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O.C. 'Housewife' Fights Dirty Over Topless Pic

4/22/2009 12:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The bell has rung and the gloves are off for Round Two of Gretchen Rossi vs -- and this time it's over a topless photo instead of compromising bathroom pics.

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TheDirty posted a photo yesterday of the "Real Housewives of Orange County" star riding topless in the passenger seat of a car -- and now Gretchen has tagged the Costa Mesa Police Department in to join her in the fight against the website.

We've obtained a letter the CMPD fired over to TheDirty's lawyers, saying they've now launched an investigation over the origins of the photos -- which still remain on the site.

It's the most "real life" drama Rossi has ever been a part of.


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So lets get this straight she objects to questionable photos of herself, but she allowed them to be taken without much of a fight. Way to go Gretchen, now next your going to say you actually loved Jeff and that you were going to marry him, if he lived! Ok Gretchen, what I think you need to do is take stock of your life and figure out things and perhaps doing another season of Housewives of the OC isn't the best for you right now. At least Lori (sp) had the good sense to put her prorities where they needed to be with her son and family. Ms. Rossi, for the sake of everything you "shared" with Jeff he would die to see you like this.

1976 days ago

Rhonda in Ky    

I love RHOC... but you guys are so opinioned for someone who really doesn't even know Grethen. Wow, some of you are right down mean. She's a beautiful girl even on the commode. I wish I looked like her... lol... I don't like TMZ and TheDirty going so "toilet" with their reporting on their websites... yuck! I really don't care... and don't want to see ANYONE on the commode... with food in their teeth and their butts showing, etc. I love gossip about their lives... not body functions!
The "topless" picture... well... I always thought she was beautiful on the show... and finally see something that is NOT perfect... concerning her beautiful... her boobs! But we must remember they are real...

1976 days ago


And the publicity just keeps on coming.

1976 days ago


What? Costa Mesa investigating... They should be concentrating on investigating real issues in the Costa Mesa ,CA - Stop spending tax-payer money that isn't there... Protect real issues or give up some hours to help the State of CA That's been broke for over 20 years and keeps borrowing ...
That Stupid Gold digging Whore should have never been taking any explicit pictures in the first place. Come on moron you should know that if you take dumb whorish pictures - It's going to come back and kick you in the ass.. GROW UP! You decided to present yourself on a reality crappy show as a gold digger and you don't expect something to come out about you..How blond are you- did the bleach start affecting your pea brain already... If you don't want nasty pictures surfacing - DON"T TAKE ANY - Or If you do- Make sure you don't show them to haters and I'm sure you've got tons - who hate your stupid, brainless , gold digging - whorish self.. " YOU GET WHAT YOU DESERVE"...

1976 days ago

Ya Think    

Um....Gretchen's not a housewife. She's a HO.

1976 days ago

SoCal Razzles    

6. I think that it would be funny if someone raped her.

Posted at 12:33PM on Apr 22nd 2009 by Todd da Man



1976 days ago


Irrelevant and who cares but SHE'S NOT A HOUSEWIFE. Why is she even on the show. She's not married and has no kids. She is a publicity seaking gold digger. Get her off the show, she doesn't fit.

1976 days ago


Absolutely right. That website is absolutely disrespectful and degrading to women. The people who comment there(for the most part) are just uneducated and cruel,seeking revenge on someone for whatever reason. Jay is completely butthurt and trying to get revenge on her. Don't back that loser up!

1975 days ago


There have been many unmarried housewives on the show. I watch it so I know. I don't know why you would care if she wants publicity? I don't. That's her decision. And she was fun to watch, have you read the bravo blogs? She was very popular with the viewers.

1969 days ago


I guess you didn't know that Gretchens ex is behind the leaking of her personal pictures. And Tamra and her son Ryan are there daily posting numerous vicious comments, I knew Tamra was trashy but damn, that woman is heartless. I feel for her little ones.

1966 days ago


I could care less who is leaking the pictures----> GRETCHEN SHOULD OF NEVER ALLOWED TO LET THEM BE TAKEN....SHE SHOULD OF NEVER SMILED AND POSED FOR THEM?She knew pictures were being taken while she was LICKING SOME WOMAN'S BREASTS. She posed and ALLOWED every single one of those pictures. TOOOOOO BAD SOOOO SAD, That she is upset they got out. ha ha ha ha ha ha- She was the STUPID A$$ that posed for them. Maybe she was practicing for porn?? who knows. But she deserves all of this negative publicity....She is a lying TRASHY S _ _ T!!

1965 days ago


Wow...someones been busy...overpost much? Are you here msroyale? Obsess much? You haters are just keeping her name in the spotlight. You know what they say...any publicity is good publicity. TEAM GRETCHEN

1965 days ago


Your desperate attempts at trying to protect Gretchen are futile! And you are the hater here. Stop obsessing on poster's or comments that are reveling Gretchen as the lying B*tch she truly is. Your comment was equally as Dumb as you are!

1964 days ago


Wow...people care way too much about this gals life. This was a show.....television peeps. I could care less what Gretchen does with her personal life. That's HER business, not ours. I did like her on the show though, much nicer than those other two b*tches Tamra and Vicki. God they were awful, and they both got soo ugly this season, on the inside AND outside.

1963 days ago


I will tell you why People care. Because Gretchen was portraying this loving Fiance /caretaker to Jeff, While the whole time she was Cheating on Him, She was and is a SL*T! Also Gretchen acts as though everyone is out to Trash Her. When it is Her own Sl*ty actions that are Trashing her. All her own fault. Why allow all those naked pictures to be taken? "Hell' not only naked but PORNO.------Gretchen lubing up with her legs spread with a vibrator on the bed? Licking some woman's nipples. ...Her head between a woman's legs, ....On the Toilet?...ETC. Also all of the pictures were taken when Jeff was laying up in his hospital room not even able to eat. VERY SAD. And that B*TCH, has the nerve to cry the VICTIM!!!

1963 days ago
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