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Okla. City Bomber -- Prison Is a Pain In His Ass

4/24/2009 7:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Terry NicholsOne of the bastards behind the Oklahoma City bombing is complaining about a huge problem he's having behind bars -- his ass is bleeding.

Terry Nichols, the man who conspired with Tim McVeigh to murder 168 innocent people in the 1995 bombing of the Federal Building, has filed a complaint with the Bureau of Prisons because he's "suffering" from chronic constipation, bleeding and hemorrhoids.

According to the document, obtained by The Smoking Gun, Nichols claims his prison diet is causing the pain in his butt. In particular, Nichols blames a lack of insoluble fiber.

Even more outrageous -- Nichols listed fellow Florence Prison inmate Eric Rudolph, who bombed abortion clinics and the 1996 Summer Olympics, as a witness to their "bad food selection" saying that Rudolph suffers from gas and stomach cramps.

Both Nichols and Rudolph said they believe our bodies are sacred and should be treated as such. Ironic, no?


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Is this a joke? Either way, it's really infuriating.

1973 days ago


Why wasn't he executed like McVeigh???

1973 days ago

Boo Hoo    

If he wants more fiber, give him bread and water like they did in the good ole days.

1973 days ago


Hmm, how much fiber does a piece of paper have in it? I have no idea, haven't really ate any paper before. He could shove some damn paper down his throat and check that out for his "sacred" body. How the hell has the prison population allowed him to live this long? Shakes head. Ok, all you people against the death sentence....I expect your rebuttals....I can only HOPE and PRAY that when Casey Anthony goes to prison and I seriously pray that she is put amongst the prison population that she will not last long before one of her co-prisoners GETS HER and I don't mean to make her their bitch. That's right, I said it. She killed her beautiful baby daughter, and while we have over a year to go til the trial and lord knows how much more time until the bitch exhausts her appeals, she'll get the death penalty and she will NOT plead guilty and she will NOT take any sort of plea deal to save her ass, she'll than sit her pyschotic ass on death row for years and years and years until Florida (which has a history of doing this) decides to convert her death row sentence to life in prison, so therefore, again, I hope one of her co-prisoners does those of us that know she murdered her daughter the SAME TO CASEY. Do I feel sorry for her parents George and Cindy. I feel sympathetic for the loss of their grandchild. I feel absolute despise for their lies that they are now telling and backtracking on to "protect" their murderous daughter.

1973 days ago


Wow. It is amazing how people that commit atrocious things to others feele like they should still be treated as human beings. May God forgive them someday, I know most people in their right mind wont'.

1973 days ago



1973 days ago


EFF THIS GUY! I hope he gets pounded in the @$$ harder by his cellmate for whining. J@ck@$$!

1973 days ago


3 hots & a cot is more than some people in this economy have. Shut up and eat your swill you pigs.

1973 days ago


Why in the hell is TMZ even relaying this dirty bags complaint. Levenson don't you have more BS to publish. Give this Ross on Oakland Channel 2 and wait for I don't give a sh-t about Nichols problems laugh.

1973 days ago


I dont think the food is causing that buddy, I think fellow inmate eric might have something to do with that ass bleeding problem.

1973 days ago


I hope he stays plugged up and explodes!!!! Karma's a b*tch!!!!!!!!

1973 days ago


Why even give this a mention in the public? These two horrendous beings deserve every gas pain, every hard bowel movement, every rotten piece of food possible. I have no sympathy, I have less than no sympathy for either of them. May they rot in Hell with severe constipation forever! As for the bleeding, I sure hope the bleeding comes from being attacked by other inmates regularly. They deserve it all and more.

1973 days ago


This Piece of Sh!t is lucky he is even being fed at all! Let alone being alive!!!
He has a free roof over his head, free food, and is alive after killing so many people.
He is pretty damn lucky.
Maybe if he'd stop taking Bubbas rod so hard up his ass it wouldnt be hurting so much

1973 days ago

gossip fan    

The victims of the bombing he helped commit are suffering from chronic sadness from losing their friends and family members. Too bad for him! Give him some more bananas and cheese and stuff him up more. Who cares what he's going through, he deserves it all!

1973 days ago


At least Nichols has an ass to bleed, the 168 innocent people he helped blow up in OKC and their families would love to have constipation. Too bad he didn't blow up too then he wouldn't have to worry about the bad food the bastard. They shouldn't even feed him, anyone who would blow up little babies deserves constipitation and gas at the very least!

1973 days ago
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