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Kate Walsh Dogged By Soon-to-be Ex

4/27/2009 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

They were only a married couple for 14 months, but the nasty divorce between Kate Walsh and Alex Young has just gotten uglier.

Kate Walsh, Alex Young

We've obtained legal papers filed last Friday by Young, who claims the accounting firm he and Walsh used has turned on him by refusing to ante up a full accounting of joint assets. But wait till you hear what they are arguing over.

London & Co., the accounting firm, filed legal papers earlier this month, essentially asking a judge to tell Young to get lost. The firm wants a protective order against Young, claiming it has given him all the financial info he needs but he keeps making more demands. Now Young's lawyer is fighting the protective order, claiming London & Co. is acting like a P.R. firm for Walsh and that the protective order reads like a "press release to benefit one client, Ms. Walsh."

Young says a month before they got married back in 2007, they bought a multi-million dollar house together and furnished it with expensive stuff, and London & Co. refuses to give him an accounting. But we know what went down -- fact is, Kate made the lion's share of the down payment and the house has gone down in value since they bought it -- so there are no profits to split. Plus, he walked out on Kate, leaving her with a huge mortgage and all the monthly expenses.

Launch PhotosSo why is Young making such a big stink over assets that are pretty clean? It's a little perplexing. It's not like he needs the dough. We know he makes more than a million bucks a year as a bigwig at FOX. She makes around $3 mil a year on "Private Practice" and other projects.

So let's review. He leaves her, sticks her with the mortgage, he makes a bundle, but he's dragging out the divorce like a remake of "War of the Roses." So, we ask, what's the deal?"


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I think were all forgetting the fact that a divorce is a high emotion dealing. That said it could be he is just dragging this out for an emotional punishment of some sort. Some people are just jerks... and this guy works for FOX. Nuff said.

1969 days ago


May be he is the one trying to HIDE stuff! Maybe he wants to see if they accounted for certain things that he has hidden!

1969 days ago


Everyone at FOX studios is a jerk. I guess they get it from the top... They don't have many hit shows at FOX (besides the Simpsons, which is old news), so he is basically jealous of her successful T.V. show at ABC and also getting a spin-off where she's the focus. Some guys just hate for women to be successful. Especially if they think they've worked harder than a woman, and see that she makes more money than him. Easy. Some guys didn't fulfill their masculine dreams, so they end up taking out their bitterness on women whom they perceive fulfilled the dreams he failed at (making more money than most in Hollywood [1 million is birdfeed in Hollywood]) and making actually successful profitable T.V. shows[he hasn't done jack sh*])

1895 days ago


Didn't he leave her to go be with his boyfriend? I don't understand why so many people are assuming Kate is somehow in the wrong. He's a millionaire and obviously doesn't need support, he's just trying to extort money from her in return for an easier divorce.

1969 days ago


Tell me if I'm wrong... But it's interesting of how TMZ and other media usually will make only the male counterpart look bad. Why is this? Is media being ran by a bunch of male-hating women? Just curious. This all seems completely one-sided, and usually is in the media.

1969 days ago


Who cares about these greedy tards!!

1969 days ago


they dated for 2 months when he proposed and they got married.

he left her for a old roommate from college...she's in AA....
they were married for 14 months he makes a million a year and he wants SOME OF HER MONEY...

nuff said.

1969 days ago


"So, we ask, what's the deal?"
The 'Big Deal' is it's none of your business (TMZ) idiots!

1969 days ago


Rumor has it that he is gay.....................hence the marriage NOT working! He really needs to be careful. I doubt he wants all his dirty laundry aired.

1969 days ago


Didn't she get interested in her co-star who was her love interest on the show & that's why he left or am I mistaken. Anyway, it doesn't matter, you can't hide your asset in a divorce.

1969 days ago


He needs a face lift. He also seems like a creep.

1969 days ago


Bah, is this even news worthy?

Invitation only (high end men & women's fashion) -

1969 days ago

mister softee    

I'd bang her.

1969 days ago

um, no thanks    

When you go through an ugly divorce or break up both sides loose, no one wins and the more people try and explain their side the worse it looks for both.
If someone is going through a nasty break up, look to see who has the pattern and history of nasty break ups. It says a lot.

1969 days ago

sweet lou    

timmmay - so right. if the shoe were on the other foot and some dude was hiding money from his ex-wife and telling his accountants to shut her down, TMZ would crucify him. Me thinks Laura Wasser - TMZ's favorite "disso attorney" has is cuddled up with Harvey and tellin' him what to report...

1969 days ago
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