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Three Ejected from Car in Casey Aldridge Crash

4/26/2009 9:39 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Louisiana State Troopers tell us three of the five people riding in Casey Aldridge's truck (they previously told us only four were in the truck) were ejected during the crash -- and Casey was one of them.

Cops tell us while Casey was heading north on the 606 in Louisiana early this morning, he swerved off the right side of the road and into a ditch, then over-corrected his turn back onto the pavement, causing the car to flip. During the flip, 3 people -- including Casey -- were ejected from the car.

The two others who were ejected refused medical treatment at the scene -- and as we previously reported, Casey was taken to the Riverside Medical Center in Ferriday, La. due to what cops called "moderate injuries."

As for whether alcohol was a factor, cops tell us they didn't speak to Casey for nearly four hours after the crash -- due to his hospitalization -- and when they did, they found no reason to suspect he had been drinking.

Just to put this in perspective, cops told us it's 4x more likely for people to die when they're ejected from a car during a crash -- and all 3 who were ejected survived.

Casey was charged with careless operation of a motor vehicle -- a misdemeanor -- and is currently recovering from his injuries at the University of Mississippi Medical Center in Jackson, Miss.


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just me    

Anyone remeber the story about the girl Casey was cheating on Jamie Lynn with? The same night her little sister was also killed in a car wreck. Ironic huh?

2008 days ago


Hey TMZ, too many Casey articles. Enough already. I.m glad that no one was seriosly injured but beyond that, who cares?

2008 days ago


Who is this guy? never seen him before.

2008 days ago


and what he was in a accident ---what you want someone to go pull the hay out of his assssssssssssssssss

2008 days ago


He didnt die? What a shame.

2008 days ago


And this passes for news??? Cleatus the slack jawed yokel crashes car during moonshine run?? F- him
What's next Britney farts fairy dust??

2008 days ago


Oh, on I burn
is pumping engines
Burning hard
Loose and clean

2008 days ago


He sounds like another K-Fed. Knocks up a Spears girl and then leaves the mother of his baby home with the baby while he's out partying!!! What a loser!!! Let's hope Jamie-Lynn doesn't marry this loser unlike her sister Britney did with K-Fed.

2008 days ago


Who the fck is Casey Aldredge !?

2008 days ago

shawn olsen    

Brittany spears sister's baby daddy, redneck boy, but they are lucky they didn't die.

2008 days ago

hazel baby    

Honetsly people, apperantly none of your parents taught you any courtisy. A guy was in a car accident with swollen brain and with blood on it, all everyone says is he needs to learn his lesson and if you don't care why read it and comment it only talking bad about him? I know this i AM his cousin. I was with him right before the wreck. He was NOT drinking or using drugs. Also he was at a WEDDING SHOWER so just because he has a baby means he can't go to his own cousin's wedding shower? PEASE know the person before judging them!!! Casey loves Jamie and Maddie he wouldn't have done any of this on pupose. And to correct this one man WAS wearing his selt belt. It is the others fault they didn't yes caseys to. Also, the boy is hospitalized why would the cops drill him with 100 questions? They did take blood test, not achol. Hope you get well Casey i love you!

2008 days ago


I think that it is ashame that people can posted some of these cruel comments about this child. I live just miles from Casey and Jaimie Lynn and there is never any trouble caused by them or any of there friends. I think that it is sad that this boy has had a very serious accident that could have in fact killed him or one of the others in this vehicle and cruelness is all that you have to say to him. He and these guys were in fact returning from a fishing trip and had a malfunction with his vehicle and that is what caused this terrible accident and there was no alcohol or drug involved. So until you get your facts straight you should step back and think about your family and friends and how it would make you feel. And secondly the only reason that this has even been brought into the publics eyes is because the female that decided that she would tell the first set of lies to cause trouble for casey and jamie lynn is right back trying to cash in a make a buck. So she should be the one that can be thanked for this.

2007 days ago


I dont think that 4x more likely to die thing is really accurate. I knew three kids that were in a truck that flipped, all three of them were ejected and flown to a hospital but were ok. No injuries were life threatening

2006 days ago


The girl that I am referring to is the same one that posted her face all over Intouch magazine for money and fame. She is the very one that tipped off the paparazzi that Caesy was in the wreck and the different hosp that he was tranferred to and all other information on him. i just think that if she cared about him at all she would not have done that, but we all know that those things never cross her mind and dollar signs is all that matters.

2006 days ago


Sorry "Observer", Casey Aldridge did not sleep with Britney Spears. He is her sister Jamie's boyfriend, try to keep up.

2006 days ago
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