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Miss California Gets the Big O

4/24/2009 3:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Surrounded entirely by heterosexual people of faith, Miss USA loser Carrie Prejean received a standing ovation at the Gospel Music Dove Awards last night.

Carrie Prejean: Click to watch
Oh Lord.


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#4 Im A Jew also and so was Jesus Christ a Jew..He believed the Bible and was why cant You..Heavy stuff here..Its really simple..2 women or 2 men together cant make babies..GET IT Man and Woman Produce babies..Man +man does not Woman+ woman does not..Figure it out It takes 2 opposites to PRODUCE in all kingdoms..SO

2001 days ago

Jazz Finn    

Miss California is trying to become a celebrity even tho she didn't win the pageant. So, let her be a star in any of the many right-wing churches. She's just not too bright and deserves no more publicity.

2001 days ago


After watching TMZ's commentary of Miss CA, I can tell you that I am more offended at the bias she is getting by the press than her honest answer she gave. Just what kind of bias publicity does TMZ represent? Do you believe in free speech or not????

2001 days ago


I cant stand that BIG FAT mouth Perez hilton... He knows he,s disgusting and he wants everyone to join in and agree with his life style or else your a dart board for his anger and his mixed up little mind of his. He slandered this young lady for her values and she was honest and could of lied to win and to go along with this Perez guy. I really feel she is a true lady and a stong lady for taking up for what she knows is right. Hilton did every evil thing he could to slander her. He is a true hater if you dont jump on his wagon. He is disgusting what goes around comes around.

2000 days ago


I love this tough little gal for taking up for her FAITH and for herself. This world really needs to wake up and real soon! Look around at the world ...lok at the weather and all of the crime and earthquakes all around the world. This is what The Bible tells us would start to happen before it gets worse and we are seeing this take place before our eyes. It is bad now in this world really bad the crazy stuff we are seeing. This Hilton character really needs to wake up. You know there is a God and he is warning us to wake up and he gave these signs in the Bible. There here. Perez Hilton you know what to do....why would you get so angry at this young lady for her faith and for what she believes. I,ll tell you why your mad because you know your living wrong and her words convicted you. She said her words with LOVE not HATE as you did to her. Jesus is coming very very soon. Please cant anyone see this?

2000 days ago


I believe you gave the correct and honest answer and this Perez is in no postion to judge anyones faith. Only one person can do that and Perez will be judged by a much higher court then what he will want in the end. You will be the number one as far as i am cioncerned. Don't give up and know there are alot of people who believe in you

2000 days ago

sick sick sick    

the Bible has and continues to be the easiest way to persecute, suppress, and murder free thinking people. last time someone else tried to impose his idea of God's will, that "perfect, clean world", it was called the holocaust. so you believe in "pro life" but not "pro-living"... how noble of you. divine free will without freedom.... God must be a hypocritical white trash tit-loving bastard.

1997 days ago

Sam the super cop    

Carrie Prejean is No.1 in my books. If you people want to bash someone over gay marriage bash President Obama or the speaker of the house Nancy baby.
The pictures of Carrie in the pink panties reveal less than the white bikini bathing suit she was wearing in the Miss USA contest.
Miley Cyrus had photos made of her in the same style of undies.
Carrie should have won Miss USA. But Miss N.C. is very beautiful also.

1995 days ago
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