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Britney to Sam Lutfi: It Was Nice Knowing You...

4/28/2009 7:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney SpearsBritney Spears' conservatorship was just granted a permanent restraining order on Brit's behalf against Sam Lutfi and a guy who once claimed to be Britney's attorney.

The restraining order lasts until April 28, 2012.

Britney and both her sons, Sean Preston and Jayden James, are protected under the order. Lutfi and Jon Eardley are not allowed to go within 100 yards of Brit's home, job or workplace.

Sam and Jon also have to stay away from K-Fed's place and any of Britney's family members' homes.

The conservators filed for the restraining order because they said Lutfi and Jon were trying to torpedo the conservatorship by contacting Britney behind their backs.


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tuna marie    

if spears is too nutty to show up in court, how come she's touring now? i guess her dad is all about the money his crazy daughter brings in. forget about her mental health.

1949 days ago


There sure are a whole lotta jealous bitches on this blog. Y'all just thrive on hate, don't ya. Pity.

1949 days ago


What about Adnan? Weren't they trying to get a RO against him too?

1949 days ago


Is Lufti independently wealthy? Court battles are expensive!

1949 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

What most people seem to be forgetting is that these are the very same people she was sneaking around her dad to keep in contact with! She would be with these same people if her daddy didn't stop her from doing so. These are the people she wants to be with, but not the ones her daddy wants around! She's not better, her puppeteer daddy is just having to yank her chain harder to make her look better! She's just a prized cash cow in a golden cage of her making that they wheel out to bump up cash flow! Despite lecherous opportunistic fools like Lufty and Adnan, she is truly her own worst enemy! This is all about protecting her from her own stupidity!

1949 days ago

SoCal Razzles    

Whatever the timeline, good for Britney and her family. Lufti & Co are losers and should be banished.

1949 days ago

Me, myself and I    

It's amazing that this very damaged person is able to get anyone to attend her "Concert". She seeks out these people that her Dad keeps getting RO's against. Why isn't she in some mental institution making baskets? Girl, your brain has blown out from the drugs you were doing!

1949 days ago


He is time for her to take the stand and say I want these people out of my life permanently - that includes Lufti's lawyer. Come on Britney - start taking care of yourself instead of someone always having to watch over you. Grow up and get rid of these people - aren't you tired of putting your father through so much hell. No matter what he gets paid, it's not enough.

1948 days ago


i'll still do britney

1948 days ago

Tony B    

Thank you for being nice to Britney, TMZ! You guys are awesome. Keep up the good work! Looking forward to seeing more good stuff from you. THANKS AGAIN!

1948 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

She'll never learn from her mistakes! She has proven that time and time again! The fact that she wanted these people to stay in her life proves it. She is a lying dunce without a single bit of moral fiber! The definition of insanity is repeating the same mistakes over and over again while expecting different results. Her beleaguered father must buy aspirin by the truckload!

1948 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

But this is who she wanted tp be with! These are the people she associates with, zo she is just as nasty as they are!

1945 days ago


Its permenate MEANING can not be taken off till the stated date. most restrainging orders you hear about are from like husband and wife fighting ect. wife gets mad calls cops. huby goes to jail wife miss' em then decides she made it up and has judge drop it... thats why when you see permenate is usually someone stalking or a actual need for it per say.

1449 days ago
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