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Miss California Gets the Big O

4/24/2009 3:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Surrounded entirely by heterosexual people of faith, Miss USA loser Carrie Prejean received a standing ovation at the Gospel Music Dove Awards last night.

Carrie Prejean: Click to watch
Oh Lord.


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Watch Michael Phelps will drop her. He doesn't want to be associated with that kind of controversy especially since he just got over his own!

1975 days ago


No free speech here! You say anything against gay marriage you're deleted.

1975 days ago


She wasnt gonna be bullied by some queer with an ax to grind!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but perez hilton like things up his ass so she shoved her opinion up there... but this is the old saying dont ask the quetsion if you dont wanna hear the answer..why did he ask ? cause he has an ax to grind so he used her what she should have said back was why are you asking ? i am not gay nor a politician .....

1975 days ago

Pimp juice    

Ann, you're about as "heterosexual christian" as Perez Hilton!!! Give me a break!! You say she shouldn't "discriminate," right? So what in the hell is Perez and the rest of the kooks in Hollywood doing to her!?!?! You leftists are such hypocrites.

Btw, if she were asked if she thought black people should be allowed to vote, her answer would have been "yes, I believe they should, and I am proud that REPUBLICANS finally beat the racist, segregating DEMOCRATS on that and also on the fact how DEMOCRATS fought against women being allowed to vote until well after blacks."

1975 days ago


Not everyone believes in the bible... and most people who believe in the bible pick and choose what they want to believe... Saying that the bible says is just an excuse to be a bigot and get away with it. And what's even funnier is christians (and jews apparently, probably muslims, lets get all of the big 3 in there) whining about people not being tolerant of their beliefs. Problem is, they want everyone to respect their beliefs, but they don't want anyone to live their lives unless it fits in with the Bible. Hypocrites.

Just more reason that I'm glad I stepped away from Christianity.

1975 days ago

Brian Peppers    

Gays are so annoying and needy, if you don't rabidly support gays in everything and are outspoken for them, they will try and tear you apart! Perez has made me hate gays even more. Gay people are pure trash and filth. To hell with them!

1975 days ago


GOOD FOR HER !!! I refuse to go on to ! YUK YUK YUK

1975 days ago


Bob at 2:49... Amazing how Republicans are now the racists... My how times have changed. Don't you have to pick up your white robe and hood before the big Republican meeting? (You can wear the buttons from the texas republicans and play the republicans handed out as a "joke").

Want to protect marriage, you good little Christians? Outlaw divorce for those married in churches and toss people in jail for adultery and beating their spouses. Idiots.

1975 days ago

Rock Singer    

Opinions are like ASS HOLE"S .... everybody's got one ... Live & Let Live.

1975 days ago


I share her opinion and I was able to express that opinion back in November here in California when I voted YES on Prop. 8. This young woman was trashed by a vicious little creep who certainly has a right to his opinion; however, the pageant was not supposed to be about him. His hysterics were, well, pretty funny. Off to the trash bin of history, "Mr." Hilton.

1975 days ago


Thank You God for using Perez Hitlon to give us Biblethumpers a brand new pinup to replace Sarah Palin!

1975 days ago

shoobydoo are talking in circles and don't make any sense

1975 days ago

Mike Botz    

Susan looks a lot like blogger Terri. All kidding aside, I met Susan last week in Glasgow, very charming and wity. Great future ahead of her and boy can she throw down the pints!

1975 days ago


Did anyone notice that she started her answer with "In MY Country". Plus did she ever think she's just not pretty or talented enough to win.

1975 days ago


I do share her view. However I need to point out that sh indeed did not answer the question. In fact she either is not intelligenet enough to understand how to answer the question or became confused what the question was. I would probably die from fright on that stage, but she should be used to it by now.
The question was AFAIK "Should more states legalize homosexual marriage? Why or why not?" Her answer was neither yes, nor no,though it was obviously close to no. It was nothing more diplomatic, like "The people of the states should decide." It was "I think marriage should be between members of opposite sex, because I am a Christian." type of answer. She could have used some debating pointers.
Of course the pathetic crazed left-winger circus that resulted from the answer she did give is much more entertaining and reelaing than what would have happened if she gave a diplomatic answer.
There's nobody more intolerant than the people from the left preaching for tolerance.

1975 days ago
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