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Shots Fired at 'Dog' Chapman

4/22/2009 10:37 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Duane "Dog" Chapman and one of his associates were shot at by a man they were trying to apprehend yesterday.

According to police in Colorado Springs, Colo., Chapman and bail bondsman Bobby Brown were attempting to bring in a man named Hoang Nguyen when he allegedly fired at least one shot at Chapman and Brown with a handgun before fleeing on a motorcycle.

Chapman and Brown were armed with paintball guns and returned fire.

Hoang was later arrested without incident by Chapman early this morning.

BTW -- Dog's film crew was there ... but missed the shot (pardon the pun).


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welcome to colorado springs or as its affectionatly known as hell. this town needs help. the only thing we are known for is a bounty hunter and a bail bondsman ?

2007 days ago

guns are us    

It's about time someone tried to take "dog" out. Maybe the next one willwill be a better shot.

2007 days ago


how come the (dog) allways looks stoned on tv.ill bet the farm he smokes weed every day,a criminal aresting criminals.and yes his fat wife,has monter tits.not in a good way though,the reason he has paint ball gun is he cant own a real gun.see ya later convict.(DOG)

2007 days ago


I am so glad that The Dog And DownTown Bobby Brown are ok.Good thing that the guy was a terrible shot.Thank God He was watching out for yall.I know thay your families was thankfull.God Bless You Both.

2007 days ago


They go after them with paintball guns because they care about safety...
Good Job Duane and Bobby! I'd be surprised if YOU weren't the one to catch them the next morning:)

2007 days ago

2 kids and a big dog    

Armed with a paint ball gun? If you're going for a bad guy, and you can't legally own a gun, then use a mountain howitzer.
It fires a 12 pound projectile, or 1,728 pieces of 00 Buck Shot. With 1,728 pieces of 00 buck coming out of the barrell with no choke, you're bound to hit your target without fail. It can be owned by anyone, any age, any record, probably even in New York City

2007 days ago


Paint ball gun? And here I thought he carried canned air! ;-)

WTG ya and Beth too!

2007 days ago


listen tv people let the law fight crime that is why they are paid to do that is like taking a knife to a gun fight just don't work most of the time and to the person that thinks guns need to be melted down get a life criminals will find a way to attack the law abiding anyway go bury your head and feel them work your back over i will keep my guns like most gun owners we respect the law of the land

2007 days ago


Colorado!!!!!!!!! I thought that nutcase was in Hawaii. Now hes only 2 states away!! Who let him in? We need stricter immigration laws. If I ever see him and his geneticly deficent offspring in my neighborhood Ill have to do my civic duty and exterminate the entire verminous crew.

2007 days ago


Too bad they didn't hit him. This guy, despite the good he has accomplished in Honolulu is a publicity starved jerk, who thinks the sun revolves and sets on him and his dysfuctional family. I see him in the airport quite often and you should see the way he treats everyone, like if you don't kiss his feet, he ignores you or has his wife bully you away from him. He treats flight crews with complete disdain. I'd bet this whole thing was fabricated, just so he can get his name all over the internet and in the media... he needs to go back under the rock he came from

2007 days ago


To the person that said melt all guns down and the world would be a safer place , lol it sure would be safer for criminals , when someone is beating you with a baseball bat i guess its the bats fault huh. How about the damn judges and politicians just put people away for their full prison terms and start increasing penalties for violent offenders these people are animals and a couple years in prison is just free room and board to them . And when they melt all the guns and someones caving someone elses ribs in with a bat or slicing them up with a ginsu blade that gun i dont haveany more cause you melted it sure woulda came in handy .

2007 days ago


I am glad dog did not get hurt. another vietnamese immigrant that breaks the law, just what we need in the USA. Never bring a paintball shooter to a gunfight

2007 days ago


I enjoy the show & have since it first aired. Love the Family. Glad Dog and Bobby Brown are alright. But I don't think a paintball gun is any match for the fire power on the streets. They need to re-think their idea of back-up.

2007 days ago

Daddy wants some of the pie too.    

Contrary to what someone said about them carrying paintball guns because they are "concerned about safety"---BS. Dog has a record and can't have a real gun. Last bounty hunter I saw, who was looking for a neighbor. was carrying a Glock. Dog must not be tracking very bad badguys because you don't take a paintball gun to a gun fight. Why you don't see him tracking anyone in the GD or AB. He'd get capped. Another TV "tough guy".

2007 days ago

Arlen Neeley    

Sadly this guy was a poor shot. The world would be a better place with this group of inbred rubes.

2007 days ago
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