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Cops: No Evidence on 'Slumdog' Dad

4/22/2009 11:33 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Rubina AllCops in India claim they have no evidence that the father of 9-year-old Rubina Ali -- one of the child stars from "Slumdog Millionaire" -- was trying to sell his daughter.

Rafiq Qureshi was accused of trying to sell Rubina for roughly $290,000 by a British newspaper that had set up an undercover operation to try and buy the young girl.

A senior police officer in India told Reuters, "So far there is no evidence of any offence, hence there is no registration of complaint and no arrest."


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NO EVIDENCE!! The reporters have him on TAPE talking about selling his daugter.

1988 days ago

stop the madness    

Amit Das stop spaming you can not cover up the dirt of India.The shame is there you can not cover it up.He tried to sell his daughter like a cheap gold ring

1988 days ago


9. Please... UNITED STATES is a cesspool of corruption and human degradation... they have poisoned their environment and diminished the meaning of human life... they mistreat and abuse animals and have no respect for the dignity of peace and compassion...just look at this over-populated horror story... LOOK AT IT... these slums make (INSERT ANY COUNTRY HERE) appear habitable.
This "father" (the many who have shot their entire families - inclunding the children) should be buried alive... and THE UNITED STATES should enact a "NO-birth" law for the next twenty-five years...
Let's clean our planet up....
Posted at 11:03AM on Apr 22nd 2009 by Q.Jones

What you posted about India, as you can see, can also apply to The United States.

1988 days ago


I think this is the mind-set there. No evidence =it didn't really happen. Now we will all forget about it.
If there is any child welfare departments there, they sould be watching this one like a hawk.
As well, the young boy, whose father decided he would beat teh s--t out of his son when he didn't want to pose for the paps because he was feeling tired. Turned out he had a fever, the child, not the father.The father got busy assuring everyone how much he loved his son. Who knows what has happended since then?
The thing is that country doesn't want anyone to think they are barbaric when it comes to their children. So if they deny it, we will know they are a nurturing nation.

1988 days ago


leelee... You really SHOULDNT, judge an entire Country on what you read regarding ONE individual and his family.

1988 days ago


I am so angry that these children are still living in the slums! The biggest movie that made millions and they are in the slums??

1988 days ago


Aaaaah... stop being mad, Kellie

They arent actors.
This was their first assignment.
They dont / didnt have agents.
They werent the stars of the movie.
They were in maybe a 1/3 of the movie.

Extras dont make a lot of money.

1988 days ago

Amit Das    

>> Amit Das stop spaming you can not cover up the dirt of India.The shame is there you can not cover it up.He tried to sell his daughter like a cheap gold ring

do you murder animals and eat them... answer my question... do you not have any shame?

He might have tried to sell her but that doesn't mean the whole country is like that..... like I said 40% of India is vegetarian... I don't hear that on the news... I don't hear Indians saying how barbaric Westerners are...


I am not trying to cover anything up... like I said millions of people have risen out of poverty in the 60 years since Independence... millions of Indians are still uneducated, malnourished and live in abusive social environments... they will act accordingly, just like minorities in the INNER-CITIES of AMERICA. Don't you find it odd that that just a few miles away from where you live, kids walk by gang-bangers carrying AK-47s.... don't you have SHAME for your country.... at least Indians cannot own guns.....

This is the typical western mentality... either you disparage countries for trying to rise up from centuries of turmoil (India) or get jealous when non-whites are out-competing you (China)... either way your attitude reeks of elitism and latent racism and thankful you will be learning a lesson in the next few decades....

Peace Out

1988 days ago


How do we know that this Dad wasn't set up by the newspapers - the media aren't the most scrupulous when it comes to getting a 'good story' in order to make money out of it - as if they aren't rich enough. The newpaper concerned is directly connected to the film-makers - may be he was becoming a bit of a pain - complaining about how little he's got and they dedided to set him up.

It's not that difficult to get a very poor man excited by a bit of money. Just watch the TV programmes in the West - add a bit of money/fame/celebrity status and suddenly you see the real ugly side of people.

1987 days ago
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