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It's The Boogie Monster!!!!!!!

4/24/2009 10:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

... and her boyfriend Doug Reinhardt.

Paris Hilton
It's frightening what you'll find in Hollywood.


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Hey Hannah, Does Paris know how much you love and adore her skankiness? I'm sure if she met you, she would totally diss you. Grow up.

1972 days ago


What an ugly Bird-like creature Paris is. Go away whore.

1972 days ago


Apparently Doug isn't too "level headed" or else he wouldn't be with Paris Hilton..

1972 days ago


I think it's sad so many girls on here seem to admire Paris Hilton. Your parents sure did a lousy job of raising you.

1972 days ago


7 or 8 boyfriends??!! That's just this year alone! Are you living in a cave or what?!

1972 days ago


There is not one shred of evidence hat Paris Hilton has had more boyfriends than that Not one.

And no, I'm neither a crazy fan nor a paid blogger.

But it irks the hell out of me me when people try to do that to a woman. We ARE allowed to date you know, just like guys,until we find a guy we want to spend the rest of our lives with.

Quit acting like you're the Taliban. Dating a few people does not make a woman a whore.

1972 days ago


When is this guy going to wake up and get the hell out.

1972 days ago


Ten bucks says she will dump him soon after this "stunt". She is fickle and accepts nothing but perfection 100% of the time.

1972 days ago

The Judge    

PLEASE LISTEN... Paris Hilton hires people to police the blogosphere and put positive comments up for her. Pathetic ala calling the paps to tell them where she'll be and then faking cell-phone calls and indifference. She represents everything that is wrong with our market based culture and now that the veil has fallen and most people see her as she really is - they tear her up in comment sections. If you see a positive comment, it is: 1) Someone Parisite has hired or 2) Someone with a brain injury...Possibly the worst human being of all time... (With certain exceptions);_ylt=Aqgr1.9LrIDNFaEwHAmvQJmrpxx.;_ylv=3

1972 days ago


Attention people!! Help!!

I am looking for a "Hannah", is she on here? She escaped early this morning from the Psych ward here, and she is crazier than a sh*thouse rat. She hasn't had her meds in days, and is having crazy dilusions about Paris Hilton being a valid human being, and not a disease ridden douche-bag. Rambling on about God and Bush. Crazy I tell you. Be nice to her, she doesn't know what she is saying.

Thank you!
West Hills Mental Hospital

1972 days ago


She didn't hire me. But I don't like to see any of us women being treated unfairly.

All too often some jerks try to to pull down a successfukl woman - and they always do so by calling her a whore.

Well guess what, women have equal rights with men here in America. We don't have to go back to the kitchen and be preggers.

You backwoods turkeys who are stuck in religions from the 1800s, take note. We are not going to wear a burkah.
And we can chose for ourselves who we love. And if a guy does not work out we can kick his ass out.

1972 days ago


There you are! Hannah, come quietly with me back to the hospital, it's almost arts and crafts time, I wouldn't want you to miss out.

1972 days ago


Obviously, Hannah is Paris herself or a very disturbed woman. Not one shred of evidence she is a whore? Go up to the top of this page and type Paris Hilton. Then count the gads of pictures of her with different guys. Oh, and let's not forget she makes porn. There's your evidence, nut job. If anybody should be wearing a burkha, it's you. And you need many beatings.

1972 days ago

frogs and gravel    

I think he is doing an impression of what Paris looks like when she has an orgasm. He is basically
bragging about how good in bed he is.

1972 days ago


hopefylly hannah made it back for arts and crafts. she promised to finish the pot holders she is weaving for me.

1972 days ago
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