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Miss Cali Claims She Was 'Biblically Correct'

4/21/2009 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sure, she alienated the gay and lesbian audience and probably lost the crown by saying "Marriage should only be between a man and a woman," but Miss USA loser Carrie Prejean has no regrets.

Carrie Prejean: Click to watch
Matt Lauer gave Carrie a second chance to answer the controversial question this morning on "Today." Her answer: "The way that I answered might have been offensive ... but for me, it was being biblically correct."


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Thank you, Miss California, for your honest answer to a "what is your opinion" question. Thank you for being brave enough to face the hate speech and intolerance you knew were sure to follow. Thank you for your grace in the face of such hate-mongering. Thank you for your courtesy in the face of such blatant discrimination. I know I speak for many, many Americans when I say, "Thank you, Carrie." You have my vote, too.

1989 days ago


Look she wears a bikini and Obama is the President. But, they have the same view on this subject. It seems that most of the people saying something negative about Miss California are hypocrites and Nazi's. Perez Hilton is the leader of this insanely stupid and uninformed group!!!

1989 days ago


I ditched Perez for TMZ seems like a better crowd of ppl.I don't like thatm maggot, he doesn't like anybody else's opinions except his and if you don't like it he will put your name and info so ppl can bombard them, what a piece of dirt!I love Miss California for standing up for what she believes in , didn't know Miss Usa was a political thing...Donald Trump didn't have the balls to stand up for her or the whole pageant.

1989 days ago


While it is truly unfortunate that Miss California would loose her crown simply for stating her own beliefs, which she is completely entitled to, it is perhaps her response to the question that is indicative of a larger problem. No longer should we be able to defend unequal concepts masked by religious abstractions. To believe that other human beings should not be offered the same rights as so called heterosexuals is a hateful idea, whether it is said out in the open or attributed to one's personal belief system. Denying homosexuals the right to sanctify their marriage because of "religious reasons" is just another sugar coated euphemism for intolerance.

1989 days ago


I'm not even gay, and I was offended by her that night. Because even though I'm not gay, I'm not religious at all - and her answer (which she based on her 'religion') offended anyone who does not have the same beliefs. When she said she was 'bibliocally correct' in her answer, what is that saying for those who are not Christian?
Obama has a wider audience he had to appeal to (all of America, obviously), where Miss US only has a minimal audience. She should have rethunk what she said - because she could have said her opinion, but made it much more tactful and thought out. Like 'I was raised with strong Christian values, therefore I've always believed that the sanctity of marriage should be between a man and a woman, HOWEVER it is up to what the individual states decide, and I will support whatever that is.'
And I agree with those who said she is lying to herself now. She would have changed her answer if she knew it would cost her the crown. Imagine how much money went into her just for that 1 night.
I don't agree with how much slander some are giving her (especially Perez), but I do NOT believe that she should be looked at as a good role model. Because she isn't.

1989 days ago


WOW this woman has been coached. At the pageant, she didn't even KNOW whether she believed that or not ("I think I believe..."") and said nothing about the Bible and now she's mixing religion into a debate over civil marriage? Huh? Fox really helped her out with the PR, it's classic conservative avoidance of the issue.
Also, I don't understand why everyone is so up in arms. People attack Perez all the time for his opinions. She has one aired and she can't take it, so she whines all over the major stations (gee, sure this has NOTHING to do with her career aspiration to be a motivational speaker). Get over it. You have the right to your opinion and we have the right to respond to it. That's how it works. If she wants people to leave her alone, she should stop doing a promotional tour. We'd forget about her bumbling behind in a matter of a week.

1989 days ago

Albert seo    

If she stands by her point, then I believe she should stand by it. There will be many opposers and I don't believe it should be the reason why as to she isn't crowned.

1989 days ago


I love how these people attack TMZ and Perez for hating on her, but embrace her for "sticking to her guns" or whatever. Aren't TMZ and Perez doing the same thing? Are conservatives the only ones allowed to voice their opinions? Scary stuff. Also, the Miss USA is a private organization, so if they want to toss her for being intolerant, they can. Conservatives fought for that right, remember?

1989 days ago


Miss California was asked a question and she answered it. She has every right to give her opinion but if people don't like it they attack her??? Who are the real criminals here? If supporters of homosexuality thought about it just a little bit...used just a little bit of common sense they would ban Perez Hilton!!! He is their real problem...his ridiculous behavior puts homosexuality in a rude, over the top, unflattering light. His low class style of delivering his dissent destroys any positive credibility to those not particularly involved with the gay community. Show some class Perez...act like an adult living in the land of free speech and catch more bees with honey. Geez...just a little common sense on how to actually appeal to people can go a long way. Wake Up!!!

1989 days ago

SoCal Razzles    

10. lol people are missing one small thing she is saying because the bible teaches so and so she believe it right? Ok this is an unmarried woman in her underwear on stage in front of men, gee Im pretty sure there are tons of versus's in the bible we could find on that one alone. Hypocrities all of them.

Posted at 9:17AM on Apr 21st 2009 by shawn

Ya, hypocrites...All of them! lol You start to reading up on that Shawn, maybe women shouldn't be allowed to walk on the beach in a swimsuit either and just put on a freeking burka...lmao.

And it's verses...not "versus's"

1988 days ago


The bible was written by mortal men. A gazillion years after christ died. Where do you think these words came from? Some big voice in the sky shouted them down to earth? I went to Catholic school and they pounded the bible into to you. You were alsays going to hell for something. Do people really believe in things like Noah's Ark and Burning bushes. Even the nuns in high school told us those things were not to be taken literally. It's a shame people are so closed minded. People hate each other all over the world because of religion. That just doesn't make sense. So this poor dumb girl believes she is right, because why? Oh, that's right the bible told her. The one with two of every animal on earth got into a bost together. Or were turned into a pillar of salt. Is that possible? I am glad she has the research to back her up.

1988 days ago


The mainstream media is totally missing the point of this story. Matt Lauer and his ilk are coddling this chick in interviews and turning her into an example of a young woman "speaking from her heart" yet being punished for it by those mean leftists and gay people. Please. If the time were 50 years ago, that girl would have stood up and "spoke from her heart" about why blacks and whites should not be allowed to intermarry. She's a disgusting bigot. PERIOD.

1988 days ago


She, like many Americans is a brain-washed idiot...and kill this "entitled to her opinion" crap, THIS IS HATE-SPEAK, just because you hide it behind 'faith' doesn't change it. People are created EQUAL and as HUMAN BEINGS we ALL should be FREE to live and pursue happiness however we see fit provided we don't engage in activities that encrouch upon the rights/well-being of others. This Christian seige of America has to be brought to an end---our republic will perish if we allow her to become a religous state.

How you feel about gay marriage is---like your faith or any other personal conditions, irrelevant. It's their civil right and its downright appalling that AMERICANS are doing this to each other.

1988 days ago


I truly respect her for standing up for what she believes in. Regardless if i agree or not - even after the fact - she still stuck to her guns, and was diplomatic. We need more people like that.

1988 days ago


I don't get everyone's ugly response to being gay. What is your problem with someone falling in love and wanting to commit to that person? Big frickin' deal. Get over it. What if a bunch of idiots told you that your love was wrong and you couldn't get married. You wouldn't like it either.
This is not about an opinion. It's about real people's lives and 1,400 different rights that come with a marriage license.
Polygamy? Well, that is Biblically approved. Gays don't have to answer to that, polygamists do. Multiple wives often come with problems of control and complex problems with legal property and child distribution when divorced.

1988 days ago
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