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Shots Fired at 'Dog' Chapman

4/22/2009 10:37 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Duane "Dog" Chapman and one of his associates were shot at by a man they were trying to apprehend yesterday.

According to police in Colorado Springs, Colo., Chapman and bail bondsman Bobby Brown were attempting to bring in a man named Hoang Nguyen when he allegedly fired at least one shot at Chapman and Brown with a handgun before fleeing on a motorcycle.

Chapman and Brown were armed with paintball guns and returned fire.

Hoang was later arrested without incident by Chapman early this morning.

BTW -- Dog's film crew was there ... but missed the shot (pardon the pun).


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Next time the "Dog" goes up against a heavily armed subject, he should break out the water balloons.

1971 days ago

J. Ray    

Hey Lou...The only guns that would get turned in are by honest people who would then be left defenseless against the criminals who WON'T turn in theirs. I have a right to defend myself. I have a 2nd Amendment right to have a gun. Local/State/Federal Laws allow me to own Legal guns. If no one had guns it would be knives or sticks or hammers or something to help BAD GUYS commit crimes. Hoping someone doesn't rob you doesn't stop them. Utopia would be just great if only the bad guys would just die.... remember that this is a people issue not a weapons issue. Anyway...Dog is doing what others turn their heads at and hope goes away. He is doing a service by getting the bad guys off of the street and back into jail. Go Dog Go

1971 days ago


I enjoy watching the show. Especially when "Dog" and his wife Beth run after a suspect. The "Dog" panting like a sweaty Labrador in Tony Llamas and Beth's big tits slapping her in the forehead when she runs. Its a hoot!

1971 days ago


Dang he missed, needs more time at the range. Absolutely no gun control, breath and squeeze. Gee i thought bounty hunters got shot at all the time. Retire "Dog" you're over the hill

1971 days ago


Power to the Mullets!

1971 days ago

Jane Jane    

Great work Dog, we enjoy your show keep on getting those bad guys off the streets. We need more like you.


Jane Jane and family

1971 days ago

The Dude    

Melt the guns and the world would be safer, huh? Did you forget there was a time before guns? People went around hitting people with sticks, stabing people with nice metal objects. Heck I can do more damge driving around in a convertible and hitting people with a baseball bat than with a gun. Guns are a tool just like knives. Hold the people who use them incorectly accountable. A armed society is a polite society. (not to mention a free society)

1971 days ago


I like Dog and the show, but I have to woner just how much "legal pull" does Dog have; according to the laws of each jusisdiction, and what are his limits??!!

Also, I'm sure that Beth could have stopped that man just with her XXXDDD's riding on her chest!! Geez Beth! Bigger clothes and reduce those triple-sized- beach balls girl before your back and spine gets turned completely around!!

1971 days ago


Goes to show you, GUNS are NOT needed to catch a bad man! Here that you thugs out here, your guns are not as bad as a determined Bounty Hunter!! You go DOG and the crew!! Now, Dog and Beth, I have to say this, I like that you PRAY before you go out on the job, but Geez guys, when you are capturing your criminals, you cuss like a jilted husband coming from a bar of drinking all night!!

And, for the DOG Ladies, Beth you are cool girl, but honey, try reducing those Tiple DDDDDD's on your chest and bigger clothes and you might be able to run a little faster. As for Baby Lisa, BRACES kid, BRACES!!!

1971 days ago


Lou, Do you really think melting all the guns in the world would stop this problem? Guns do not kill people. If we melted all the guns in the world i gues they would not use knifes, cars, home made weapons to kill. Taking guns from law abidding residents will only make it worse. People thah kill and break the law will always have guns....You really need to think about the Dumb A** statement you made......

1971 days ago


Just what Colorado Springs needs. More white trash. At first I thought it was Dogs black son-in-law who shot at him. Free advice. Don't bring a paintball gun to a brass bullets gun fight.

1971 days ago


To Lou; If you melt down ALL THE GUNS in the world, criminals will attack with some other weapon. Guns aren't the problem, they are a tool being used by THE PROBLEM. You want to end Gun Violence, you have to address the cause of the problem, not the tools they are using. Criminals use cars, boats, planes, children, wives, dogs, realtives, rocks, trees, screwdrivers, ovens, stereos, TVs, etc. to commit crime. Outlawing and removing all of those is not going to stop a criminal. To stop crime you have to make the person see the consequences of his actions and make them understand the consequences are not worth it. And then choose not to commit the crime. But since that also requires society to change to one that learns to be responsible for its actions, I guess it is easy to find excuses and scapegoats. Guns are evil, so it must be their fault when someone USES one to commit a crime.

1971 days ago


One comment was right. dog was in prison one time of killing someone like 30 years ago you can't have a gun in your possession. Glad to hear noone got hurt.I think the system needs to change because someday he won't be so lucky and a pesrson my injure him and then put a gun to his head and pull the trigger.And no pepper spray or paint gun is gonna help him,I watch dog every week and i'm glad he's back on the air!!!Way to go chapman family and associate Bobby Brown lol.

1971 days ago


aww bless dog! i like him and his show!!! i dont think paintball guns will do much damage tho apart from ruin the criminals clothes!! he needs a gun to shot back! god bless the chapmans! x

1971 days ago

Walter J. Murdock    

It's amazing how many folks here don't like Dog and what he does. Is this a haven for ex-cons or something?

Granted, he's a bit of hypocrite and the show is overly hyped and over-the-top machismo - but Dog is taking a bunch of low-lifes off the streets.

The real tragedy is that the people he hunts are the folks who skipped on bail provided to them by his own company. They are bail bondsmen first, bounty hunters second. So, they probably should know who is a flight risk and just don't take the bail bond.

1971 days ago
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