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Okla. City Bomber -- Prison Is a Pain In His Ass

4/24/2009 7:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Terry NicholsOne of the bastards behind the Oklahoma City bombing is complaining about a huge problem he's having behind bars -- his ass is bleeding.

Terry Nichols, the man who conspired with Tim McVeigh to murder 168 innocent people in the 1995 bombing of the Federal Building, has filed a complaint with the Bureau of Prisons because he's "suffering" from chronic constipation, bleeding and hemorrhoids.

According to the document, obtained by The Smoking Gun, Nichols claims his prison diet is causing the pain in his butt. In particular, Nichols blames a lack of insoluble fiber.

Even more outrageous -- Nichols listed fellow Florence Prison inmate Eric Rudolph, who bombed abortion clinics and the 1996 Summer Olympics, as a witness to their "bad food selection" saying that Rudolph suffers from gas and stomach cramps.

Both Nichols and Rudolph said they believe our bodies are sacred and should be treated as such. Ironic, no?


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This guy should just do tax payers a favour and kill himself.

1951 days ago


Stop having sex in jail and your ass will stop bleeding.

1951 days ago


Just made my day!

1951 days ago

Ut Oh    

Prison should = punishment. It's not suppose to be a resort!

1951 days ago


I hope he and Eric Rudolph bleed to death together.

1951 days ago


He needs fiber? Eat my shorts, jerk.

1951 days ago

wasted days and wasted nights    

Dude should know that fiber is only for people who don't blow up other people with dynomite.

1951 days ago

ex lax    

I bet he has hemorrhoids from straining himself trying to blow up his cell mate up!

1951 days ago

Knock It Off    

A ex con told me one time if he had a choice of hollowing out a large mountian alone or life in prison, he would take hollowing out the mountian. That say's a lot about prisons. Prison is a horrible place to be.

1951 days ago


I am a lifelong Oklahoman and was in 5th grade when the Federal Building was bombed. I cannot explain to you how much this angers me. We felt the shock from the explosion at our school. I personally know two friends who lost their fathers to this tragedy. So my friends had to grow up without their father, and countless others lost friends and family members, and this bastard wants to complain about his prison diet?? If Terry Nichols wants fiber, I suggest that they switch out his current food for a plate full of sh*t, which I have heard is high in fiber.

1951 days ago


Good! I hope this SOB suffers more than this. The fact that he killed 168 innocent men, women and children obviously doesn't bother him. Let the suffering increase!

1951 days ago


hey terry - blow it out your ass

1951 days ago


Here's hoping his ass becomes infected and triples the pain that he's in.

1951 days ago


And we should care because? he deserves this and so much more for what they did.

1951 days ago


who cares? My most vivid image of that day was the fireman carrying the lifeless body of that little far as I'm concerned he can suffer for the next 100 years-and I really hope he lives that long!

1951 days ago
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