't know what Bruce Jenner was thinking, but the entire Kardashian Klan aside from the brother is straight, classless, filthy mouthed, uneducated, drunken, trailer trash spending daddy's money as he flips like a fish in his grave! Kris is a piece of work all herself! The two younger girls don't stand a chance in hell! How long did Paris' 15 min last after the porn thing? Kim thought Reggie would up the anty? Look at the picture w/o her warpaint? Average at best. So, to slither in the gutter, make a porn with a dude pissing in your face, do you really think this warrants celebrity status? If it wasn't for her daddy's money, these people wouldn't exist. So, essentially their stores, clothing lines, anything DASH is blood money from OJ to their dad at the expense of two people who never had a chance. But hey, as long as it keeps her in the spotlight acting like a twit & ho, it's all good right? Capiltalize on a murderers money, because without that they really have nothing else going for any of them! Bruce & Reggie are just names to keep the game going!

1980 days ago


Call PETA, there's a beached whale!!!!

1980 days ago


My god! What a whale!

1980 days ago



To all of you men posting in here---

Would YOU go out on a date with Kim? What if you personally had a chance to.

Be truthful now

1980 days ago



WHY do you hate this woman so much? I have never witnessed so much depressing negativity than what I have been reading in here.

I don't get it!

1980 days ago
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