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Miss California Gets the Big O

4/24/2009 3:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Surrounded entirely by heterosexual people of faith, Miss USA loser Carrie Prejean received a standing ovation at the Gospel Music Dove Awards last night.

Carrie Prejean: Click to watch
Oh Lord.


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Josh Justice    

Perez Hilton should not have been a judge. What credentials does he have to judge women?, He is gay right? He purposely asked that question. he really showed what a jackazz he really is. this was a beauty pagent, not a political debate. thank god i live in alabama and i do not have to worry about homosexuals getting married in my state.

2010 days ago


Anyone that has a problem with Ms. Prejean's statement needs to take it up with Pres. Obama who has expressed very similar remarks. The outrage should be directed at Hilton. There was nothing right about his reaction: he was intolerant, misogynistic, infantile, and crude. Someone with authority in the gay community needs to tell him to sit down and shut up.

2010 days ago

Pimp juice    

Poor Valerie,

Girl doesn't even know that the KKK was created and formed by her precious DEMOCRATS. Doesn't even know that MLK was a REPUBLICAN. Educate yourself you dumb bigot and stop being told what to think and do. You're a disgrace to your "peeps" but a fine representative of them as a whole. Keep up the good work!!

2010 days ago


Though I don't agree with her opinion, she's entitled to her own beliefs and I applaud her standing up for what she believes in. The gay community should show her the same respect we are fighting for....freedom to be who you are and freedom to believe whatever you wish to believe. This is what makes our country great! Those in the gay community or friends of LGBT individuals should seriously join the Empowering Spirits Foundation movement. It's a great organization bringing together people on both sides of this issue.

2010 days ago


the guy on the left surely looks gay as hell

2010 days ago


Finally, someone with the balls to speak her mind in this F'ed up world of out of control political correctness. To the LIBS who's only comment is that she's just a dumb blonde...that's your best comeback a$$holes? Face it, you lost this one hands down!

2010 days ago


I didn't know there were so many EVANGELI CULTS on this website. Wow! Shouldn't you be out getting ready for your marriage with your sister?

2010 days ago

alu reyes    

Just because the bible says it does not mean it should be followed. Should we stone women who are not virgins on their wedding day ?
How about if you work on the sabbath should you be put to death?
Using the bible to make an argument against homosexuality is just plain dumb. Read the bible and try to follow it to the letter and see where we would be.
I am a hetero and i hope the laws change what is so bad about a couple getting married when ellen and portia married the world did not end

2010 days ago


Waa waa waa! Stop comparing gays to blacks!!!! It no where near the same!!! Child molesters are just born that way too, why don't we just let them be??? She didn't do anything wrong! You have your opinion and she has hers along with most of the world! A gay guy shouldn't be on the panel asking gay questions. If he doesn't want to hear the answer he shouldn't ask it!

2010 days ago


38. Gays are so annoying and needy, if you don't rabidly support gays in everything and are outspoken for them, they will try and tear you apart! Perez has made me hate gays even more. Gay people are pure trash and filth. To hell with them!

Posted at 2:51PM on Apr 24th 2009 by #1 Obama fan

2010 days ago


Gross, why are there so many red neck republicans on TMZ??? When did they get computers in the trailer park?

2010 days ago


I'd stand up too! She stood up for her beliefs, didn't she? Love her!

2010 days ago


This girl was absolutely correct, and it was her OPINION dumba$$es! Are we entitled to that without hissy fits being thrown by the F*GGOTS on the left??? Yeah, I said the F word!

2010 days ago

Judy O.    

I am so proud of this young lady (Miss California) because in a world where anything decent or moral or slightly mentioning God or the Bible is a no-no, she told it like she sees it ! She is the perfect example of someone who should be Miss USA because she would be a good moral example for young people who are following after those such as that awful Perez Hilton ! We will remember her always----and him? We won't remember him for long because just the thought of him makes us nauseous !

God bless you, Miss California ! We are proud of you. Do not let the nasty, rude opinions of that man get to you. Just be proud that he is your enemy so he will not be near you !

2010 days ago


First, having PH judge a beauty contest is like Stevie Wonder being an umpire at baseball. But more importantly, if she was a Muslim the question would never have been asked, and when did it become a crime to express what you feel and think!!! She did not promote violence against gays or demand that they change, only that marriage be respected as a union between a man and woman.

2010 days ago
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