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Man Buys Unitard,

Declares Himself

a Superhero

4/28/2009 5:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0428_shadowhare_myspace_2-1This is either really, really noble -- or really, really stupid. Or both. 

Some gangly dude in a spandex outfit who calls himself the "Shadow Hare" is roaming the streets of Cincinnati -- dedicated to ridding the city of evil-doers. Seriously.

Here's the catch -- he's 21-years-old, he's built like a math tutor, and he has no known super powers.

But Shadow Hare -- who refuses to reveal his true identity -- still bravely/stupidly patrols the streets, carrying legal items like handcuffs, tasers and pepper spray.

The guy even busted his shoulder trying to stop a guy from beating up a woman. And he hands out food to the homeless.

But he's not alone -- Shadow claims he's part of the "Allegiance of Heroes" which includes Aclyptico in Pennsylvania, Wall Creeper in Colorado and Master Legend in Florida.

Shadow Hare recently told WLWT that he's even teamed up with Mr. Extreme in California to "track down a rapist."

So the big question -- is he noble for standing up for good and trying to protect his community ... or is he just some delusional moron who's gonna hurt himself?


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How many children go missing and are murdered on a daily basis. How many women are killed by their husbands and boyfriends weekly. How many rapes and other violent crimes are committed against our young daughters.
Posted at 3:52PM on Apr 28th 2009 by Lynn

Do you really think a killer, a rapist and an uncontrollable husband will have mercy on this nut? Seriously? The violent crime will be against him & his spandex! Dude needs to get a real job & jump out of fantasyland! Next thing you know we'll have all kinds of these quacks running around, but most likely end up worse off than the actual victims. LEAVE IT TO THE POLICE & SHERIFF, THEY ARE WELL TRAINED PROFESSIONALS WHO DEAL WITH CRIMINALS ON A DAILY BASIS!! This clown was home-trained by a video game?????? WTF?

1967 days ago


we all need to try and b a superhero soemtime in our lives! anyone who says no is a selfish turd.

1967 days ago


Have the police caught up with this fool yet?

1967 days ago


LMAO ROTF. This is yet another sad example of people who have WAY too much time on their hands.

Thanks for the link Nod.

1967 days ago


To tweetiebird and other like-minded - I'll bet you'd change your tune if the woman he broke his shoulder protecting was your daughter, grandmother, mother, wife, sister, etc., That woman may never have come home to her loved ones if it weren't for his actions, crazy or not. Kinda puts things in perspective.

1967 days ago



1967 days ago


"So the big question -- is he noble for standing up for good and trying to protect his community ... or is he just some delusional moron who's gonna hurt himself?" Why do you ask this? Not like you guys at TMZ all would be happier than heck if he gets himself killed so you have more idiocy to write about.

1967 days ago

SoCal Razzles    

He's got the right idea but he's putting himself out there in a dangerous and kind of weird way. C'mon now, dude can't stop a bullet...maybe he as a bullet-proof vest under the costume?

1967 days ago


Pull that crap in Over the Rine, I bet you he will be a dead superhero in 10 min.

1967 days ago


Copying a south park episode...have you people not seen watchmen wtf? What is happening now with these few people is EXACTLY what happened in the movie. THE WATCHMEN PROPHECY IS COMING TRUE!!! How the hell are people mentioning south park over watchmen.

1967 days ago


...Allegiance of Heroes...LMFAO! the watchmen movie will bring them all out...shadow-hare, master legend, wall-creeper and mr. extreme! am soooo loving it!...

1967 days ago


I live here in Cincinnati and saw this on the news yesterday. I'm glad he is out there helping us but I do feel he is going to get hurt especially when he tries to help someone in need and someone sticks a gun to his head then what is he going to do? He should get his CCW's.

1967 days ago


I think he must be a mad man, a bit off his rocker and maybe spent too much time watching hero movies that worped his brain. They say too much tv rots the brain, obviously he did not yeild the advice. However, I do think a guy regaurdless to stand for some good left in this world is oddly nice to see. SOme one not involved in the police dept's polotics and bull, a nomral guy, just a guy, trying to prove that normal dose still live on. A guy who justs wants a safer world for us all, I wish there were a few moer like him around. I know a lot of cops and they would not get in front of a bullet to protect me or my family, and yet they get paid next to nothing to protect and serve. Their wages are unfair for what they do so we need guys like this guy to stand up for people when the police cannot. If he wants to help catch a rapist, I wish him good luck and hope he's able to achieve that goal. There are so many sick people in the world, one less wont hurt our streets, it'll only make it safer for our children. Do we realy want to put this guy down or should we be honoring his hopes of working along side the police to get these people off our streets and where they belong. I'd love to get this guys mailing address to commend him myself, so please pass it on to him if possible, again, we need more of him. Though again, a bit off and unstable as it may seem his noble goals are rare in guys his age.


1967 days ago


More power to him! We need more people willing to personally act on things they see needing help in the community. I say Go for it! It's much better than the 90% of people sitting around on their butts at home doing nothing but criticizing those who try to help.

1967 days ago


why is he wearing a Spawn costume?!!

1967 days ago
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