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Casey Aldridge Crash Report

4/29/2009 4:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We just got the crash report from the police dept. in the Casey Aldridge truck crash. And we've talked to one of the passengers, who says Casey had not hit the bottle.

Casey Aldridge

We broke the story -- Aldridge rolled his truck, causing him and two others to be ejected. Five total were riding in his Ford F-250.

According to the report, "for some unknown reason" Aldridge's truck left the road and ran into a ditch, at around 1:54 AM Sunday. Aldridge drove in the ditch for around 250 feet. That's when Aldridge "overcorrected and lost control" of the truck. It went back on to the road and then rolled over and went another 160 feet.

One of the passengers -- who asked us not to use his name -- told us no one in the truck had been drinking. He said the worst two injuries were a broken collar bone and Casey's fracture. He says the accident was caused when Casey drove too close to the ditch. They were coming back from a fishing trip -- at 1:54 in the morning?

Casey Aldridge: click to view!


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This kid is a bitch.... Jamie should leave his no good ass. All he does is live off of her. He can't even drive a girl truck right How is he going to support that kid working at walmart.

1993 days ago

can't the hospital tell from blood work if he had been drinking?

2000 days ago

joe the dic giver    

and this dumbass needs media attention because?????????????
i understand having news about celeb's here but this guy? come on tmz, slow day is it?

2000 days ago


Casey is friends with actor Erik Fellows

2000 days ago


OMG really who cares?!!

2000 days ago


i fish at 2 in the morning lol

2000 days ago

Hugh Gentry    

What a great driver. Way to lose control and almost kill everyone. Why didn't you die???? People like you are supposed to.

2000 days ago

who dat    

The lowest IQ people never are killed in accidents. It is divine intervention to populate this world with the highest number of sub-moronic individuals possible.

2000 days ago


Leave the kid alone. He did nothing to attract attention. Night fishing is quite common in this part of the country.

2000 days ago


OK, Ive tried to stay on his side through this thing, but who fishes until 2 in the morning and doesnt drink? Sounds fishy to me! lol

2000 days ago


Why is this a news story? HE IS NOBODY!

2000 days ago


This is the South. He was probably putting out "Cat" lines for catfish. My husband and nephews do it all the time. But, they usually spend the night camping, but they've come home that late before if they didn't feel like camping out.

2000 days ago


I guess you've never heard of night fishing... TMZ must love the ACLU because they have a bunch of retards working for them. It's the South. Fish don't bite when it's hot (during the day, dumbasses), hence, fishing is great at 1 a.m. when it's cooler.

Keep these families in your hearts. Accidents happen. I mean, look at Heidi Montag's face. Accident....

2000 days ago



2000 days ago


Okay this is getting to be ridiculous! I don't understand how all of you can sit there and pass judgement on someone that you do not know or say that he should die! REALLY??? Just an FYI, people in the south night fish all the time! It is very common in the south. Casey didn't ask for his business to be put on the internet and he sure didn't ask for people to post stuff about him being an idiot and stuff like that. It really shows exactly how ignorant people can be. What if you were the one laying in a hospital bed with a fractured skull? Would you honestly want people wishing you were dead or constantly talking crap about you.... REALLY COME ON PEOPLE!!!!!! If you don't care about the story then why post a comment about it. It makes no sense. Everyone just needs to get a life and seriously get over themselves.

2000 days ago
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