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'Sopranos' Star Calls In a Hit Over Miss Cali

4/22/2009 6:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The guy who played Johnny Sack is so pissed off about the Miss California controversy -- he called in to the TMZ tipline to unload!

Johnny Sack - Play audio

According to our first celebrity voicemail, Vince Curatola is furious with certain people (blogger Perez Hilton, in particular) for bashing Miss California Carrie Prejean after she voiced her opinion on gay marriage -- calling the attacks "disgusting."

Curatola even issued Perez a challenge -- "I wish he'd come after me that way."


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Perez Hilton bashes Miss America for voicing her opinion. The gay community takes pride in their vocalization regarding their sexuality. God forbid anyone say something that opposes their lifestyle. We should all be thankful that we live in a country that allows to have such freedom. Whether Perez Hilton agreed with Carrie Prejean, or disagreed with her, he needed to RESPECT her opinion. Afterall, he was there to judge her as a contestant not a political canidate. I'm glad she stood her ground. We all have the right to our own opinion. When we stop respecting and start harassing other for their views we are fueling fires that won't burn out until their out of control. This is what usually starts wars that never end. We don't have to agree but at least we can disagree in a mature and dignified way.

1968 days ago

Lisa Lou    

More power to you Vince! I admire people who voice their opinions. I wish I could turn back time and wipe out the memory of Perez Hilton. Who really cares what he thinks anyway. What did he ever do to deserve to be repeated anyway.
He's an unhappy person that wants to make everyone around him miserable. And he's a miserable want a be.

1967 days ago

Michael Madsen    


1987 days ago

Michael Madsen    

It is a free country... we're free to "think" whatever we want... just don't say it out loud... right, Hilton?

1987 days ago


Good. It is about time we start hearing about decent people who stick up for what is right. Lord knows we get nothing but homosexual love speak from all the media now.

1987 days ago


Perez is using this to promote himself

1987 days ago


What a hypocrite Perez Hilton is. Did he forget that FREEDOM OF SPEECH is our Right as Americans? He was hoping to use this publicity to further his 15 minutes of fame and it has bit him on the ass. I guess he feels he is the only one that can say what he wants about people without any consequences. I would say I am never going to go to his site again, but I stopped going there months ago. I couldn't stand to look at his ugly, ugly face on his header logos anymore.

1987 days ago


odd that PerezHilton started his blog to voice things he felt weren't getting spoken, written, and heard.
but the minute someone disagrees with his take on things, he emerges as something of a bully.

perez: it's a free country last time i checked.
apologize to this young lady, if you have any manners at all.

1987 days ago

yo mama    

Im with this guy and #2. We have freedom of speech in this country and this poor girl is being dragged through the mud just because she voiced her opinion. She lost the crown because she voiced her opinion. Not fair at all. My opinion is different than hers but to not be able to say what you beleive sux. Not everyone has to beleive in same sex marriage if they don't want to. It shouldn't be forced on anyone. If your state votes and wins in favor of same sex marriage then swell....doesn't mean everyone has to beleive it just because it becomes a law.

1987 days ago


he's right, perez has his head up his ass. she is the real winner

1987 days ago


I'm so glad you posted this. I'm so livid with Perez Hilton over this. I will never look at his site again!!!

1987 days ago


jimmysimpson is a douche.

1987 days ago


If Perez couldnt handle the answer he should of never asked the question. Was she suppose to dance around the question or give her honest personal opinion? Piss off Perez!

1987 days ago


Finally a sane celebrity sticking up for this poor girl. WHERE ARE ALL YOU COWARDS THAT AGREE WITH HER!!? EVERYONE IS SCARED OF THE BACKLASH!!

1987 days ago


What people fail to realize is that Miss America is supposed to be a non-biased representative of AMERICA - she shouldn't have voiced HER opinion and biblical feelings so loudly. She could have worded her "speech" to be more accepting of ALL HUMANS w/different views. Miss America should be all-encompassing and accept EVERYONE b/c that's what AMERICA is a bunch of different people w/different preferences living in semi-harmony.

She should have just been a bit more PC about her answer.

1987 days ago
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