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Lane Garrison -- A Free Man

4/29/2009 9:14 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lane GarrisonLane Garrison, who was serving prison time for a drunk driving crash that caused the death of 17-year-old Vahagn Setian, was released early this morning.

Garrison, who only served about half of his 40 month sentence for vehicular manslaughter, was granted early release because he had earned enough "good-behavior credits."

The former "Prison Break" star must now report to an in-patient rehab center.


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Chris Hansen    

REHAB is for quitters!

1972 days ago

Dylan Saint-Saëns (    

Hope Lane crashes into Nick Hogan and both end up dead. Seriously. It's time. They're both KILLERS!!!!! Maybe John Landis ('The Twilight Zone Movie') will be walking by and try to drag them out. Oh, and Rebecca Gayhart and Brandi Norwood were walking IN the path of the car prior and got struck. lol :-p

1972 days ago

Grow up Levi    

While I don't condone drinking and driving as there is absolutely no excuse for it I do have
respect for Lane for stepping up and pleading guilty and taking his punishment. He could've hired
a high priced attorney and plead not guilty and put the victims family through a trial but he didn't.

Good luck on your future Lane.

1972 days ago


He did his, let him have a "second" chance!

1972 days ago


Good luck Lane. Stay sober.

1972 days ago


Wow, a whole 1.8 years for vehicular homicide while intoxicated...that tough sentence mus have been really reassuring to the family of the victim.

1972 days ago


Lane did the crime and he served his time, no one is perfect and every one makes mistakes. I actually think he has shown a lot of courage thorugh this ordeal as he was actually man enough to admit what he did where as some other celeb's hire high profile lawyers and get away with their crime

Good luck Lane

1972 days ago


Wow he killed a human and is released where he will be free to work in the film/tv industry again. He served 20 months, what a darn shame... the system is screwed. The victims life meant nothing. He is so lucky he didn't kill one of my family members. Yet, we hold Micheal Vick to a higher standard. Although I despise Vick for what he did to dogs, it seems the media and general public care more about the dogs then the person Garrison killed.

1972 days ago


As someone who knows the friends of the boy who was killed I can say that there are a lot of angry people out there right now. 40 months was not that long a sentence in the first place. and for those of you who are saying "he did the crime, he served the time" NO. He didn't serve the time. the time was 40 months and he is out in half that. So the life of an only son and brain damage to one of the girls is only worth 20 months in prison and $300,000?(total, not for each family). That is ridiculous and very sad. and for those of you who don't know, he wasn't only drunk. He was also on cocaine. So he deserves to be put away for the full time, if not longer. screw good behavior. he should have exhibited good behavior and judgement before showing up, a 26 year old man, to a high school party and taking underage kids to get alcohol.

1972 days ago


Forty months wasn't much of a sentence for taking a life -- never mind the early release. Where's the justice?

1972 days ago


leave him alone!!!

1972 days ago


What about all the sober people who kill people??? Dui is a con. Have some coffee America!!

1972 days ago

Jeanine Lucas    

Ok seriously.. I dont know Lane personally but honestly he seems to be a good guy that made a very big mistake.. HE knows this and has done everything in his power to inform people to NOT drink and Drive! And he did serve time and if they have come to the conclusion that he has done everything in good behavior to DO RIGHT! then guess what GET OVER IT! write your congress men if you feel like he time wasnt served but as far as im concerned.. Lane YOU DID ALL THE TIME in the WORLD and god bless that heart of yours and im sorry everyone he has to carry this the remainder of his life.. THATS MORE THAN ENOUGH... !! God bless LANE.. and welcome back to the free world! keep your chin up!!


1972 days ago


Im glad your out Lane, and I hope you can get your life back together soon.

1972 days ago


It's terrible someone's life had to end, but I'm glad Lane's out of jail. I highly doubt he intended to kill anyone. The entire situation is sad.

1972 days ago
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