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Hulk Hogan -- My Ex Cuts Like a Knife

4/28/2009 2:08 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Hulk Hogan's infamous O.J. comments are coming back to bite him in the ass -- because his estranged wife is now using them to further bleed his fortune dry.

Linda Hogan just filed papers in Pinellas County, Fla. claiming she needs an additional $8,200 a month from Hulk so she can move "thousands of miles away" from him because Linda feels she's in "imminent danger of becoming a victim."

And if Hulk doesn't pay up, Linda's threatening to file a domestic violence injunction against him -- with special terms to keep him from using the media to bash her.

The infamous cougar is also asking for $24,000 for "advanced rent and security deposits" to set up shop in sunny California...

...where O.J. happened to kill his wife.


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How is TMZ allowed to get away with slander?
OJ went to court and was found innocent of the murder charges.
This is slander to state that he murdered his wife and he and his family should sue you.
I suppose that TMZ forgot that Robert Blake got off on the same charges and he was at the restaurant with her at the time and had a gun on him.

1973 days ago


hogan said the accountants know how much he's worth. Divide it in half and go our separate ways, but than the attorneys will not be making any money

1973 days ago


Well if you didn't see that one coming.............
I don't condone what he said but don't hold it against him either. My brother was married to a low life whore just like this and she has practically driven him to insanity over the past few years using the children as pawns in her game while he is left with not even enough money for his own food and the whole time the law is right by her side. It disgusts me! My brother does not drink, doesn't even smoke, she was his second girlfriend and he got the scrweing of a lifetime. Both the children were born with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and they did not even tell him!!!!!! Years later when they got divorced I read a book on the condition and pointed out his sons facial features. Only then when he called the pediatrician was it confirmed. The laws regarding this particular issue in this country are ridiculous and the judicial system is so biased it is disgusting.

1973 days ago


She and her boyfriend gross me out.

1973 days ago


People suck we get it. But If i were her I would do the same thing after putting up with his BS for 25 years him cheating lying beatin on her. Hes a Loon and i loved him in the old days but u have to see what people are like when they get out of the ring brother. Its just a big act. Just stay away from him.

1973 days ago


You know, at first I felt sorry for Linda, but even if you watched their show on VH1, you could clearly see that she loved to spend money on stupid things. Asking for more money at this point is ridiculous. I hope she does move 'thousands of miles away'-like to China.

1973 days ago


They give you money to buy stupid things in reality TV. if you didnt know that. its all jive. You would do the same thing.

1973 days ago


I am sure woman all over the world women who have been threatened or in domestic violence situations wish they could sue to relocate. If you want to get away from someone and are blessed to leave with only your life money is not going to stop you.

1973 days ago


OMG! This lady is a B!!!! I can totally understand what Hogan was saying when He made the OJ statement. She is just a gold digger!

1973 days ago


OMG - why doesn't this Cee U Next Tuesday get herself a freaking JOB.... screwing a 19 year old is not a job honey.
She is money grubbing skank... ugly as hell - she has done nothing to deserve any of this money.....
GET A JOB..... or give one..... either one will net you some cash.

1973 days ago


What do you expect him to say when you're trying to rob him blind. Get a job; make Charlie get a job. Stop mooching off your exhusband. You are a cheap tacky publicity hound making a fool of herself and worse embarassing your kids.

1973 days ago


She's come a long way from when she was just a manicurist in a small shop in Chatsworth, CA

1973 days ago



1973 days ago



1973 days ago


linda needs to get a job. she is useless. hey, vince gave eddie guerrero's wife a job. maybe he can sign a match for linda and her boytoy against hulk and his sugar baby!! i would pay to see that!!!

1973 days ago
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