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'Dog' on Shooting -- I'm Not Making This Up!

4/23/2009 10:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Duane 'Dog' Chapman told Larry King last night why he thinks cops haven't found physical evidence at the scene of Tuesday's shooting incident: the alleged gunman used a revolver (which doesn't eject shells) and then ditched it when he fled the scene.



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First? Not that I care but........

2007 days ago

A Nony Mouse    

Can't mess with the Dog, brah!

2007 days ago


Seems pretty obvious that if the gun DID eject shells, the bystanders probably scooped them up quick! Check EBay in about 3 weeks, and you too can own a shell from the very bullet that was aimed at the DOG! There's always people around when they're looking for someone. As soon as the neighbors see who it is, they come out and stare, so check the neighbors houses, and you'll probably find the casings.

2007 days ago


Just remember that the "Dog" is a convicted felon himself... It used to be that bounty hunters were regarded as one of the lowest of the low. If he showed up at my door, I'd show him where the property line was.

2007 days ago


Why would the cops make a statement about not finding shells, since so few weapons
eject shells on the spot, especially the small firearms/pistols? Probably a stalling tactic?
They didn't find alien metals, spaggetti sauce stains, rubiks cubes or shards of ice there
either, but let me tell you, if they had................

2007 days ago


Well you keep saying that these guys a dangerous and that they can shoot, we've never seen it on your show so maybe this guy will bump up your ratings. Maybe you can charge A&E more money and pay off your 1.5 mill tax bill.

2007 days ago


Next time you're in Hollywood and you need to run from the bounty hunters, make sure you carry a large HOWITZER cannon around with you, so when you fire off a warning shot before you run out the back door you leave some evidence for the paparrazzi and the bystanders to chat about! Come on!

2007 days ago

Jonny B Good    

Too bad they missed. Really.

2007 days ago


why is this news? isn't it his job to go after bad guys and probably get shot at???!?!?!

2007 days ago


he really needs to loose that hair (whats left of it) before i can even listen to him, let alone take him seriously.

2007 days ago


"Let sleeping dogs lie"

2007 days ago


"co-ordinated off that block????" duh its cordoned, what a ditz! both blonde bimbos.

2007 days ago


This guy is a loser and it is too bad that buddy missed him with the shot.

2007 days ago


Most of you are pointing fingers at Dog - but do you know why they hunt down criminals so passionately?? And do you know WHO really sign off on these bonds for these criminals?? FAMILY MEMBERS, WIVES, HUSBANDS, GRANDMOTHERS, AUNTS, GRANDFATHERS etc., These people are real life examples of who put up the bond for their "criminal" loved ones, only for them to flee, thus putting an enormous financial strain on their family!! HOUSES, PROPERTY, CARS, etc, are put up as collateral for these criminals, and what do they do? They run and break the hearts of their relatives!! SO, before you point a finger at Dog, try researcing a bit more about bounds and who really suffers when criminals run!!!

And for those of you who are not looking at the whole picture of Dog, HE IS A CONVICTED FELON, was almost 20+ years ago!!Did you hear me, 20+ years ago and he's never looked back! That is a record and reason to give him the proper props!! Instead of looking at the picture with one eye, try openng both eyes and your minds all the way before you finger point at him! Now, do I see any STONES thrown here?? There should be NONE!!! And I mean NONE!!!!!

2007 days ago


I don't believe him. "Dog" is a felon him-self. Doing years in jail for murder. I hope the guy gets a good lawyer and beats this. Seems like there is no real evidence since "Dog" can' t be a crediable under oath

2007 days ago
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