Kate Walsh Dogged By Soon-to-be Ex

4/27/2009 11:00 AM PDT

Kate Walsh Dogged By Soon-to-be Ex

They were a married couple for 14 months, but the divorce between Kate Walsh and Alex Young has gotten ugly.

Young filed legal papers on Friday, accusing Walsh of using her accounting firm as a P.R. tool to trash him. Young says the accountants aren't coming clean -- especially on how much money he should get from the house they shared. But here's the thing -- they bought the house in 2007 and it's gone down in value. Plus, he left her with the mortgage and the bills.

BTW, Walsh makes $3 mil a year and Young -- a bigwig at FOX, makes over a million. So neither are hurtin'...

Aiken -- I've Got a Claby on Board

Clay Aiken took his artificial insemination creation -- aka the Claby -- out for lunch yesterday with Tyra Banks at the Beverly Hilton in L.A.

Still no word if Clay's trying to rent a womb at the Tyra hotel.

TMZ's Trashin' Fashion Contest -- FINALS!!!

TMZ's newsroom was overwhelmed with terrible trends submitted for this week's Trashin' Fashion Contest.Take a trip down nostalgia lane and check out the styles of hasbeens past.

Heidi & Spencer: Ma Nishtana Ha-laila Ha-Ze?

A Hebrew prayer. Translation -- Why is this night different from all the others? Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt tied the knot yesterday, with the dialogue/wedding vows taped for a special episode of "The Hills."

You Be Trippin' Homie!!!

LITERALLY! Watch for falling stars...

Xzibit Stiffs Bank, Enjoys Stiff Drink

TMZ has learned Xzibit owes at least $21,403.98 in back mortgage payments, and he's officially been warned by the bank that foreclosure is next.

But judging from the way Xzibit flashed his ridiculously expensive diamonds in Vegas Wednesday night, someone forgot to tell him about the house trouble -- and the more than $500,000 he also owes in back taxes.

X-to-the-Z rocked an iced out necklace and a really, really expensive watch to ROK nightclub -- where he partied like his name was Nero.

In addition to nearly losing his home in Woodland Hills, California -- it was reported last week that the IRS filed a $205,485 lien on X in L.A.County for non-payment of his 2007 taxes, and yet another one for an additional $296,355 for 2006.

Maybe that's why he was double fistin' the vodka ...