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Howard Stern

Exposes a Screeching Beyonce

4/22/2009 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

If you've ever wondered what a cat sounds like when it's being strangled, then you're gonna love the supposed raw, unedited, "board mix" of Beyonce Knowles from her "Today Show" performance last year -- courtesy of Howard Stern.

The King of All Media ran the supposedly leaked audio clip on his Sirius radio show yesterday.

Talk about something "fierce"...


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I Love Memphis    

OMG!!!!! She is horrible. I kinda knew it all along though. The minute she talks ugh!!!! You can tell she's not a singer. Sounds like a typical low life to me... Never did like her anyway. She acts too dirty for me... sorry

1954 days ago


HYSTERICAL!! I saw the video footage with the board sound and it was hillarious. Couldn't stop watching it.

1954 days ago

Cory Roberson    

IN HER DEFENSE: She is not the best singer, but those high and low notes dont sound like its Beyonce.....I think this was altered, because I heard her sing this before....she's not nearly that bad, even on a bad singing day. She's definately one of the best entertainers to do it.

She's at a point of success that it doesn't matter anyway,even IF it was one bad performance.

1954 days ago


You guys are so late.........old news! Mediatakeout has this up yesterday with actual video. Besides I love Bey and I think it's fake, but it is funny though!

1954 days ago

Keifer not ok    

You can hear this same shrill shrieking in the so-called "perfect" version of the song, It's clearly her. BTW, after singing all her life, she should be able to singand hit the notes without having to hear herself. I know. Believe me, I know. Beyonce is just another exmple of how today's music is more about *seeing* than actually *hearing*. The great legends back in the day would never make it today - not being perfect looking. Susan Boyle is more an exception than the norm in music today.
Beyonce is beautiful. But she is an example of how disgusting the music biz is today.

1954 days ago


Soneone was "playing with buttons in the control room" .I'm a musician and in music technology school. You can turn buttons up and down and make anyone sound like that. You can even change the key of a song while someone is singing by turning a button. I've heard her sing live too many times. The Presidential Inaugural was one example.

1954 days ago

Smelly Jelly    

Clearly a doctored audio feed. Doesn't even pass the basic audio sniff test.

1954 days ago


It's obviously not real (anyone that has ever worked a sound board knows how easy it is to manipulate tracks), but DAMN funny! I wish it was real...I hate Beyonce...

1954 days ago


I believe it ...destiny's child was doing a concert (on t.v) and they were so off tune and pitchy it was actually criminal!

1954 days ago


There IS obviously something screwing with her voice. You people are idiots. Go look at something else on youtube with her singing live. I've actually heard her sing LIVE at a concert, she is pretty much amazing as far as vocal performance goes. So hate her if you want, but it shouldn't be for this.

1954 days ago


I dont believe this is truly her, this is insane and people are just hating on her, I've heard her sing plenty of places and she has NEVER sounded this bad. I think someone messed with the audio. People have been trying to find something wrong with her for years. HATERS!

1954 days ago


My opinion about Beyonce's voice was made up year's ago, she's a terrible vocalist. She looks good in music videos and over-produced live concerts so they have to exploit that to the max. Ditto for Rihanna. For real musical talent look elsewhere.

1954 days ago

oh please    

Yeah Knowles is right... you are all idiots! That is so altered it's ridiculous the words aren't even put together well. Also, all singers have pre-taped lyrics and music for live television shows. Uh MediaTakeOut? Really? lmao.... everyone with sense knows they have a history of making stuff up....

1954 days ago


She is Ashley Simpson 2.0

1954 days ago


All the haters need to back away slowly from the crack pipe . I have personally been on stage with her for a soundcheck here in Paris. She has an AMAZING voice.

1954 days ago
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