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Miley Cyrus -- 16 Going on Britney

4/29/2009 12:43 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Which is worse: 16-year-old Miley Cyrus' leaving Koi restaurant with 20-year-old BF Justin Gaston, or her lace, backless, ridiculously short skirt?

Miley Cyrus: Click to watch


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What's really worse is some pervert that follows her around taking pics all day and night!

2006 days ago


can you guys leave miley alone? she is only 16 years old living her life!!! the dress fits her perfectly and it's sooo beautiful, she loves her body and as a teenager she has the right to show it and enjoy it.
i totally support her cause i have 16 too and i understand her
treat people like you want to be treated aswell

2006 days ago


That is an outrage! She is 16 years old fer cryin' out loud. And what the F is that 20 year old man doing with her? Statutory rape? Her father needs to....oh....yeah....Billy Ray, right. Too bad, poor thing.

2006 days ago

Prejean is a dumb whore!    

Darn! She gets skankier by the day!

2006 days ago


I love the way Billy Ray got all over Jamie Foxx, yet he lets his daughter date a twenty year old. What does a twenty year old have in common with someone who just turned sixteen. Oh that's right she is rich and famous. Guys that age do like to have sex quite a bit don't they? And her clothes have gotten trashier and trashier over the last year or so. I guess mom and dad have not propblem with this. They love to say she has a good head on her shoulders. And she does make a lot of money. I guess that helps. I don't care what she does. Listening to her is like nails on a chalkboard. I can't stand looking at her or listening to her. She is so annoying. I wish people would stop making out like she is so saintly. You wait and see. Give it a little time. Remember when Lindsay Lohan was a cute freckle faced talented teenage girl.

2006 days ago


Come on!! Her bf is only FOUR years older than her. He's not like 20 years older. Gimme a break. As for the dress, it's mainly just ugly and a little too short. Cut it out people.

2006 days ago


I want her dress, where can i find it? who is it by? I have been Googling all morning!!!!

2006 days ago


Look, most of you guys need to know the definition of words!!!! She's not a whore because she wore that out fit, a whore is a prostitute, a slut is a woman who lost her morals and it basically means the same thing as a whore. finally a skank means a whore or a slut... basically the same thing. Miley is NOT any of those. And those word are highly offensive, and it's even more stupid because all of you here don't even know her. You only see how she acts like on tv and not in real life.
And besides people wear worse stuff than this. The truth is there are many girls her age who have older boyfriends... and no one cares, and their girls her age and younger who wear worse stuff.. and again no one cares. and it's pretty stupid that we would waste our precious time writing hateful things about somebody we don't know. yet there is some one out there doing worse but we would back them up OR not even think twice about it. To me this doesn't matter. It's HER outfit, if her parents let her wear stuff like that, then ok. whatever. it's not my life. I bet no one will read this but i just wanted to get it out.

2006 days ago


I'm with grandma. Her dress is not obscene, she is on a date, and she showed her....gasp.....bare back! Listen up judgemental losers: go to the mall any Friday night and you will see girls YOUNGER than 16 wearing a lot less. If you want more coverage, move to an islamic nation. As far as the boyfriend being older, it's very common with teen girls as boys their own age are very immature. Leave this kid alone and get a life!

2005 days ago


why should we leave her alone

their are some celebs that people cant stand

miley i cant stand
you people make fun of other people

yet you all go

leave miley alone!

you know what

im sorrry the truth hurts
she is a slut..

and im not lealous

why do you have to be jealous of someone if you dont like them

i cant stand her
and i wish she wouldnt act all im the queen of hte world
everyone bow down to me!!!
shut up

im sorry that your little disney whore is not what you think

but please
i guess everyone was like the to britany to at that age

she's say she's not a virgin sooner or later
like britney did.

2005 days ago

Mi$$ BRAND NEW    

i think that the biggest issue here is that we are forgetting that she is a child. i've read some pretty hurtfulk things written about her and i think it's ridiculous. as long as she's doing what makes ger happy without letting it get out of hand i think she should go for it! live n let live n we don't get to be the judge of who or what she does!

2005 days ago


this chick def looks like she's like to slop on my stuff. redneck trash always does. i love when b*tches dress like the wanna F, but her fans are 4 yr olds and i doubt people want their kids to end up like this hole.

2005 days ago


if anyone's ever been to her concerts they'll see the people who'd love to emulate this girl. 90% of her fans are under 9 years old. If it was any other 16 yrold then people wouldnt be so critical on her. It is justified. I saw her wet T shower pic, bra pic. google it. i guess it's ok for people on here if their 9 yr olds a skeezer like this young lady.

2005 days ago


OMG! The dress would be nice on someone whose not illegal! Who lets their 16 yr old daughter date a 20 yr old underwear model, AND THEN let her wear that dress anywhere? I guess that's the kind of parenting we should expect from someone named "Billy Ray"...

2005 days ago


#63. Awww, Billy Ray, you do care about your little girl. How sweet.

2005 days ago
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