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James Gandolfini Explodes

4/28/2009 10:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

From the second he arrived at the Waverly Inn in NY, a smoldering James Gandolfini was lookin' to pick a fight -- and then, suddenly, he did.

James Gandolfini: Click to watch
What seems to be an unprovoked Tony Soprano exploded on several paparazzi -- slamming his car door, dropping cuss bombs and, with an angry scowl on his face, violently shoving one of the paps into the middle of the street.

When reminded how pap friendly the restaurant was and asked why he even came, Galdolfini simply said "I forgot" and took off.

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kenneth turner    

This isn't the sapranos.. I would kick his a@@ if he pushed me.. They were not even bothering him really.

1975 days ago


Hey everyone, thanks for making me famous, now leave me alone. I get tired of this attitude. "He forgot," my backside. He was looking for attention, spoiling for a fight and he got his moment.

He's probably trying to look publicly relevant while going after a new role in some movie.

1975 days ago


How do you make 100 million dollars in a the most public setting possible, then get angry when you have little privacy?

Theses stars want privacy now that they're famous, hire bodyguards to block everything, learn to cook, hire a chef....

Accept it and try to enjoy it ya douchebags!

1975 days ago


I'd hate to be his wife...i wouldnt be submissive enough...i think its time for the big bad bruiser to seriously consider eating only salads

1975 days ago


Good for him. He nipped it in the bud before the BS started...

1975 days ago


It's too bad these punk paps feel bold enough to goad stars to "bring it". I wish James would have wiped the floor with those twerps...or better a nice Goomba to do it for him. Much cleaner, ya know? No muss, no fuss.

1975 days ago


"I forgot'- typical words of a has been...

1975 days ago

guy rich    

I think he should have slapped the guy! Not punched or pushed because the paps are a bunch of morons they are like parasites.The bottom of the food chain,they disturb society in ways unimaginable.A good back hand and then followed by a "what"! after the dumb guys trying to get You can see they taunt him saying hit me twice and i guarantee if they were in a dark alley with noone around they would be singing a different song.First was the kanye incident then it was woody.I hope from this day on any pap causing a problem is given a nice punch in the face for being the bastards that they are.They always ask the stupidest questions...James was just trying to get a bite with the old lady whats the crime in that......I HOPE WOODY AND KANYE FORM A GANG AND COME BACK AND REALLY PUT SOME STANK ON YOUR PATHETIC PHOTOGS!

1975 days ago


Love it. He should've brought some bleach and two pairs of surgical gloves. Off with their heads. Paps suck.

1975 days ago


Well, I did not see the "violent shove" into the middle of the street. That seems to be a pap smear (ha ha I said pap smear) of the facts. The photog knew what he was doing and intentionally blocked James' path. In NY (unless the laws have recently changed and I don't know about it) if someone does that to you they can be shoved out of the way. I have had people try to block my path on the streets of NY and shoved them out of the way and the people I shoved called the police and the police took my side. And told the caller not too waste their time on non injury stuff like this NY is too big for that. These paps are notorious for saying things to celebs when the cameras are off to invoke a response that they can shoot and presented as if the celeb just acted out or went off. Remember the Brad Garrett situation sometime back when he actually made physical contact with the photog basically Brad won that court case. Brad did a lot more to the photog then James did. Of course that was LA and things might be different in NY.

1975 days ago


Personally, I see no problem with pushing someone or kicking someone's ass. Especially when they tell you to "go ahead" and then cry and want to call the cops. Show a little respect. Same thing goes for Woody and everybody else. Some people make their money off the PAP's (see Paris and Lindsay). Other's just want to work and a little respect to back off a little. You can't fault a guy who would like to take their wife out to dinner in peace. God didn't make me famous for many reasons. Number 4 is because I would have already kicked a couple of people's ass. With that being said....those that don't provoke and just provide pic's. I give them their props. They are just doing their job.

1975 days ago


i love it! the irony of the people who hate the paps are here every day telling everyone how much they hate them


1975 days ago



Yeah, I love it when people come to a website that's dependent on paps and say how much they hate them. Don't they realize that all of the photos on this website were obtained by paps?

1975 days ago


This looks so bad on Gandolfini. Who the $%&* does he think he is to be treating people like that? Very ungracious on his part... very uncool.

1975 days ago


LOL! Typical Jersey greaseball. Reminds me of why I don't live there anymore.

1975 days ago
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