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Magazine Photoshops the Black Off Barack

4/21/2009 1:41 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Barack Obama on the cover of the new issue of the Washingtonian (left) and the exact same candid pic that TMZ posted in December (right).


The editor-at-large tells TMZ the decision to change Obama's swimsuit from black to red was "purely artistic" because of the background being black.

Not that there's anything wrong with that.


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Alex Galvez    

Are you kidding me? This guys is a joke as POTUS! Someday you kool aid drinkers will wake up and realize "what" you elected into office. He makes Jimmy Carter look good.

1957 days ago


Duh....very well said!

1957 days ago


This guy is a total embarrassment!!

1957 days ago


How many more days are left of this presidency. This is just plain scarey. Hoping we can recover before it's too late.

1957 days ago

who has the facts? ME    

Let's see...
President Nixon gave Soviet leader Brezhnev a new Cadillac in 1972 as a sign of goodwill - even though they were Communists and had missles pointing at us at the time.
In the 1980's Ronald Reagan and his crew sold arms to Iran (anyone remember Iran-Contra??)
Could you even IMAGINE if Barack Obama did that today? One handshake of diplomacy with Chavez and the right is calling him Hitler!!
And, BTW, who let Cheney out of his dark, evil crypt? Will he go straight from there to prison??

1957 days ago



1957 days ago



1957 days ago

a real american    

I do not understand why that people cannot see this man is an imposter he is not a true american and how long and how much grief will people have to go through before they wake up and see this man is not what he has suckered you into believing that he has played young americans like a fool and that he used you he is tearing the very fabric of this Great Country apart but yet you do not see are maybe you just don't care !!!!But the day is coming that you will finally see man for what he really is !!! Wake up America he is for the other side he wants to take away all your rights how will that feel when it finally hits home !!!! He is not for this country but the question remains are you?? Stand up are one day you will not be shopping and going about your daily routine you will be bowing to a man that had duked you and made fools out of all of you !!!By the way he does not really know how to speak unless there is a telepromter in front of him have you ever notice that he is a wolf in sheeps clothing !!!! Wake up America Stand and be counted !!!! Keep believing what hollywood tells you and one day you want have the right to set your ac at the temp you choose because ob will do it for you and that is a fact!! also you want be shopping on robertson and enjoying your high life if you don't believe it do a little reserch and you will find what I am saying to be true WAKE UP OR PAY THE PRICE!!!!

1957 days ago


and why should we care???our gov. spent 12.8 TRILLION under obama(notice how i put the blame where it belongs)this is 4times more than ALL presidents before him. but lets all focus on obama's dog or what the first lady is wearing thats more important????????????????????????

1957 days ago


Not a big deal but i'm sure there'll be some complaints.

1957 days ago


This is an easy one here folks. This is the cover of the Washingtonian, the color of the shorts are Burgundy. There is only one color in DC and it is to apeal to the masses to sell this publication. Hail to the Redskins!!!

1957 days ago

National Champs    

Its not His Blackness that worries me...Its his liberalness that scares me.
Wish we could hear from Martin L. King (which was a Republican)

At this point in time...The United States is on a No turn around path....I see President Obama becoming Our Dictator within 8 years, and if by luck that doesnt happen. The damage will be done.

1956 days ago


Mia, I am so embarrassed that you voted for President Obama! Your grammar is atrocious.

1956 days ago


BHO is not the POTUS. He is the TOTUS (teleprompter of the United States).

1956 days ago


I love how it's you democrats here screaming the racist comments the loudest and cursing and showing your ignorance. Makes me truly happy to NOT be one of you anymore! It's funny, the repubs and independents just want the man to do the job he was elected to do, not run around apologizing on America's behalf for everything, and so far, he's done nothing but spend America straight to the toilet and give his arms cramps for patting his own back so much.

1956 days ago
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