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Howard Stern

Exposes a Screeching Beyonce

4/22/2009 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

If you've ever wondered what a cat sounds like when it's being strangled, then you're gonna love the supposed raw, unedited, "board mix" of Beyonce Knowles from her "Today Show" performance last year -- courtesy of Howard Stern.

The King of All Media ran the supposedly leaked audio clip on his Sirius radio show yesterday.

Talk about something "fierce"...


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This is so fake because I've been to one of her concerts and she can sing

1972 days ago


I'm not getting on TMZ again, they just spread terrrible rumors about people and its sad.
This world we live in is crazy, no one every wants to see people succeed.

1972 days ago


Oh FY, you just fell for a fake record. How could you take it as real? Are you nuts?

1972 days ago


I see most of you one here are some haters. If you think that is B's voice you dumb as hell too. It''s real obvious that that was altered. And who cares what A Hole Stern has to say. No matter what hater fool try to do B will always be on top. If she not so talented then why she made 80 milly last year. hmmmm You have to be really talented if you can be recognized by one letter all over the world. Keep ya head up B shake them haters off

1972 days ago


I love in when "supposed "hoax's" are exposed but continue to be major stars with sell out shows with millions upon millions of dollars while folks that barely make 50K a year get off on saying how terrible they are on gossip sites. Kinda cool how that works!

Even more cool is to see her bring people to tears at the inaugaration without a track or tape only to be "exposed" on amazingly credbile comedy shows like Howard Stern! LOL

1972 days ago

Keifer not ok    

It's funny how people throw the word "HATER" around here. If you agree that the tape is real, you are automatically a HATER.
In caps. And yet her defenders sound more hateful and immature than anyone else. Plus, what makes you think because you heard her in concert LIVE that you haven't been fooled? Did you ever see the Milli Vanilli concerts? They sang LIVE too. Her voice - even when as perfect as possible - sounds screechy , pitchy, shrill. Yes, she can sing.
But NO, she's not the best singer out there. She wouldn't have made it through the second round of American Idol!

1972 days ago


Do NOT like Stern, but the truth of this clip is apparent and hideous. I knew she was just a pair of chunky thighs........

1972 days ago


Freaking Fraud the whole lot of them...the daddy, the sister, Jay Z for pushing her on us, and most of all herself. I'd give anything to see Etta James knock her out, which she now deserves to be.

And that other Fraud Jamie Foxx with his "I thought it was Beyonces Manager" for the supposed stalker showing up at his hotel room door...try another story Foxx, we all know what the real story was/is.

Beyonce has some splaining to do---like the rest of her career now. I feel so taken. She can dance maybe, but she certaintly cannot I repeat, cannot carry a tune.

1972 days ago


So do you idiots who found out it was a hoax feel stupid now cuz you should!!!!

1972 days ago

angry bajan    

i don't know i'm not sure about that

1972 days ago


SOL !!!!!!!!! i'm telling you i laughed so hard that i couldn't help myself. i mean i was HOLLERING !
made my entire month for sure. biiiiioooootttttccccchhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! lol !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1972 days ago


Howard is the King Of All Media. I trust him with all that he comes up go drink your HATERADE and that's that

1972 days ago


Everybody on here thats making comments about how terrible Beyonce sounds has to be the dumbest a** B****** in the world. Are you serious? This isnt beyonce singing for real they messed the tape all up to make her sound that got to be crazy to say beyonce cant sing...she sings LIVE all the time its no doubt shes like that. People need to use their heads sometime that Sh** dont even sound real cant nobody shreak that F***ing high.....She'll go on Howard sterns Dirty show and show them how a singer really sounds.

1972 days ago


I'm not sticking up for her because I'm a fan, I could care less about her or her singing. The fact is, professional singers always start with something called a monitor that FACES THE SINGER. These are big speakers that have the vocals coming through heavier than the music that shoot right at the singer so he can hear his own voice. No one can sing on key if they can't hear their own voice.

She was obviously lip syncing the song, but if you think she's a fake, you are deluded. She is a talented singer, she just couldn't hear her own voice. That is the sound engineer's fault and for him to do this to her and then leak it is like an ambush.

Try putting earplugs in your own ears, then put old fashioned headphones over that playing loudly, record yourself singing and then laugh at the results. You will be shocked.

1972 days ago


EVen if the recording from that tape is unedited, there is no denying that Beyonce is talented. With of the millions of perfromances she's had and the millions of albums she sold that fact it undeniable.

Some posters say that nothing is really live, that it can all be edited. Who's to say that this audio isn't edited. It doesn't even sound real. It sounds tampered with and edited. If you need proof that Beyonce can sing check the youtube videos from her newsest tour, the I Am . .. Tour. She is obviously singing live, you can hear when she messes up. There's no way to fake that. But I suppose youtube video posters go out of thier way to edit her voice and make it sound good, too, huh?


1972 days ago
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