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Miss Cali Claims She Was 'Biblically Correct'

4/21/2009 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sure, she alienated the gay and lesbian audience and probably lost the crown by saying "Marriage should only be between a man and a woman," but Miss USA loser Carrie Prejean has no regrets.

Carrie Prejean: Click to watch
Matt Lauer gave Carrie a second chance to answer the controversial question this morning on "Today." Her answer: "The way that I answered might have been offensive ... but for me, it was being biblically correct."


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HAHAHAHAHA!!! That "mis-information" was put out by the liberal pollsters in Cailfornia you tool. Along with the liberal media like CNN, CBS, NBC, ABC, CNBC, MSNBC ect. Using to your logic, blacks are the most bigoted people in Cali!!! LOL!!!!

1825 days ago


Perez said he said he would ask that question of contestants in advance, and it was approved.

1825 days ago


You have to give her credit for giving an answer that goes with her convictions, rather than give an answer just to wear a crown.

1825 days ago


Discrimination and intolerance is so much nicer when it's wrapped up inside a pretty package.

1825 days ago


Don't expect this right wing bimbo to understand why we aren't a theocracy, and why our founding fathers separated the Church from the State.

1825 days ago

who has the facts? ME    

I think the whole thing was set up by "the Donald" and Perez to get publicity for a dying tradition (Miss USA). Did you notice that Perez was ALSO on an episode of "The Apprentice" a few weeks ago? They knew that Miss Cali was a Bible Thumper, so they gave her the question. And she's just dumb and ambitious enough to jump right into the controversy.
BTW - I love the religious conservative's new spokesman for "the sanctity of marriage." RUDY GULIANI!!! Are you kidding me?? I laughed so hard I about wet myself!!!

1825 days ago


Miss California holds the same position on this issue that BARACK OBAMA does. Any and all mudslinging aimed toward this woman on this issue can equally be applied to the President of the United States. Is Obama a bigot? Is Obama against equal rights? Is Obama worthy to serve? Isn't it more important to ask these questions of THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES instead of Miss USA? "Well, the President of the United States can have these views, but Miss USA can't?" Get real, people. The critics of this woman look like idiots.

1825 days ago

Kris - Austin, TX    

Thank you Miss California for doing the right thing. May God bless this wonderful nation in which we live. Hook'em Horns!

1825 days ago


This should not be a big deal. She truthfully answered the question based on her opinion, which she is fully entitled to. She did not say anything degrading or hateful towards gay people. Perez Hilton is an idiot for asking the question. He gets the opportunity to ask a question at the freaking Miss USA pageant and he wastes it on that?

1825 days ago


She is allowed to her own opinion. It is funny when some of us make a comment, we are discriminating, If one does not like the answer don't read the question.

1825 days ago


In 1857, Mormons disguised as Indians, killed a wagon train of men women and children who did not agree with their beliefs. It is known as the Mountain Meadows Massacre.

In 2008, Mormons raised millions of dollars to defeat gay marriage in California. Now they blame Blacks and Latinos.
See a correlation?????

1825 days ago


And since church is separated from state, it's up to the states to decide if they will allow gay marriage and every single state has overwhelmingly said HELL TO THE NO!!!

Face it, the MAJORITY of Americans will never allow gay marriage. Liberals 'holy than thou' complex cracks me up!! You're an idiot, at best :)

1825 days ago


I LIKE THIS GIRL!! When i first heard her answer ...I WAS LIKE "OH MY....THIS GIRL IS GOING TO LOSE BECAUSE OF THAT" not because she gave her opinion, but because if she won....then the judges would be criticized for letting her win. After watching her interview....she is ABSOLUTELY RIGHT!! She should not say what people want to hear just to make 'em happy. if someone said...i am making eggs for breakfast,do you like eggs for breakfast? and i said, "YES I DO....I LOVE EGGS FOR BREAKFAST!!" guess what....i might have to be forced to eat eggs for breakfast just because i want to please someone else?!?!? NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!!! I hate eggs!!

1825 days ago


#67, you anology is crazy. Being gay may or may not be a lifestyle choice. I personally do not find it offensive, but its not my choice. I personally do not think Nature intended for the gay lifestyle to exsist. No where in nature do you see any of the same sex species pairing up or haing sex, its only in the human species. This has nothing to do with religion, its just doesnt feel right to me. I personally think gay people should have the same rights as the rest of us humans do. I will leave it to our creator, or whatever else many of you chose to call it, to do the judging. Where do we as humans draw the line on whats acceptable? I would always be nice to a gay person, and respect their choices, but am I suppossed to lie and pretend that I think its "normal" by my standards? I would be a closet hyprocrite. At least this woman was honest about her opinion. I would rather have this, and no where I stood with a person. This is why that question should have never been allowed to ask, and it was unfair of them to ask her that.

1825 days ago


If you recall, LOSER candidate McCain's campaign chief said only LAST WEEK that the Repugs have to accept gay marriage and gay rights, or they will be marginalized as a religious party. Well, that's exactly what will happen and has happened to them.

1825 days ago
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