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Miss Cali Claims She Was 'Biblically Correct'

4/21/2009 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sure, she alienated the gay and lesbian audience and probably lost the crown by saying "Marriage should only be between a man and a woman," but Miss USA loser Carrie Prejean has no regrets.

Carrie Prejean: Click to watch
Matt Lauer gave Carrie a second chance to answer the controversial question this morning on "Today." Her answer: "The way that I answered might have been offensive ... but for me, it was being biblically correct."


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When will people wake up? Religion is a tool used to justify discrimination.

1908 days ago


She is entitled to her opinion just like anyone else. She doesn't have to agree, or condone "gay" people. And, they have the right to their opinion, and may not agree with her. But, they are just opinions. We don't sleep in each others beds, so what anyone does in their home is their own business. I don't want to hear about it either, gay or not.

1908 days ago


Miss California blew it every time she opened her mouth. She was embarrassed about her basketball scholarship. She should be proud of it. This shallow person lost for all the right reasons.

1908 days ago


THAT is mis-information disseminated by the Mormon church which meddled in California politics but does not want to admit it now.

1908 days ago

Poisonous Nut in Ohio    

Who so Perez Hilton to speak for the country? He's in the minority. Miss CA answered a question honestly. It was her opinion. Anyway, the majority of the country agree with her and so does the President!

1908 days ago


The President of Iran gives answers in accordance with the Koran too, but he's considered a terrorist. We have our own NUTS like that in this country, right wing religious nuts.

1908 days ago

N' Doyle    

This was a loaded question!!

No matter what you believe..Here's the deal,

She answered pro man & woman relationships(marriages). This ticked off the gay, homosexual community.
Had she answered pro gay & lesbian relationships(marriages), She would have ticked off the heterosexual,
church & srtict bible teaching communities.

She was screwed no matter how she answered.

This is now more than an unfair question & a not so popular answer.
If this was the question that was going to determine the winners' than all of the contestants should have been
asked. The outcome of the pagaent may have been different.

This event has made Miss Cali a household name overnight & in a couple of years she will be forgotten. By
then she will probably end up being Donald Trumps' next wife or something.

1908 days ago


I'm sorry, but if a contestant had answered a question by saying "I believe black people should not be allowed to sit at the front of the bus", would you be so forgiving? It is great to respect people's opinions, but when those opinions involve bigotry on a national family broadcast, where do we draw the line? Miss Cali basically stood in front of an audience and said "gay people should not have the same rights as me." and you are applauding her for sharing her opinion. Bigotry is bigotry, no matter how sparkly your dress is.

1908 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

Perez is acting like an A-Hole just to get attention and publicity. He gives all Gay people a bad name. I admire Miss California for her honesty. She's gorgeous and should have won.

1908 days ago

Pimp juice    

Illinois person,

Don't you find Hilton's comments just a tad inaccurate and hypocritical? To support ALL Americans means he should be supporting her as well, correct? And aren't the chosen few the gays which make up what, 5% of the population at best? And anyone with commonsense would realize that she is supporting all Americans because gay marriage has ALWAYS lost every time it's put to a vote. Just like we're stuck withe this douche of a President right now, you and your closed-mindedness are stuck with gay marriage not being accepted. Too bad....and oh SO SAD!!

1908 days ago


Perez has stated that he submitted his question to pageant officials, and that they approved it before the show. The Miss USA organization has lost a lot of credibility as a legitimate pageant since they are obviously now engaging in activism and judging a contestant based on her being "politically correct". It's no wonder their number of viewers has been declining and Donald Trump's empire is suffering. That was a very stupid business decision to allow such a divisive question to be asked when common sense tells you that regardless of how the contestant answers, a lot of people are going to be pissed.

1908 days ago


She, just like Perez, has a right to her own opinion.

You'll note you didn't see her become a raging bitch in any interviews she's done since the contest.
Can we say the same for Perez?

Perez didn't get the attention he should have gotten from mommy and daddy, and now he does whatever he can do to get it. This isn't about his lifestyle. This is about him being what he claims he intolerant, bombastic, self-absorbed fool. Take away his lifestyle, and you'd still be left with that attitude. And lets be clear....That attitude comes in persons of all shapes, sizes, colors and "flavors".

It's his attitude that does him in.
And we have enough of those who are hatefully intolerant in the world.

She answered honestly and respectfully. She even said "no offense to anyone else".
I guess Perez wasn't listening? I guess he had blinders on his ears?

He also needs to buy a clue that he doesn't speak for the majority of homosexuals out there, most of whom understand that just as there are persons who are not offended by a homosexual lifestyle (and are secure in their own sexuality), there are also those who don't agree with the lifestyle, for whatever reasoning they may have. Regular old "live and let live" homosexuals (who are aware of the intolerant, but do not give them the time of day) are embarassed by behavior such as Perez displayed. Does Perez think other persons with different lifestyles don't face the same angst? Trust me, inter-racial couples still face it. People who are "of size" still face it. People who marry someone younger or older still face it. It's not an "exclusive" thing.

Perez's intolerance is what should be the news here.
He DIDN'T say "no offense to anyone else". She did, and in a calm and respectful tone.

Perez and those who share his intolerant, bombastic, self-absorbed attitude (gay or straight) are the personification of what they claim they hate. I hope they are comfortable in the bed they've made for themselves...they have no right to bitch about the sheets.

1908 days ago


Bet this bitch eats shrimp!

1908 days ago


She behaved like a total nitwit.
Her 15 minutes of fame are almost up and she can slink to the sidelines.

1908 days ago


I dont understand why people feel so threatened by this womans views. We are ALL entitled to our own views. It really is scarey that everyone HAS to be so politically correct just so they can make it through a day without being attacked because they dont agree with Same Sex marriage. She could of gave a shallow answer, after all shes in a beauty pagent and we ALL KNOW how shallow these women are (note sarcasm), but she didnt she gave a honest answer based on her own personal beleifs. She hasnt been insulting or down grading to anyone, but since she voiced her own feelings towards same sex marriage shes being treated like she was advocating the wholesale slaughter of every gay person in the US. Its just sickening to me that one has to hide their beleifs to get through the days, seems to me Gays would be the first ones to understand this since they have always claimed they have been forced to HIDE their own views in the past. I think alot of gays think its payback time for past wrongs and they are severely hurting themselves by not taking the high road.(and yes their is always a high road)

1908 days ago
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