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Rihanna Could Score Bling in Court

4/28/2009 5:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Our sources say tomorrow's Chris Brown hearing will not end with a plea bargain, although we know both sides are deep in discussion. But it looks like Rihanna could score something big.


Rihanna's lawyer is asking the judge to release the jewelry Rihanna was wearing when she was beaten. The jewelry was taken as evidence just after the beating and she wants it back -- it was on loan from jewelers and they either want her to fork it over or pay $1.4 mil.

We're told the cops would like to return it as well. There are reports the D.A. is objecting to returning it --
reportedly for leverage so Rihanna will cooperate. But our sources say the D.A. has not taken a position.

Rihanna's lawyer and Brown's lawyer want to take photos of the jewelry and use them if the jewelry ever becomes evidence in a trial. But legally, her lawyer doesn't have authority to appear in Brown's case -- in legalese her lawyer doesn't have "standing." So the judge could simply refuse to hear Rihanna's lawyer.

Will the judge release the hostage jewelry? Stay tuned! Hearing is tomorrow.


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Never noticed...I wonder if they've been examined to find hair or skin...and if so, I wonder whose hair and skin was found?
I'm still wondering why they had to dust the car for fingerprints...There was no one else involved (hint...hint)...what's the purpose?

1899 days ago


Stay tuned?? this is not no telly entertainment TMZ, what makes you haters so certain that he won't get plea deal, you people don't know nothing, ur hoping that but truth be told, that won't happen, whatever you got it in for Chris, Rihanna wants to move on but you haters don't seem like you want to, who did Chris Brown beat up again, Rihanna, not TMZ and all the other haters and she wants to forget about it, I hope all this crap is over by tomorrow, good luck Chris Brown!!!

1899 days ago


TEAM CHRIS is all I can say I am just sick of this whole thing the only good thing that came out of this is the sudden awareness of domestic violence It's sad that it took a 19 year old celebrity to raise awarness but there you go....anyways like I said personally I think theres alot more to the story which is why I'm team Chris cas I love him!

1899 days ago

Princess Mononoke of She-Rah    

just goes to show you that to appear in court, you should pass an intelligence test........these two clowns need to just forego the taxpayer bill and have it out in the streets. end of story. just let them elliminate themselves, and their STUPID genes.

1899 days ago

Mrs Joe Jackson    

When she gets her rings n bling, back ..will it be with a slap?

A slapping hand with a ring on it?

I hope so.

1899 days ago


Of course the DA wants to keep it. It's considered perfectly legal in the U.S. judicial system to coerce witnesses/victims into saying/doing whatever the D.A. thinks the witness/victim should say; this is a real help getting a conviction even if the accused is not guilty. Most likely the DA will want a cash ransom as well, or maybe it will just get "lost" in the DA's office. I still wonder who the criminals are.

1899 days ago


Please each and everyone of you get a life! Find a new story to harp on because, I'm sure their not thinking about NONE of YOU and your opininons!!!!!!! Their going to continue living thier own lives....SOOOOO IT'S NONE OF YOUR $&#%?!!! BUSINESS!!!!!!!!!!!

1899 days ago

Herpes Ho Hilton    

ROBIN is ghetto trash playing dress-up. Actually, she looks like a big ol' Tranny, LOL. I'm sure her IQ is only double digits, if not single. Dumb, no-talent beotch

1899 days ago

Ike Turner    

Rhianna deserved what she got, women should be smacked around a little when they mouth off. Glad to see she got back with him, shows that she knows her place, and after a few more beatings im sure she'll learn to act the proper way. I'm glad to see so many teen dirls support Chris B and not Rhianna, it shows they understand, they will probably make good wives/babymama's when they get older, or whenever they get knocked up.

1899 days ago

I hope they don't have a plea bargain, I want him to take the stand and try to explain his not guilty plea.

1899 days ago

Kids Crack Me Up    

You are right this situation has brought awareness to something very serious - domestic violence. By Rihanna not speaking out and even being seen with him - this brings bad attention to the situation.

1899 days ago


It should be returned whether she is an idiot or not...

1899 days ago


If the DA needs leverage, then his care is really weak. I though Harvey and everyone said that this case was a slam dunk.

1899 days ago


Chris Brown should do jail time!maybe it will straighten his young ass out! He knows what he did was wrong, and if it was just another regular guy who did this he would go straight to jail! why should chris brown get special treatment? Im sickened how They are saying how hes young,we all make mistakes,hes getting help from his pastor,but the fact still remains he beat up rihanna and she has suffered physically &emotionally.Lets not forget he choked rihanna &almost killed her,if he succeded Im sure everyones opinion would be different.Thats why Cris Brown has this shady lawyer,cuz he got OJ off for killing his exwife! I hope rihanna doesnt go back to chris.She deserves a real man who does not beat up woman!

1899 days ago


I see a lot of pictures of him sucking up his lips.

1898 days ago
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