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I've Got a Claby on Board

4/27/2009 5:54 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Clay Aiken took his artificial insemination creation -- aka the Claby -- out for lunch yesterday with Tyra Banks at the Beverly Hilton in L.A.

 Clay Aiken : click to view!

Still no word if Clay's trying to rent a womb at the Tyra hotel.


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I think you all at TMZ can pretty much say what you want about adults....But to call children names like artificial insemination creation is below even the lowest of standards. Make your information entertaining and tacky but not about children

1948 days ago


Why are you people saying that TMZ should be ashamed of their comments? These are the creeps that stole Clay's medical records! They have no shame whatsoever.

1948 days ago


79. all of these posts with their one sylable named posters have a creepie Stepford quality to them. either there is one person just posting the same type of comment or the call went out to a bunch of Clay fans that TMZ put something up about him and they all needed to rush over and post "Awww, what an adorable photo". Very creepy.

Posted at 1:18PM on Apr 27th 2009 by spindoc

Yes, it's EXTREMELY creepy, but that's exactly what those Claymates do. The call goes out and they all swarm over to spam every poll, blog, etc. that features Aiken. It's a full-time job for some of those pathetic creatures. One actually has/had "claysmyfulltimejob" or something very close to it as her (I assume it's a female) screen name.

1948 days ago

linda belinda    

What a nice surprise today to see pictures of Clay Aiken with his baby! I'm happy for Clay that he has this little family with Jaymes and Parker. Your derogatory comments are an embarassment, but I guess that's how you make your money. I hope to eventually see more Aiken family pictures in a classier setting than this website.

1948 days ago


I think Clay Aiken is probably 100 times a better parent than some of the people who commented here. At least he's not teaching his son hatred and bigotry. It's the people who are making such ugly, homophobic comments who should not be parents. They will teach their children hatred, and these kids will go on to bully kids like Parker. I was picked on in school. I think everyone has. If parents whould teach their kids to be respectful toward others, then maybe kids would not be teased. It's not Clay or Parker's fault if he's teased, but people like some of the commentators who will teach their kids hatred and bigotry. Maybe some of you should read the part of The Bible that says love your neighbor and he without sin should cast the first stone. As far as TMZ goes, what would you expect? They have nothing better to do than make nasty comments about others so they can feel better about their pathethic lives.

1948 days ago


"It's a full-time job for some of those pathetic creatures."

Are you talking about yourself, Stephanie? What is more pathetic than looking for post about someone you hate in order to trash him?

And if you did not come here from the creepy stalker's blog, I'll eat my hat.

1948 days ago


Since Clay's bendy BoyToy is in Europe right now, it's nice that he finally decided to go see his son.

1948 days ago


Oh, give it a break, Diane. You have NO CLUE how often Clay is with his son, how much he talks to him on the phone, sends pics back & forth, whatever. Jaymes & Clay are sharing custody, just like any non-romantic couple who've had a child. So get over your hateful self & run back over to fugly creepy stalker's blog & spew your bile. It suits you.

1948 days ago
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