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'Slumdog' Brawl -- One Mother of a Fight

4/21/2009 10:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The mother and step mother of Rubina Ali -- the little girl featured in "Slumdog Millionaire" -- went toe-to-toe yesterday in the streets of Mumbai, amid reports Rubina's father was angling to cash in by selling the child.

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The choke-fest between the two women occurred after Rubina's father -- Rafiq Qureshi -- reportedly tried to squeeze around $400,000 from a reporter for Britain's News of the World, who was posing as a baby buyer.

Rubiq claims he was framed.


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why can't mr. boyle or brad and angie or anyone for that matter get her out of there?

2020 days ago


Post # 20 - Lindsay

Why dont YOU get her out of there?

2020 days ago


Rubiq claims he was framed.... who is rubiq? did u make up this name by combining two names? wth?

2020 days ago


the mother walked out on the girl and came back in once she was famous....sounds fishy but I do not know the reason the mother left in the first place...

2020 days ago


What can you say? This world is going to hell!

2019 days ago


People act as if this is representative of all of India.

I could just as easily go to inner-city Detroit, shoot video of all the violence and drug dealing and destroyed families, then project it on the rest of America. It's silly.

Plus, India's largely poor because of British colonialism. India and China were the world's two richest countries just a few hundred years ago.

2019 days ago


It is unfortunate that some people are as insensitive as to sell sell their kids for money but its even more unfortunate that some other insensitive people, who have very little knowledge or perpective about the problems of a country make all kind of stupid and racist comments. I wonder how many of these people care or have thought about the problems of the world when they drive their big cars or waste food. Anyone with the slightest understanding of film making would realize that Slum Dog was not an Oscar material but was awarded one because it satosfied a lot of ego to see "Oh India is not a threat yet..they are so poor...they have a long way to catch up" Why do you always see that Indians are poor and not see the richness of of our culture or our heritage? Why can't you see Taj Mahal? With a country which was looted by the British just look at what it has achieved in 60 years of independence and open up your history books to figure about where you were 60 years of independence? For a country which keeps bprrowing money from "Developing countries" and claim themselves developed, its time to "SHUT UP"

2019 days ago


I think News of the World is to blame for exploiting this family. This family is poor and desperate. They do not know any better but to deal with what they have been dealt. The situation is sad.

2018 days ago


Why does everyone keep thinking the director owes this family a lifetime of being taken care of? He gave the kids an opportunity to star in a film, They got paid, he's set up a trust fund for them and opened a world of doors for them. The family needs to stop trying to milk everything they can get out of the production company and move on! They want a gravy train to last forever.

2018 days ago

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2018 days ago
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