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NBA's Derek Fisher -- I'm Being Stalked

4/27/2009 8:13 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Derek FisherNBA star Derek Fisher, a point guard for the Los Angeles Lakers, got a judge to issue an order of protection against a woman who's been harassing him and his family for a long time -- and the danger is escalating.

We've learned the woman is a stranger who may have mental issues. She claims to be in an ongoing relationship with him for years. She started showing up at his home, scaring his wife and kids.

She changed her last name to Fisher ... Her first name is Symone.

Derek Fisher is playing tonight in the playoff game against Utah.

Fisher says Symone has been harassing him for years. They have no relationship of any kind. She believes they are either married, or parenting children together -- she's claimed both. She has said she felt God wanted them to be married.

The L.A. County Sheriff's Department -- Major Crimes Unit -- is investigating the matter and recommended that Fisher get a restraining order. The Sheriff filed a declaration with the court, claiming her threats were escalating and a matter of concern.

On her MySpace page, Symone calls herself "The REAL Mrs. Fisher." The court papers include love letters she sent him. "If I give your sexy ass my new # r u going to call me or will u send the po po after me? Meanie." And another: "Yes, I do want to have your babies - the ones you keep showing me. Our beautiful sons. Place them in my womb now."

In Derek's declaration, he says Symone "has repeatedly expressed anger and hostility towards me and my family." He adds, "Given this harassing and stalking behavior, I believe that any sort of further escalation at this point would put me and my family in danger."

myspaceAccording to a declaration from Fisher's security guy, Symone "began sending unsolicited and unwanted packages of compact discs of love songs to Mr. Fisher at the [Lakers] practice facility."

This has been going on for a long time -- We found that Derek applied for a restraining order against Symone back in 2005 but it was dismissed because he didn't follow through in court.

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No Avatar


Some b*tch he messed with in the past. Gotta be careful who you mess with tryin to take ur wife place. Love hangover.

1971 days ago


Hmmm.... Went to her twitter page, here: http://twitter.com/symonefisher and there were comments from http://twitter.com/derekfisher....... How funny would it e if those were actually from the real Fisher! Prolly a fake twitter page tho...... *Sigh* I can only hope for a scandal.... :)

1971 days ago


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1971 days ago

Linda Mott    

This seems to be getting too common with celebrities. It is really scary and could lead to real danger. They are in the public and the police really can't do anything until it may be too late. I hope he has extra body guards.

1971 days ago


I wouldn't doubt that she is someone he has messed with before (while married). It probably started out innocently, but then he realized that she was a psycho who was going to tell his wife (and the world) what happened. She's obviously also an attention-whore who seriously needs help.

1971 days ago


oh that must be that chick who goes by the name "Jennifer Jeter". She is a nutcase who took Derek Jeter's last naame, and is convinced she'll marry Derek Jeter someday. Alot of stalkers here in teh US. wow. I unfortunately have a stalker too, for over a year now. There's no losing him. They're SICK in the head!

1971 days ago


So the article doesn't mention whether he's EVEER had a personal relationship wit this woman. Is this an out of control scorned woman from his past or truly a deranged fan that he doesn't even know?

1971 days ago


She sounds like she should be committed.

1971 days ago


What is more disturbing than having a crazy person threaten you and your family, is the ignorant and incensitive comments made by you people. When Derek mentions his family, it includes young children. How is that something to joke about? I also wonder why people comment about things they know nothing about. Just because a TMZ report may make it seem trivial, an unstable person stalking you for years is serious. Are you all that naive? You all sound more ridiculous than this crazy chic.

1971 days ago


Dang........ these men and women come from everywhere. Being famous draws out the crazies

1971 days ago

Donald Ray    

Hey D-Fish, man, just bend her over like Kobe did, you KNOW how those white chicks like a brotha' to 'rough 'em up. Set her up with Rodman, he'll straighten her ass up 'good and prpoer.

1971 days ago


What's the first thing you do when you want someone off your back?

Call them a nutcase.

Once that seed is implanted in Joe Publics' brain...

Joe Public can't shake the lie that was implanted...

because they've already been brainwashed/fooled/suckered.

Mission accomplished.

1971 days ago


You're not brainwashed/fooled/suckered chumps....

are you?

Or do you like being brainwashed/fooled/suckered chumps?

1971 days ago


This sounds just like the movie Obsessed that just came out.

1971 days ago


hm, the myspace page i found looks quite different and the last login was on 3/25/2009..
you sure you showed the right one TMZ ???

1971 days ago
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