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Oprah: 'Aha!' I Got You!

4/24/2009 12:27 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Oprah Winfrey just had another Aha! Moment -- when she decided to wage a legal war against an insurance company using her signature catchphrase.

Oprah Winfrey

Just a few days ago, Oprah's lawyers fired off a cease and desist letter to Mutual of Omaha demanding they shut down their plans to run a gigantic advertising campaign with the slogan, "Official sponsor of the aha moment."

In the letter, sent April 21, Oprah's peeps claim they have the rights to the "Aha Moment" slogan and they threatened to sue because O doesn't want Mutual to mislead her fans into thinking she's associated with them.

But Mutual of Omaha is fighting back with a lawsuit, claiming that even if Oprah had trademark rights to the phrase, she "abandoned" those rights by failing to "police their alleged mark" when other businesses used it in the past.

In the suit, filed Wednesday in federal court in Nebraska, Mutual asks the judge to rule that they have the right to use the phrase in their campaign.

A rep for O tells us, "Harpo has not filed a lawsuit or counterclaim against Mutual of Omaha. We hope to reach an amicable resolution on this issue."


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Oprah has climbed out of extreme poverty to give $300 million of her own hard earned money to charity. She has the number one ratings on day time TV, even after a quarter century on the air. I like this woman a lot. Only people who don't are racists, sexists & fat phobic bigots who can't stand an overweight black woman with money & power.

1975 days ago


I can't believe how dumb the people who post here are. Oprah's not saying she invented the term "Aha". She's saying she invented the term "Aha moment". And she's right. I've never heard anyone say it before Oprah

1975 days ago


I think she's absolutely brilliant to have come from where she did to where is today. A marketing genius, an improvisational genius, and even a political genius (look what she did for Obama). And she probably did come up with the specific term "Aha moment". "Aha" is pretty common, but not "Aha moment"

1975 days ago


Butterfly you are SO jealous of Oprah. How is she lonely? She has
MILLIONS of screaming fans, hundreds of daughters in Africa, a
boyfriend she's been with for decades, and a cool best friend like
Gayle (who was her best friend long before she had money). Oh, and
don't forget she climbed out of poverty to make BILLIONS of dollars
(without the help of any family or connections that most billionaires
depend on) and single-handedly put a black man in the white house, and
has the highest rated talk show in history. Oh, and she's also given
more money to charity than any performer in history. How bitter and
sad your heart must be that you have to tear down such an
inspirational woman to feel better about yourself.

1975 days ago


This reminds me of when Paris Hilton wanted to sue someone for using the words "that's hot" on a shirt or something, yeah maybe she did start using those words as to describe something that's cool. You can't sue someone for using the words that's hot or aha, these words have been around for hundreds of years, they didn't automatically come into formation just because you used them to describe something. That's like saying ok, I'm going to sue you because when you got something out of the oven and it was hot and you forgot to use oven mitts and said that's hot. You can't do that, it's not the way the world works, people can't copyright regular words in the English language.

1975 days ago



1975 days ago


Good grief!! Who gives a crap??

1975 days ago


Kelvin, I agree. Oprah is a marketing genius and brilliantly spontanieous performing artist. There's no one I have more respect for than Oprah. She provides light and love into the homes of millions of people every day, sets a positive example, and has given hundreds of millions to charity. I think Steadman and Gayle King are the two luckiest people in the world to share their lives with Oprah. And I agree she has a right to challenge this insurance company. "Aha moment" is a term I've only ever heard Oprah use. It's obvious that they are just trying to use her enormous popularity to sell their product.

1975 days ago


CYNDY Sounds as if you are on her payroll. Your comments are so ignorant! You are the type of person who trashes anyone who does not agree with you. This is still America. If you don't like it, LEAVE!

1974 days ago


Share the wealth Obama & lets split up O's money. She owns it all.

1974 days ago

um, no thanks    

Can the general public keep a few sayings like "a moment of realization" I would like to think so but as soon as some advertising guru says "How about this, "One moment of realization seems like ten moments when you have constipation" What do you all think?

Boss-I like it, lets go play some golf.

Yes Man- It sounds good to me, I think it’s modern

Boss-No, it’s old wisdom

Yes Man-Yes, it’s more old wisdom.

Boss-I think it modern, I’m just messing with you.

Advertising Executive-It’s both old wisdom and modern

Yes Man-That’s what I think

Boss-Shut up scooter, are your clubs in your car?

Boss-Okay, Suzie call the attorney and tell him we have a new advertising campaign slogan, “A Moment Of Realization" and we need to own it.

Boss-Did you get that?

Suzie-Got it

Boss-Okay, lets all go play golf,

Suzie-Mr. Boss? Hello?

Boss-Susie, I am very busy

Suzie-The attorney said it could cost a lot of money and would be very difficult to get, apparently other people have been using the saying for quite sometime for various things.

Boss-Suzie, tell the lawyers it's not just a saying, it's our slogan and that is what bail out money is meant for.

Boss-Stop, Scooter, go back, I left my putter on the green

Boss-Suzie, this is distracting my concentration so I have to go, tell the attorney "a moment of realization" is our slogan and we are going ahead with the campaign so I suggest he do the same and also tell him to get me that Billy Joel song on my wife's Ipod.

Suzie-What song?

Boss-I don't know the name of the song but we plan to use it.
Boss-Call my wife and ask what it's called, it goes something like do tadati keeping the faith oh yea never had to run boy do toada lala.

Suzie-Mr.Boss The attorney said it would be very difficult and asked if we liked any of these sayings.

Things turn out best for those who make the best of the way things turn out.
One day your life will flash before your eyes. Make sure its worth watching.
One aha moment can change your life.

Boss-Suzie, we want “A moment of realization” that is our slogan and after my wife finds the song ask her to pick up some cookies and ice cream.
Suzie-What kind?
Boss-I don't know, Rocky Road or some Pecan Pie, I have got to go. click

1974 days ago


I remember talking about aha moments in freaking 1996 when a friend and I were comparing lies another friend told us. You don't own it, Oprah. I was over this hypocrite a long time ago. She talks about "empowering" women, and turns around and make money off an exploitive show like Bad Girls Club. HUH?

1974 days ago


I think Mutual should let her have it. After all, that little "catch phrase" IS THE ONLY THING SHE IS ACTUALLY WORTH. Let the old bag have a little to remember from her 15 minutes of fame waddling around on TV.

1974 days ago


CYNDY, You know how to read but, your brain stops at comprehending words. You were so busy running your mouth, you actually overlooked that I DID NOT make unkind comments about Ms. Oprah. I used the word "probably" which is so much over your head and comprehension. You do not know anything about me, and yet , you felt free to throw accusations which, further proves, Ms. Cyndy, you have no "class." Very sorry for you, and those around you.

1974 days ago


Aha! Eureka! These are just words, can you imagine if Eureka wanted to sue every person who ever said that when they weren't talking about vacuum cleaners? Aha is just a phrase, not even a discovery. I, too, used to watch Oprah on a regular basis. I can't stand it anymore. She weighs in on everyone's "Feelings" and has to try to coin a word to describe what they're feeling and thinks she knows it all. She got BO elected, what more does she want? Oh, yes, your first born and you groveling at her feet. I did watch the beginning of her show last week when another show I had been watching ended. She was even telling her "friend" Gayle, she (Gayle) was wrong. What a pathetic creature. Now did I just coin that phrase, "pathetic creature"? Probably not, but big O if you use it I will sue you, pathetic creature is something I just invented! Aha!

1974 days ago
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